How Xbox One's operating systems work - why splitting the RAM is good for developers and gamers

Xbox One offers a total of eight gigabytes of RAM, a stupendous leap over its predecessor's 512 MB - but around three gigabytes of this is set aside for entertainment apps, system-wide Kinect features and communication tools like Skype, which run in parallel to games. Naturally, this has provoked a certain amount of upset among those who'd rather each and every byte of memory was set aside for the sole, exclusive purpose of (e.g.) rendering every fold in Batman's cape.

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dirigiblebill1760d ago

I guess much of this also applies to the PS4's RAM-splitting too?

MariaHelFutura1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Of course it does. The next argument will be the games.



Xbox One

Then it will go back to the RAM and how the older ddr3 is better than the newer gddr5.

How every anyone tries to spin it, it's simply not true.

pedrof931760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

This is clearly an answer to the Ps4 3.5 gb rumour.

However Ps4 will always be superior on this matter.

hennessey861760d ago

My god will you just go away

dirigiblebill1760d ago

It says they spoke to MS about it shortly before Xbox One's announcement, so no.

nick3091760d ago

20 in the first year, 15 x1 in the first year, not that big difference, still getting both.

sobotz1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Here we go again, tried to spread lies again huh?

PS4 has 20 exclusives, not 30 exclusives

And we don't know if it's gonna be indie, or triple-A games.

And for your information, Titanfall, Garden Warfare, Project Spark, Kinect Sport, Fantasia, Minecraft doesn't count as "Xbox One exclusive", it will come to PC and 360 too.

Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Orverdrive, Quantum Break, Halo, Forza5, and Killer Instinct. That's only 7. 8 games more left.

My point, more "exclusives" games will come such as Fable IV, Banjo, Crackdown 3, new Gears, and maybe Halo Wars.

Moreover, I thought you guys saying Quality > Quantity? what happened?

gapecanpie1760d ago

How on earth have you not got a IP Ban yet??? The fact that you haven't say alot about this site.

1760d ago
NewMonday1760d ago

5G is OK, more can be used with turning off multitasking, but the bottleneck is the low bandwidth. 32mb of ESRAM is not enough for high resolution textures.

Firan1760d ago

You act like GDDR5 is better than DDR3 at everything. That alone proves your ignorance. Both have their cons and pros. That's why DDR3 is used in CPUs and GDDR5 is used in GPUs.

Animal Mutha 761760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

An Xbox related article and you are second poster. What is your insecurity regarding Xbox that you feel you need to list pro Sony points at every opportunity? Especially odd given that most of us know the PS4 will likely be the more powerful in terms of hardware.

Why can't you accept that each console will be different in some areas, similar in others and that they will likely both sell well on their own merits?

You seem hell bent on discrediting MS and the Xbox brand as some sort of lone crusade to convert the masses to your system of choice.

Apart from being a bit sad I find it annoying to see your bias comments in so many articles especially any that discuss the xbox.

Please readers of N4G - we need rid of this person for the sake of sensible discussion and reasoned debate without irrational bias or prejudice.

On topic I'm glad that the systems resources are split into fixed allocations with control on any flexibility governed by the hypervisor. I don't want apps and games fighting each other for resources or paging files which could cause poor performance.

Thomper1760d ago

Maria the troll king, and the prince of copying links.....change the record.

DiRtY1760d ago

Sony announced the Last Guardian, Agent and FFvXII, too. Heck The Last Guardian even won awards at E3 2009!

Look how that turned out...

Foxgod1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

32MB of ESRAM is plenty for high res textures, because its a form of cache, it doesnt hold on to the data like normal ram, instead it functions as a bridge that pushes data around in high speed.

CYCLEGAMER1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


I really hope that you are doing this to expose n4g for what it is. I actually thought about doing this myself just to prove a point, but just didn't have the time or balls to do it.

You are awesome at being a troll. Thank you!

N4G fix your system!!

