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Previewer Leo Stevenson writes, "After playing one level of Killzone: Mercenary, I’m confident that it’s going to be the greatest handheld FPS yet. While not a difficult title to take, Mercenary is leagues ahead of every other serious attempt at an FPS on handheld. So much so, that even a few niggles don’t stop it from being a must play PS Vita experience. Perhaps for many, the first real reason to own a Vita."

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1764d ago
kwiksilver991764d ago

is there any article that mentions how good the controls are?

really anxious about the controls for an fps and i mean the aiming aspect( found cod declassified a lil off,took some geting used to but wish it it had been smoother)

Soldierone1764d ago

It does take some getting used to, at least for me.

I was often pressing "up" when going to the side. Its a lot more touchy in terms of aiming, but it isn't complicated. It still has a little bit of weight to it like the console version too.

Online isn't as fast paced as say COD either, so it doesn't get in the way at all.

jon12341764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

youve played this game online???

Soldierone1763d ago

Yes, they had online available at E3.

kwiksilver991764d ago

appreciate the quick reply(bubbled you up)
decent controls with killzone 2esque weight.i can imagine the late night mp session's with this one already :)

Godlovesgamers1764d ago

I have few GB left on my 32GB just for this game, cant wait!

SwiftArsonist1757d ago

this game is what the PSVita is all about. For me its a system seller and they r still optimizing the game here and there so it will get even better.