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Submitted by Valay 927d ago | news

June 2013 NPD: All hardware sales, software bits

Previously just the 360 and 3DS, now all hardware figures for the June 2013 NPD (PS3, Wii U, PS Vita, Wii, DS, PSP, PSP Go) have come in. Some software tidbits as well. (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii U, Xbox 360)

thecoronor   927d ago | Spam
Software_Lover  +   927d ago

These figures just made my 360 games seem better than my ps3 games /s.

So many analyst on N4g, without a job.
Tetsujin  +   927d ago
I grow sick of the sales arguments myself; at first it was nice to see your favorite game/console first, however now the majority use it as a base of arguing like they have stock in these companies.
Software_Lover  +   927d ago
I truely believe that it's okay for the first 2 years. That determines if a console will survive or not. But if your console of choice and their competition are both selling well after the 2 year mark, grow some balls and give it up. They will both survive.
kwiksilver99  +   927d ago
i agree.i admit i'm happy when a game i enjoy is doing well.instead of trying to extend your happiness by irritating someone else with 'x game sold better than y game' i believe you'll gain even more satisfaction by just trying and passing on the news to others that 'x' game i played was awesome,you should definitely try it.
Brucis  +   927d ago
Gotta agree. It's nice to see a system/game you like doing well but some people are just silly. 'X sold more/less than Y so it's better/worse' gets pretty tiring after a while. People bringing up sales when discussing how well something is doing is fine but when people start using it as an indicator of quality or value I just start shaking my head. Sales don't determine how much I enjoy my games, lol
Thehyph  +   927d ago
Yup. The numbers only matter to 1) board of directors for the companies that produce the hardware as they have to answer to the investors and share holders, and 2) people who focus on negativity.
As long as enough people purchase a specific unit to warrant mainstream game production for said unit, the rest shouldn't matter to the end user.
ParaDise_LosT  +   927d ago
pathetic vita numbers
dcj0524  +   927d ago
Not really. The vita hasn't had a price drop yet worldwide other than japan and it's big games aren't coming till late august.What is pathetic is 34PSP GOs. Thats just sad.
mrbojingles  +   927d ago
I got to ask, since this info comes from CreamSugar on NeoGAF why is it allowed? Yes, I know CreamSugar is usually spot on with his info on NPD sales but he/she is still just a forum user. So while they are uncanny at being right, aren't they supposed to be considered a "made up source"? Just wondering for future submissions because so many things get shot down when they have good track records (like posts about Emily Rogers rumors)
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tj1013  +   927d ago
While all three systems did really well this gen, I believe the most important number economically speaking is software sales not hardware sales.

The wii is #1 xbox #2 and ps3 is #3.

Hardware numbers mean little, especially when you consider the fact that the ps3 was sold at a loss for a while.
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Flames76  +   927d ago
Damn Xbox 360 number 1 31 months straight.This is a record that will never be beat.Great thing is the 360 will pass the Wii by years end to be the number 1 selling console this gen.Not only that but their only 5.5 million behind the PS2 here in the U.S which is at 50 million.By the time the 360 stops being made in 2015 it will take the number selling console of all time here in america.Freakin awesome micosoft keep it up and time for a price drop to keep it rolling.
xDHAV0K24x  +   926d ago
*cheers* taking down that playstation giant! I'm all for it!
GameCents  +   927d ago
Wow. Vita numbers are horrendous. That's less than 7000 units per week.
xDHAV0K24x  +   926d ago
wtf is a vita?
AceBlazer13  +   927d ago
Sales should mean something to us now? Anyway glad to see PlayStation doing great but if sales meant quality cod would be the best thing that ever happened to gaming
shadyiswin  +   927d ago
what you guys are forgetting is this is the "last" hoorah for sony (see what i did there?),to be outsold by that many while your critically acclaimed title "the last of us" is new release is telling,expect xbox 360 to continue the trend with new titles like saints row 4,madden and gta 5 to all boost sales cause everyone prefers xbox for multiplatform games. This will go right into call of duty and battlefield 4,then you will see the xbox one launch first and outsell the ps4,WATCH!
moparful99  +   926d ago
"cause everyone prefers xbox for multiplatform games"