MariaHelFutura1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

K. Let's play.

MS talking about their specs.


Official Specs

The PS4 is powered by specs, not imagination.

Vames1760d ago

GDDR5 is not new, it's been around for years now. Furthermore, the tech behind it is based on DDR3. You console gamers are so behind the times, you know, classifying old tech as new tech lol.

tokugawa1760d ago

ffs mods where is the banhammer??????????????????

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1760d ago

LMAO, this guy pretending to be a girl on N4G found an article so they could rip it with their first comment.

Have to love the people that go out of their way to find an article to put on N4Sony and try to rip on MS.


1760d ago
Electric-flamingo1760d ago

Dude. Do you have a life at all?

xxxsiegezzz1760d ago

I'm getting ps4, but i'm also getting tired to mariahefuturas constant fanboy spec comments.
Could you just let it be??? Thanks!

IcicleTrepan1760d ago

Maria you try to incite a war in every thread. Just shut up already.

creatchee1760d ago


"32MB of ESRAM is plenty for high res textures, because its a form of cache, it doesnt hold on to the data like normal ram, instead it functions as a bridge that pushes data around in high speed."

Finally, somebody who understands what eSRAM is used for. And nobody is claiming that it will consistently outperform the PS4's GDDR5 in graphics. The point is that it will put them on par or at least close to on par in terms of bandwidth.

imt5581760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


You act like GDDR5 is better than DDR3 at everything. That alone proves your ignorance. Both have their cons and pros. That's why DDR3 is used in CPUs and GDDR5 is used in GPUs.

Yes, in PC's. But on the console is different situation.

Quote from NeoGAF :

"Both the Cell Processor and the ES RAM are there to compensate for a shitty decision. It was a stupid decision to go with RSX and DDR3 in terms of overall game performance.

ES RAM adds a level of complexity. How much complexity? I don't know, but engine's will have to be modified to take advantage of it, load times will be longer on Xbox One, and programmers will have to be clever in how they introduce you to new areas.

In other words, 8 GB of DRR3 is like bringing a Toyota Camry to a drag race. The ES RAM is a Nitrous boost. You have to decide when is the best time to use the Nitrous tank."

"Back to the discussion, comparing GPGPU and programming for the PS4 GPU to being the new SPU's is a bit of poor comparison. The SPU's had several headaches and complexities.

A better comparison would be: "Taking advantage of ES RAM and DDR3 on the Xbox One is the new SPU." From what I understand this is a technical hurdle and a headache all on its own. "

8 GB of GDDR5 is like bringing a Ferrari to the same race.

Back on the Eurogamer's ( Digital Foundry ) article about PS4/XO multiplatform game difference. That Leadbetter has no idea what he writes. I mean, he persistently compare PS4 and PS3. But the difference between PS4 and PS3 are huge, both on hardware and software.

Nocando1760d ago

Don't you have a job to go to, or something? Or is this your job?

1760d ago
imt5581760d ago


I'm on vacation. And my job is to follow news about XO and PS4.

quenomamen1760d ago

Waaaaaaa, go away, we dont like your opinion or the fact that you have actual links to articles to back up what you say ! But since its much easier to hit disagree and cry instead of posting facts of our own, thats what we'll continue to do ! and we'll proove it even more by disagreeing and crying about this post even more whaaaaaaa! mom make them go away !

Cueil1760d ago

GDDR5 is DDR3 dirrivitive focused on bandwidth at the cost of latency

CrimsonStar1760d ago

lol whatever ur doing its not working the more u bash the xbox1 the better it looks , and the more I want it .

joefrost001760d ago

I notice the wording sony choose to use
They had a higher number of exclusives but did not say the first year like MS
They just said in development and MS already stated that all of theres were disc based games and sony have not made that distinction
Of course sony has more cause we dont know when they will be coming out dont remember them giving a time limit like MS did

gamertk4211760d ago

@imt. That's weird because my buddy played 3 XB1 games at Comic-con and none of them had ANY load time.

