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The Crew has been in development for four years

The Crew was originally conceived of as a current-gen release, but got too big for this generation’s boots. (PC, PS4, The Crew, Xbox One)

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faso0oly10  +   263d ago
4 years?!?! how is that possible! The world IS HUGE! its a continent! "It boasts over 10,000 km of road" Wow big props for these guys! Cant wait for this game! 2014 :(
Genesis1295  +   263d ago
Absolutely, this game looks phenomenonal + the division, next year will truely be the year of gaming.
Tvensky  +   263d ago
seems to me that every next year is the year of gaming.. its just gets bigger and bigger every time.. and when the year you waiting for comes.. next year will be already better than that you already live in... hard to explain.. but its evolution in everything these days! :)

sadly my organic body dosnt feel the same about time passing into future........
NewMonday  +   263d ago
it runs at 30fps, but as long as it is locked the game should feel smooth.
MWong  +   263d ago
The Crew and The Division are on my must have list for next year.
Moncole  +   263d ago
They started working on the game for PC and than ported it to consoles.
Geovanny  +   263d ago
Septic  +   263d ago
This game looks incredible. I like the fact that the game got too big to be confined by the current gen.
Jakens  +   263d ago
I don't know what to think about this. Could easily be good or possibly too much effort going in the wrong areas. As of today, I might be waiting to hear more.
porkChop  +   263d ago
Over 10,000km? Hmm. Then technically they were incorrect when they said The Crew had the largest open world of any racing game to date. Fuel had a game world that was over 14,400km.
elhebbo16  +   263d ago
yea but fuel was, for the most part bland.
boing1  +   263d ago
And I don't think it had full cities.
annus  +   263d ago
Wasn't Fuel just randomly generated bumps?
elhebbo16  +   263d ago
well the game's map is a small sized USA. I've seen games do that with cities (GTA 4= new york, watch dogs= chicago) but I've never seen dev's take on a whole country. at least not divided into smaller regions.
dcj0524  +   263d ago
Me, my cousin, 2 of my friends ROAD TRIP. We're going RACE through that whole thing NO STOPPING.
FasterThanFTL  +   263d ago
Drive Club has been in development for 10 years, but was only 35% complete at E3. They will be completing 65% of the game in 6 months. Cannot wait for The Crew and Forza 5.
gamewizard99  +   263d ago
It hasn't been in development for ten years, the idea was considered ten years ago but they had to wait for the technology to advance so they could create the idea they originally envisaged. It has probably been in development for about two years. The 35% complete demo at e3 was quite worrying but that was probably a much earlier build which will only improve as we near the ps4's launch. I hope they have enough time as competition can only make the other racers aspire to be bolder in design and scope to beat their competitors. It looks like we have three very good next-gen racers (excluding the current-gen Gran Turismo 6) to play on the new systems.
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Toman85  +   263d ago
I always knew Ubisoft had a racing game in their pipeline. Have said it for two years now

Im looking forward to get this, which console im I gonna get this game on, is yet decided since I get both X1/PS4 :)
The realness  +   263d ago
I remember watching an off screen video by team VVV racing on youtube. In the vid the guy playing it said it runs at 60FPS. impressive stuff ;)

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