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Evolution Studios has managed to establish itself as a development powerhouse with just one franchise in a few short years' time. The original Motorstorm was considered one of the best next-gen racers for its time, and the following sequels, Pacific Rift and the wildly exciting Apocalypse, happily followed suit. However, for its latest go-around, its PlayStation 4 debut title DriveClub, the team is taking a calmer route, going for a more realistic – and social – driving experience that's more down-to-Earth. Sony recently invited us to check the game out at its Comic-Con booth.

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sigfredod1006d ago

I cannot wait to fund my racers club

CaptainYesterday1006d ago

LOL me either this game looks really great so far :)

CharlesWeiler1005d ago SpamShow
TimeSkipLuffy1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

Today I got a coupon for the full retail version of Driveclub with my PS4 preorder!!!!
That is amazing!!! :3

I preordered from Amazon.DE!

Usually it is 69€. You will get a 49€ discount with the coupon.

slimeybrainboy1006d ago

A 49 euro discount or the game for 49 euros?

TimeSkipLuffy1005d ago

Discount. You pay 20€ for the full retail game.

TimeSkipLuffy1005d ago

why disagrees for a fact? X'D

ANIALATOR1361006d ago

we need to see the newer build hopefully at gamescom

sarcastoid1006d ago

Get ready to down vote me, guys. I'm excited for this game.

WeAreLegion1006d ago

Yeah. It's inevitable, sadly. Xbox fans are downvoting Driveclub and PS fans are downvoting Ryse. Not a thing has changed since 2005. Lol.

Hicken1005d ago

I think PS fame are only disputing the assertion that Ryse is the best looking game of the upcoming gen.

WeAreLegion1006d ago

Can't wait to play Driveclub. Evolution made racing fun for me again with Motorstorm. :)

bjmartynhak1006d ago

I still play Pacific Rift every now and then! :)

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