Spoons1760d ago

So, what is it? I distinctly remember you saying the PS4 was the better console because it had more ram. But now that the tables have turned having less ram for games is better? Do you realy have an opinion or do you just argue whatever you think will get you the most agrees at the time?

corvusmd1760d ago

Maria, even when you do get numbers right on Specs, what you DON'T get is how they are actually used and implemented, and how that actually translates to games...Sony fell into this exact same issue last gen, the Specs looked amazing on paper, but never really amounted to more in games. So far the biggest proof that your argument means nothing is that we can actually seem games running on the systems..and so far PS4 is getting stomped..and this is without cloud computing, and XB1 generally running at 60fps despite PS4 running on average at 25-30. Not to mention, it seems daily like PS4 specs are disappearing, and news for XB1 are getting the best looking version of BF4 is on Windows 8 because it uses DX 11.1 ...which as far as consoles is exclusive to XB1...but don't worry, you have a faster hotter burning GPU...XB1 will just make sure that it's using its precesses more efficiently. Your arguments are old and tired...stop sounding so jaded and just enjoy games...Stop playing on paper..that isn't where video games are...either way both systems will perform roughly 10xs better than their predecessor...which already make amazing looking really this argument just comes across as being a spoiled brat. (it does seem ironic to me that PS Fanboys usually argue that the PS4 is more powerful, then go straight to saying it's a "gamer console" because it supports indie games...doesn't that seem weird to anyone else? "We are more powerful so that we can play games like octadad and Killzone running at 25-30 fps and looks like Dishonored")

Gekko361760d ago

@MariaHelFutura I'm sure the Praystation 4 is going to be lovely and I'm sure that the Xbox One is going to be just as lovely for those that buy it.

Can I ask, what is it that compels you to use the "My dad is better than your dad" argument?

I decided to by an Xbox One because I think it is cool and I recon the features are bitchin!.

Nothing more, nothing less.

1760d ago
saber000051760d ago

Judging from how many disagree from your post, I say that the XBOX fanboys will buy anything that has an xbox logo on it.

awi59511760d ago


Your a tard these kids are getting games from mom and grandmom so saying its not exclusive is just stupid. Pc is above the console wars. This is about console exclusive and most of these brats that are buying these games cant afford/ build a proper gaming pc. So pulling its on PC out your ass doesnt mean crap. Halo is on PC doesnt mean it doesnt mean crap on Xbox only.

WarThunder1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Still.... PS4 uses a faster GPU.

X1 is using a entry level GPU
PS4 is using a midrange gaming GPU

Its like comparing a HD7750 to a HD7850 on the PC. And HD7850 is way faster.

Like it or not fanboys, PS4 will be faster...

imt5581760d ago


"GDDR5 is DDR3 dirrivitive focused on bandwidth at the cost of latency."

Did you hear something about Onion and Garlic bus for avoiding latency in PS4?

1759d ago
imt5581759d ago


Yeah, it so weird there is no load times in demo's. Very weird.:) Funny, isn't it?

SonyPS41759d ago

Please keep your garbage to thanks!

IanVanCheese1759d ago

I love that no-one noticed you are the person that actually added this article.

Keep on trolling my good woman/man.

Thunderhawkxbox1759d ago

U r the worse fan I ever seen in my life ill bet u ain't got tiny brain to think about stuff u saying like other Sony fans I'm not trying to be rude but r u 13 years old or wat ? Get ur act together Microsoft might not win next generation but they gonna win USA and UK they have got enough fans to buy their console. I do feel sorry for u the article hasn't got nothing to do with playstation 4 but u still have to say BS

clouds51759d ago

I don't get it, all that hardware comparing with consoles... Apart from exclusives the games will more or look the same anyway. And exclusives aren't good because of the graphics, usually.
In fact hardware battles have gone away ay because of consoles and that was supposed to be a good thing. Get a box don't even know what's in there, just play them games.
Now people are talking and fighting as if it was Radeon vs. Geforce all over again :-D
Hardware basically doesn't matter in the end with consoles. It's the games. Period. Has been the same every dann generation. Never has a console sold best because it had the best hardware, it's usually the opposite. (wii ;-))