Uh ah do wah? Stop speaking for "everyone" I haven't bought a SINGLE multiplat for my 360.. I buy most of my games on my PS3. By the way super genius the PS3 still outsells the 360 worldwide.
trouble_bubble  +   926d ago
The only thing "telling" about the last of us is it was a hit. Early estimates for npd the other week had it tickling a million. Trying to spin it negatively for ps3 is something a greenberg would do. Never go full greenberg
kwiksilver99  +   927d ago
i think its great that all the consoles this gen managed great sales.hopefully,next gen consoles can all be successful,which means more games and thus more happy and satisfied gamer's.
Agent_hitman  +   926d ago
As always, SALES number news on N4G is a big hit..
strickers  +   926d ago
Can US / JP gamers please remember that 360 had a 16 month lead time in all of the EU not 12 months. It still lost in all areas bar UK. Worldwide XB 1 is going to get battered. US will be closer to parity but US is very price sensitive
Animal Mutha 76  +   926d ago
Congratulations to MS for the amazing 31 months at the top in the USA and at least tripling your worldwide market share vs last gen despite a shaky start with hardware issues and...

Congratulations to Sony for selling 80 Million odd PS3's worldwide, catching Xbox 360 even with its head start and keeping the PS brand very strong despite a shaky start and loss of overall market domination vs the last gen and...

Congratulations to Nintendo for doing something so completely new that the casual market as we know it was born. You sold 100 Million Wii's which at least quadrupled your market share vs. the previous generation and forced both MS and Sony to invest in their own motion control systems to combat your monopoly of the new emerging casual segment of the gaming market.

There you go folks. Its easy really. No need to hate, just state facts - its all gravy.
tristanwerbe  +   926d ago
1st america, means you own the market almost
PrivateLeroy  +   926d ago
Nintendo 3DS has that list on lock lol
GodGinrai  +   926d ago
Xbox360 is doing great. PS3 is doing great. With both approaching that 80 million mark, I cant really say MS or sony "lost" anything.

I would like to sell 80 million of ANYTHING! lol.

On a side note i am glad MS will be putting more emphasis on europe with x1. one thing they have proven this gen is that they dont really need to sell consoles IN japan to be successful.they just need to have japanese games on their machine for western gamers who choose X1.
xDHAV0K24x  +   926d ago
vigilante_man  +   926d ago
Do the rest of the world know something the Americans don't?
josephayal  +   926d ago
amazing numbas
DialgaMarine  +   926d ago
These NPD reports just bring how pathetic 360 fanboys really are. They truly have nothing left to argue. XBone 180 is looking to be an utter failure at this point, there hasn't been a genuine AAA Xbox exclusive since 2011, the 360 has been surpassed in WW sales, despite several MAJOR advantages, and all they have now is a bunch of Kinect and Arcade shit, while their beloved M$ moves all of their AAA projects to their new shitty console. These NPD reports are literally all they have now to make an argument. I love the US. She is my home and I will proudly defend her to the end, but damn. The US is not the entire world lol
Brasi1989  +   926d ago
Wait... I thought sales didn't matter to anyone but Nintendo fanboys?
bobacdigital  +   926d ago
I am actually worried that in order for the Wii U to succeed they will need to actually stop selling the orginal Wii.
Brasi1989  +   926d ago
Lets wait for more WiiU games to jump to that assessment lol.
bobacdigital  +   926d ago
Every single Wii being sold is a potential Wii U customer lost. Part of the issue I think is when you go to walmart or target all the games for the Wii and Wii U are mixed up ... the only difference being the box..

Also the retail box for the deluxe and the black wii U are very similar... Like I said before .. with every purchase of a normal Wii you lose a potential Wii U customer.
Brasi1989  +   926d ago
You have a valid point especially for the casual market and parents. With the similarities in name and the actual physical product I can definitely see someone buying a Wii thinking it is just a cheaper model WiiU or something along those lines. For some reason I really feel that if they would have named it something other than WiiU it would he doing much better than it is.
bobacdigital  +   923d ago
Point proven... Target doesnt even know what they are selling ....

picture of a Wii with the Gamepad tablet looking like an addon..
bobacdigital  +   925d ago
Even if they called it the Nintendo U it would have been better than the Nintendo Wii U ... The Wii U has a lot of things working against it .. it is the little things that add up and cause problems..

Pikimin has spiked sales a bit and im just hoping once the library gets a bit more developed things will turn around.

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