June 2013 NPD: All hardware sales, software bits

Previously just the 360 and 3DS, now all hardware figures for the June 2013 NPD (PS3, Wii U, PS Vita, Wii, DS, PSP, PSP Go) have come in. Some software tidbits as well.

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Software_Lover1731d ago


These figures just made my 360 games seem better than my ps3 games /s.

So many analyst on N4g, without a job.

Tetsujin1731d ago

I grow sick of the sales arguments myself; at first it was nice to see your favorite game/console first, however now the majority use it as a base of arguing like they have stock in these companies.

Software_Lover1731d ago

I truely believe that it's okay for the first 2 years. That determines if a console will survive or not. But if your console of choice and their competition are both selling well after the 2 year mark, grow some balls and give it up. They will both survive.

kwiksilver991731d ago

i agree.i admit i'm happy when a game i enjoy is doing well.instead of trying to extend your happiness by irritating someone else with 'x game sold better than y game' i believe you'll gain even more satisfaction by just trying and passing on the news to others that 'x' game i played was awesome,you should definitely try it.

Brucis1731d ago

Gotta agree. It's nice to see a system/game you like doing well but some people are just silly. 'X sold more/less than Y so it's better/worse' gets pretty tiring after a while. People bringing up sales when discussing how well something is doing is fine but when people start using it as an indicator of quality or value I just start shaking my head. Sales don't determine how much I enjoy my games, lol

Thehyph1731d ago

Yup. The numbers only matter to 1) board of directors for the companies that produce the hardware as they have to answer to the investors and share holders, and 2) people who focus on negativity.
As long as enough people purchase a specific unit to warrant mainstream game production for said unit, the rest shouldn't matter to the end user.

dcj05241731d ago

Not really. The vita hasn't had a price drop yet worldwide other than japan and it's big games aren't coming till late august.What is pathetic is 34PSP GOs. Thats just sad.

mrbojingles1731d ago

I got to ask, since this info comes from CreamSugar on NeoGAF why is it allowed? Yes, I know CreamSugar is usually spot on with his info on NPD sales but he/she is still just a forum user. So while they are uncanny at being right, aren't they supposed to be considered a "made up source"? Just wondering for future submissions because so many things get shot down when they have good track records (like posts about Emily Rogers rumors)

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