MEGAxPAIN1759d ago

Dude shut the fuck up. Yes PS4 has a lot more exclusive but you are acting like all exclusive are blockbusters. There's no damn way i'm getting my PS4 for Knack. I don't care how few games it the system has just as long as the games are hardcore. Personally I think Xbox One exclusives are more hardcore. Games like Quantum break, Ryse, Halo, Titanfall, Dead rising 3, vs the PS4 infamous, Killzone, and The order 1986. So please do us all a favor and chug a cup full of blended dicks.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1759d ago

Ignore them maria its just people pretending to be neutral and disagreeing.

gamer20131759d ago

XB1 for the win. More functionality, better games and superior online>>> a few more pixels and frames.

wtopez1759d ago

Hey Maria why is it that I never see you dropping PS4 specs on the PC section of n4g?

DragonKnight1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I love how the PS3 split its RAM and was blasted for it, but now that the X1 is doing it it's the next big thing in gaming. LOL!

@TwistedReality: Can you prove that XB1's Live is superior to PS4's PS+?

dedicatedtogamers1759d ago

Maria, I should just stay out of it, but if you're so convinced that "teh blind fanboys" won't see your side, why keep trying? And it's not like you have to convince people that the PS4 is a good option. Why not make a blog about it and be done with it? Just a friendly word of advice.

FanboyCrusher1759d ago

What moron keeps giving you bubbles? Fix this system N4G staff, you you just condone trolling with this method.

FlunkinMonkey1759d ago

@DiRtY + 16h ago

"Sony announced the Last Guardian, Agent and FFvXII, too. Heck The Last Guardian even won awards at E3 2009!

Look how that turned out..."

O yes... You're right, they just pumped out 3 or 4 exclusive game of the year awards and will probably with The Last of Us.. Yea look how that turned out.

christrules00411759d ago

GDDR5 has latency but since it's unified memory the latency is cut in half. PCs do not use GDDR5 for system RAM because if the CPU and GPU try to access the system RAM at the same time it can only access 1% of the RAM. How can you compare GDDR5 and DDR3 when there literally is not a single machine that uses GDDR5 with unified memory?

That is not spinning it at all. It's just the straight up truth.

1759d ago
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Blaze9291760d ago

Even if the PS4's ram is superior, why do gamers think developers will cater to the system and take full advantage of it with multi-platform games?

Have we learned nothing this gen? Or is it the x84 that may make it easier to do now? If that's the case - then ok. But if a developer has to work extra for one version to be better than the next - dunno why you think we'll be seeing that instead of equals.

Groo1760d ago

I hear you bro, I use metaphors too much but I'll use vehicles as an example. on one hand we have a car capable of speeds excess of 200 mph, and right next to it we have another car capable of speeds up to 120 mph. If the max speed limits vary from 45 to 75, then whats the point of all the horse power if all vehicles aren't allowed to exceed the speed limit?

Thats one way i look at cross platform development, both consoles can do so much but games have to be as close to identical on both platforms.. It kind of handcuffs everyone to conform as far as cross platform titles go..

creatchee1760d ago


An even better way of putting it is to say that the Xbox One is a Rally car and the PS4 is an Indy car. On straightaways, the PS4 Indy car has a top speed and acceleration advantage, giving it a lead. However, on turns and uneven surfaces, the Xbox One rally car has better performance and handling, giving it the lead.

Bottom line, both are good at different things, but neither has a big enough advantage to take a substantial lead over the other due to the track (games) being composed of different sections that require different talents.

thechosenone1760d ago

Did you mean x86? And yes, that's exactly the reason why.

