Why is Nobody Talking About The Walking Dead Anymore?

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''Last year it seemed like The Walking Dead was the game on everyone’s lips. TellTale’s ability to craft a story that resonated in the emotions of its players catapulted them into the spotlight. Game of the Year awards were won, mass praise was achieved, and a loyal fanbase was formed. Arguably, the game even managed to best the TV show of the same name. In all, TellTale had a true hit on their hands. Fast-forward to 2013 and the first season of The Walking Dead games is over after enjoying a run of strong critical acclaim, and thus the next entry has subsequently landed, titled 400 Days.''

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hollabox1575d ago

People had no emotional attachment to 400 Days. I have not played this game yet but everybody say its short, not enough time to grow attached to any particular character. I probably will buy it when I beat a couple of my newer games in a week or two.

1574d ago
Excalibur1575d ago

I beat it last night.

Each story is about 10-15 minutes long and the stories don't really have much to do with each other.
And TBH none of the characters were particularly likable (IMO).

KillrateOmega1575d ago

I agree. The only one I really liked was the Wyatt storyline and even then, that was only because I found the characters kind of funny.

KwietStorm1574d ago

But it was just a tie in with the upcoming second season. Give them a chance to flesh out the stories.

MrTrololo1574d ago

Cause it not as memorable as The Last Of Us

CommonSense1574d ago

Now, THAT is some good trolling.

MrTrololo1574d ago

Thank you my good man :)

HammadTheBeast1574d ago

I agree with YOUR OPINION.

Joel and Ellie > Walking Dead Characters.

CommonSense1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Reason 1. Zombies have saturated the market.

Reason 2. The show is god awful.

Reason 3. 400 days was 5 dollars for about an hour of "gameplay." And since it was all new characters with about 15 minutes of screen-time, it was very difficult to get invested in what was happening.

@below, they still feed off of each other. If there wasn't a show, it's likely there wouldn't have been a game. Especially not a game that was as well received.

Jovanian 1574d ago

well its a good thing this isn't an adaptation of the show, rather the comic

slimeybrainboy1574d ago

The show isnt that bad. definitely overhyped when shows like Hannibal get no credit. TWD tv show doesnt even come close to Hannibal IMO.

Heisenburger1574d ago

I really loved the pilot of The Walking Dead. After that, not so much.

I'm way more into, say The Killing which is definitely not appreciated. Breaking Bad is what I look for in entertainment. I can watch an eight minute monologue and be completely captivated.

TWD show was never gripping to me.

I loved the game though. I fell in love with Clementine.

That being said I have no real interest in 'Days' or Season 2 of the game.

That of course could change, but for now I'm happy walking away with the experience that I had.

I'll have to look into Hannibal btw.

I'm familiar with "Hannibal's" work on Casino Royale. I'm always looking for another good drama.

mgszelda11574d ago

*Points to Avatar*
Best "zombie esque" game since the beginning of PS2 period

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