PS4 Has 2000 Friend Limit

A new Playstation Q&A Video has confirmed that Party Chat will be on the PS4 without PS Plus. The friends list was also confirmed to hold 2000 friends.

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iamnsuperman1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

2,000 is a lot (way more than I need) but I am unsure why friends lists are capped in the first place.

Hatsune-Miku1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

ps4 is the best gaming platform, full stop.

the order 1886 looks amazing and more compelling than anything on the other inferior consoles. i can already see the praises since its being made by a highly skilled dev team. imagine what naughty dog is working on for ps4?

it seems silly to me to even consider getting inferior so called next gen consoles for more money when we know that ps4 will have the better games in high quantity.

if you are a gamer that cares about quality titles and quality exclusives with amazing hardware then playstation is it. it has been the best every generation since ps1.

a lot of FUD was spread about the ps3 but sonys message has stayed the same to make the best games possible for core gamers. look at the whole generation of the ps3 and you see other consoles with mass hardware issues and lack of quality exclusives but the extremists will tell you they had cross game chat. on playstation 3 people had a alot of quality exclusives that are highly praised and highly rated. even though ps4 is being released in about 3-4 months the ps3 has a lot of quality exclusives still planned for release and has had a lot released already in the year. its not so on the competitions console which hasnt seen a quality exclusive title for over a year and hasnt had a highly praised title for over 6 years.

ps4 first day

NewMonday1485d ago

along with making PSN a standard internet app available on PC's and Mobile devices, this will be my go to social network.

wish they would make an unlimited "follow" feature.

bumnut1485d ago

How can PS4 be the best if it hasn't released yet?

pedrof931485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Have you seen any gameplay ? Full stop.

I really want to see some. I can't get excited just because of a fancy trailer. I read somewhere that it was a TPS ? Will it have a cover base system like Gears of War ?

But I'm getting a PS4 at launch anyway.

justastranger101485d ago

Xbox One has Unlimited friends, 300,000 servers, Azure Cloud Platform. Would rather have that to be honest.

iamnsuperman1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )


Just as you brought it up at least get the information right. It is a maximum of 1,000

joe901485d ago

"the order 1886 looks amazing and more compelling than anything on the other inferior consoles"

YEH suuuuure, Never seen a FPS set in the past with futuristic weapons 'Cough' Resistance 'Cough'

Ezz20131485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

"""Xbox One has Unlimited friends"""

did you even bother reading the news ?!
"Sony's new console will allow players to have 2,000 virtual friends, while Microsoft will support 1,000; PS4 party chat confirmed"

and party chat in ps4 won't need PS+ unlike Xbox where you need Live Gold membership to use it

like i said xbox fanboys keep post wrong info and try way to hard to feel better for paying 100$ more for a weaker console
and also post BS like Xbox have more Features when both have almost the same thing
xbox have the cloud
ps4 have Gaiki
Xbox have party Chat that you have to pay to use it
Ps4 have party chat and you won't pay for it
all the TV stuff ps4 have it as well and netflix is free on ps4
also ps+ offer tons of free games

as for games all the talk is subjective
no hard facts which game look better
just opinions and you can't judge console power by launch titles
if that was true then games like TLOU would have not looked on whole other level than ps3 launch titles
you can only judge a console
by it specs only at this time

Sevir1485d ago

@Joe it's a cinematic 3rd person action shooter. Get it right

trafalger1485d ago

2,000 friend limit on the ps4 versus 1,000 on the xbone. that's how petty things are becoming. well the xbone is blacker than black, it's the blackest black possible. beat that!

tokugawa1485d ago

wow my console is better than yours because this and that... now even the size of friends lists are being compared lol.

100 maybe 200 max is all that is needed. anything more is just ridiculous imo.

WeAreLegion1485d ago

@joe90 - Those aren't futuristic weapons. They are steam-powered. (Steam punk)

justastranger101485d ago

Xbox One has unlimited friends. So I don't see how this is impressive.

Kryptix1485d ago


You can party chat on a PS4 without a subscription, that's new info and is better than Xbox Live's party chat which you have to pay. This means you can play free to play games while party chatting, still be able to use online features without paying. Free vs $60 a year, which one is better? And don't give that Xbox Live is better crap, plus you definitely cannot say it this time around now that it's equal except you can party chat on the PS4 for free. ;)

kreate1485d ago

100 friend is not enough especially if u play ps home a lot.

But 2000 friend is over-kill.

But I see some ppl w ridiculous amount of friends on fb, I say why not.

StoutBEER1485d ago

Okay so... you seem to forget that people care about CERTAIN games not just games in general. Halo is my baby and continues to be, it is the reason I got a 360, and it will be the reason I get a ONE. Plain and simple.

This was a reply to Hatsune Miku.

mewhy321485d ago

I won't ever fill up that many friends. But it's nice to know that there's the option.

AngelicIceDiamond1485d ago

Wow 2000 is insane, and here I thought 500 is overkiller. This is a great news.

BTW whats here source on this?

Trenta271485d ago

While I want the PS4, saying its the best before its released is silly.

tokugawa1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Kryptix... I try not to get into the whats best arguments. 1000 2000 friends is overkill, and stupid to be smug about.

Now free party chat on the other hand is great. No question

ziggurcat1484d ago

@ pedrof93:

there's been plenty of gameplay footage. full stop.

KwietStorm1484d ago

Were you somehow provoked into that rant or something?

The_Con-Sept1484d ago

Yay! I can finally stop making multiple accounts for all my friends!!! It just means I will only have to make 3!

This totally trumps the friend card for online services.

helghast1021484d ago

How much is Sony paying you?

UnholyLight1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

@Hatrsune-Miku I'm getting a PS4 day one but seriously, get off Sony's reproductive organ cus I gotta say Xbox One has a good lineup as well! I've found Sony's exclusives to just never really live up to the hype I had for them (Resistance, Infamous, GT). Killzone has to be one of the few Playstation games worth buying a PS4 for. Well, that and DriveClub.

JunioRS1011484d ago

Playstation, 4 real gamers.

BLAKHOODe1484d ago

I'm pro-PS4, but other than seeing the trailer at E3, I don't know a thing about The Order 1886. I hope it's an amazing game that absolutely blows my mind, but until I see some gameplay footage, I'm not interested.

But give me Watch_Dogs!

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LAZL0-Panaflex1485d ago

Can I change my psn Id that's what I want to know

pivotplease1485d ago

Would be a nice feature. Even for a small fee (1 to 2 dollars). I am sick of my stupid name, but don't want to give up those elusive platinums.

carlingtat1485d ago

Thats your own fault for not choosing your psn name wisely.

mxrider21991484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

carling tat somepeople get sick of there name and want a change at the time it was probably an awesome name but as the years pass it gets old
i have had mine for 10+ years on everygame i play but want a change now