FanboyCrusher1760d ago

That's the thing, it isn't really isn't superior. It's bandwidth at the cost of latency. The RAM is on even ground right now but later on when games get more demanding you'll see the GDDR5 start to suffer., and that's just how it is. As efficiency with the OS comes with time we can have more RAM available, but that won't be for a while for either machines.

quenomamen1760d ago

Intetesting point, but just like with every other thing that we buy either Cars, Dryers, Houses, Movies etc it will ultimately depend on the people making thr games, there great Devs who will always try and push the consoles to the edge like Bungie, Naughty Dog, 2Kgames, Bioware, Guerilla Games Etc. And there are the ones who pump out the same damn game every 2 years , Infinity Ward, Treyarch and probably now Respawn since they are the original Infinity Ward.

dedicatedtogamers1760d ago

"Even if the PS4's ram is superior, why do gamers think developers will cater to the system and take full advantage of it with multi-platform games? "

Because...that is what developers have done since the days of the NES. It's what they did for multiplats on 360, which is why a lot of 360 multiplats look and run noticeably better than the PS3 version.

This myth of "lowest common denominator" needs to die. Yes, of course devs are never going to match the graphics of an exclusive like The Last of Us, but third parties are competing against other third-parties (shock and awe!) and they want their game to look at good as possible. Developers typically used their XBox 360 version for showcase, and now devs are using the PS4 version of their games to showcase.

Khronikos1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

The amount of ignorance and just plain typing out numbers half you tweens clearly don't understand is just lovely. The PS4 GDDR5 RAM is simply MUCH better for its most important source and that would be the GPU. It works just fine for the CPU because they have added buses to communicate with it. Get your facts straight xbots. You don't win in this situation but it's funny to see you people dying to join the cult of the M$ lies. The latency is unremarkable in this case. A non-issue as Cerny has stated many times.

ehandlr1759d ago

GDDR5 Latency is a fallacy....

MRMagoo1231759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

just like a few ppl have mentioned, the latency involved with the gddr5 ram is so tiny its isnt a factor, it seems to me some xbone fans think that the rams are on even ground because of the latency but they arent even close the gddr5 is far superior to the ddr3 for gaming its not even funny.

ppl thinking that games wont be running better on the ps4 are only kidding themselves, they will run better and you wanna know why ? its because the ps4 is more powerful AND its easier to make games on, which means ps4 games will take less effort to make better than the xbone games then the effort it takes to make the xbone games in the first place.

If you xboners dont want ppl talking about the ps4 and saying its better just admit the fact it is better and dont argue the FACT in the first place. Its like arguing whether the sun is hot or not.

hardcorehippiez1759d ago

i'll tell you what exactly i learned about this gen. xbox owners would study multiplat differences and claim superiority over graphics over the smallest of things like blades of grass missing or shadows ect. now that the ps4 is supposedly better these same people are playing the graphics dont matter bullshit and crying foul when facts seem to be pointing at ps4 being better graphically . so what has changed . i couldnt care less though i'll be sticking with sony for the same reason i always have and that is that i like their franchises as i have been playing ps since it came about and i like what it offers.

christrules00411759d ago

And the same can't be said for Microsoft and the "infinite power of the cloud?"

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CuddlyREDRUM1760d ago

Gaming media usually goes along with what they think consumers and the hardcore gamer who goes to sites is thinking.

Sony needs to come up with an answer to all of this, one that doesn't redefine what an OS or memory is. I can't believe how PS4 fans have gone to thinking just like the Xbox One fans were right after E3.

StoutBEER1760d ago

Lol @sobotz Whatever helps them feel good about their purchase. That's all it is. Or they just ENJOY arguing like children, which is probably the case.

Godz Kastro1760d ago

And there he or she is again... Can someone post some PS news for Maria? Please? Unless the PS isnt as interesting as he/she thinks.