What Quantic Dream Can Learn from Telltale Games

Heavy Rain, an interactive drama released in 2010 by Quantic Dream, puts players in a role in which they are required to make decisions and live with them. While this is an interesting concept, and executed rather well by Heavy Rain, it leaves a bit to be desired, and Quantic Dream should look to The Walking Dead to see the areas in which it can improve and expand for future titles.

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Speed-Racer1547d ago

I should really try TWD. Hope it's as good as the TV show.

bohangirl841547d ago

It's really good. I have yet to watch the TV show, but the game is really powerful.

camel_toad1547d ago

Ohhhhh you need to make that your mission in life. Greeeeat show.

pixelsword1547d ago

I might watch the show, I haven't watched a television for years now. I went through the game and I did like it a lot. One thing for sure, I usually dislike games when they use the format TWD was in, but for that game it worked 100%

kreate1547d ago

Its the other way around. Telltale needs to learn from quantic dream.

The walking dead is nice with the make ur own choices and all. But its just an illusion that ur choice matters.

In heavy rain, ur choices heavily influences the story and game.

KwietStorm1547d ago


I don't know which Walking Dead you played, but your choices definitely heavily influence how the story plays out, right down to your save files continuing into the DLC and season 2.

iceman061547d ago

Well, if you don't like watching TV there's always the graphic novels. The story in the TV and comics stray somewhat from one another. However, the universe and the intensity of the situation remain intact. It's just really interesting to watch/read and then consider the fluidity of morality when in an apocalyptic situation like zombie infestation.

kreate1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )


i played the 'the walking dead'. not survivor whatever the name was or the 400 days dlc.

to my understanding.. there's only 1 ending to the game of walking dead. ur choices dont matter. its just an illusion.

if there is another ending to the story plz let me know cuz i want to see them cuz i really enjoyed the game.

i played it twice thinking i'll get a different ending, so i made different decisions, saved different ppl, thinking it makes it a difference, but at the end, the story ended the same.

in walking dead, if u die, u gotta startover, so in a way, u cant die.
in heavy rain, if u die, story keeps going with u dead.

heavy rain is where the choice truly matters.

the walking dead is just a nice story that plays out like ncis where u point and click and walk around here and there when the game allows u to.

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ForgottenProphecy1547d ago

In my opinion, story wise, the video game is better than the show.

s45gr321547d ago

Same here the game kept me on edge.

HammadTheBeast1547d ago

In my opinion, the story is right up there with The Last of Us and Quantic Dream's games.

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showtimefolks1547d ago

no just no QD doesn't need to take anything from TTG, i don't want a point a click adventure from QD

i am really liking how the gameplay has evolved from heavy rain t beyond 2 souls, i would hate it if B2S was a point and click adventure

no every developer or game has to learn something from another, sometimes a game can do its own thing, i know many hate the fact HR was almost all QTE but some of us actually had a lot of fun with it. It sold 2 plus million and QD said more than 3 million gamers actually played the game

so there is a fanbase for it

MestreRothN4G1547d ago

So, the thing is: TWD is NOTHING more than a multiplat pop zombie HR clone.

Obviously the evolution will come through QD. Obviously TTL will copy again. And copy badly with their interactive story with only one ending. lol

But marketing shots louder than quality and inspiration.

KwietStorm1547d ago

Didn't even know Quantic Dream made point and click games. Learn something new every day.

Salooh1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Are you kidding , they need to learn that zombieeees gives you rewards but serious story gives you nothing .

Seriously , Nothing worth learning from Telltale Games , Quantic dream did it first and made it 10 times better . It's just that people are more interested in zombies , that's why david said gaming need to grow up and i agree with that. I'm bored of games , I already feel like i tried everything possible in this level of gaming , Games are too easy and predictable ..

MestreRothN4G1546d ago

KwietStorm didn't play Heavy Rain and still want to discuss the subject.
Just lol.

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ziggurcat1547d ago

sorry, but i don't think that quantic dream really needs to learn anything from telltale.

i mean, the walking dead was really good, but...

WeAreLegion1547d ago

Agreed. Telltale did a great job, but I personally think Quantic Dream has the narrative and mechanics down now.

JackVagina1547d ago

maybe telltale should try to get 30fps locked down first...

A2X_1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I'll get disagreed to death for saying this but I thaught The walking dead was pretty dull. Graphics, animations.. eveything lacked polish and the story was not THAT good.

Bought this game based on all the positive critics but it left me disapointed. But then again maybe it's because I've completed it right after I finished The last of us.

ginsunuva1547d ago

The part I hated was that it was just a walk-around and find a clickable item the entire game.

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