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Submitted by silentmanjay 855d ago | opinion piece

Here is What’s Wrong With Lightning’s Sexual Objectification

J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "I’m sure it’s no surprise anymore (news like this doesn’t stay out of the public eye for very long), but recently some bits of news regarding development on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII were confirmed. Famitsu covered the Premium Event in Tokyo where game director Motomu Toriyama made light of the fact that Lightning had some slight adjustments made to her design–that is boob enhancement. At the same event, and in a post made by Nobuhiro Goto on Dengeki Online, some giddy comments were made about the fact that there was boob jiggle physics being placed into the game. The game features a number of costumes that the player can place Lightning in and, supposedly, certain costumes and equipment will highlight these jiggle animations better." (Culture, Dev, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII)

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Need4Game  +   855d ago
What "Sexual Objectification" ?

"boob enhancement" & "boob jiggle physics"....did anyone notice it? Maybe too little, for me to notice it.

"Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball" is "Sexual Objectification".

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is not "Sexual Objectification".
Snookies12  +   855d ago
It's not sexual objectification, I agree. It doesn't go that far. However, they did try to increase her sex appeal in the third game, by changing her physical body for no reason whatsoever. Even if it was a small change, that in itself is focusing on the sexual aspect of her. So it does kind of annoy me in that regard.
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jc48573  +   855d ago
there's a difference between sex appeal and sexual objectification.
TRGMatt  +   855d ago
It's wrong when Square does it...but it's prerogative if your neighbor's wife does it. Trendy even...wait...
rezzah  +   855d ago
Well there is a reason, its called "sex sells".

That is the logic behind the change.

Now if the reason for the change came from within the story, then the logic would be more acceptable.
theshonen8899  +   854d ago
What the hell's with all these dislikes? Does no one find it sad that these people can't make a good game and thus resort to sex appeal? It's pathetic and I can't understand why anyone would defend this, regardless of their stance on sex in the video game industry.
Bartemaus415  +   854d ago
yeah but im not being funny but no one in their right mind is going to rush to a shop for boob giggle!!! yes a nice touch dont get me wrong but definatly nothing to write home about
Aleithian  +   855d ago
"Sexual objectification" is a bullshit concept used to control sexual relations. There simply is no such thing.

You doubt me? Define "sexual objectification."
Flavor  +   855d ago
What is even more disturbing is that there is actually a discussion about objectification of a computer generated image in a software toy for consumers.

It is already an inanimate object. Speaking about 'lightning' as if she is a real person opens more doors leading to mental illness and pathological white knighting.

'Does the fleshlight pro objectify women?"
cyguration  +   855d ago
That's a good point.

The whole idea of that fleshlight is to simulate a certain part of a woman and only that part for sexual gratification.

In the case of Lightning, she's not real and it's obviously done for fan-service... so now the question arises: why would it matter if some people view a video game character that has no bearing on anything as sexually desirable? Or is that the problem?
dcj0524  +   855d ago
If I draw a picture of your mom naked bending over in front of 3 big black guys would you be offended? Oh but its not real so whatever. Its like watching porn but saying " its just pixels, how are you attracted to that?"
Aleithian  +   855d ago

What difference does it make if the men are black? Are you trying to play on stereotypes?

Who, in seriousness, says porn is just pixels?

Fact: males in video games are portrayed in the most excellent health and are, generally, attractive. Does this constitute objectification? It serves to portray a certain type of male. Why does no one complain about this "objectification"?

I would rather an attractive female character than one that meets feminists' "standards", i.e. whims.
wishingW3L  +   855d ago
Toriyama is a pervert. He should be making ero-games/hentai because that kind stuff does not belong in the Final Fantasy franchise.
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iamtehpwn  +   855d ago
He also has this odd fetish for making female characters wear different costumes...
MidnytRain  +   855d ago
I just figured that was a Japanese thing...
Abriael  +   855d ago
"why else should they mention it in an interview?"

Because someone asked. That's how an interview works. Guess this writer has never done one.
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xReDeMpTiOnx  +   855d ago
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Megaton  +   855d ago
It's a pretty desperate ploy to try to get people to care about a character that nobody wanted more of. Final Fantasy is in really dire straits if this is what it has come to.
CrossingEden  +   855d ago
Nobody wanted more of this character huh? Obviously this is true because Megaton said so, oh wait, Lightning is the favourite female character in Japan and Europe. That's why they continued with this series
novacrystallis .com/2013/01/japan-ranks-their -favorite-female-characters-fro m-the-final-fantasy-series/
ffdream . com/news-14619.html
That's all. You can complain but still, there's a substantial majority of people happy with these games -_-
Megaton  +   855d ago
FaceBook polls cannot be manipulated in any way.
NihonjinChick  +   855d ago
CrossingEden is right. Final Fantasy 13 is popular in Japan and so is Lightning.
Reverent  +   855d ago
Honestly, I like Lightning. As a character, she's pretty awesome. Just because the game she starred in was sub-par shouldn't make her any less of a good character herself.
exfatal  +   855d ago
Are people honestly getting upset over this? Lighting is Lighting without or without jiggle physic.

hell maybe they wanted to added it in first 2 games but just couldn't get it to work quite right lol
Asuka  +   855d ago
ummm, this is japan we are talking about. Cultures are different everywhere and people perceive things depending on the cultural surroundings of their upbringing. All of this may seem lewd or 'sexual objectification' to westerns where as in the east they may not even view it as something 'sexual' but more on the lines of 'cute'. however, i could be spewing out nonsense for i have no way to backup any of this =p

i do agree however, that the changes to lightning were unnecessary, but it was nothing to over exaggerate about. Most people people outside of japan do not like her as a character anyway. if anything all this fanservice is for the japanese since they all seem to like her as a character.

......for crying out loud its pixels on a screen. who gives a f*ck
rextraordinaire  +   855d ago
-_____- Oh come on.

This is fiction. This is an escape to reality. Let fictional characters have has much sex appeal as their creators want to. It's not like they were forcing underage girls to perform unwanted acts then upload that shit on youtube. It's fanservice. It's, at worst, something that makes your grandmother blush.

Really, what's up with the world? It's OK to kill millions of people in a video game but BREAST JIGGLE is too much? Is the world freaking crazy or what?
Edward75  +   855d ago
@riacorne. Bub up.

It's entertainment. We choose what we want when we want it. Don't buy/read/watch/listen to it if you don't like it. Simple.
Jyndal  +   855d ago
I must be out of the loop. Exactly how many times is FF XIII going to be released? What happened to numbers following a sequential pattern?
NihonjinChick  +   855d ago
Numbered FF games have been getting sequels and prequels for a while now.
Dunban67  +   855d ago
which industry is sex not used openly and often to sell?

Anyone ever picked up a typical women's magazine? I would say they use sex and objectify women as much or more than any other medium other than Hollywood
IcicleTrepan  +   855d ago
You're right. I guess when Angelina Jolie hangs them out for viewing people think it's different for some reason.
Tewi-Inaba  +   855d ago
I'm going to run a campaign on how Men in the videogame industry are always subjected to violence, no more killing peons! they have families you know!They're just doing their job!
who are the main character and developers to judge them when writing such awful filth.
Ples staph
MultiConsoleGamer  +   855d ago
Let's all strive for a world where there is no sexuality. Where everyone is androgynous and women look like men and men behave like women. Lets all hope for the day when the natural God / nature given instincts of men are shunned and punished. Let us pray for a world where women suppress their natural beauty. Lets all hope for a future where every child is conceived through invitro fertilization and sex is erraticated from our planet...


I'm sorry about that. My sarcasm detector just exploded.
cyguration  +   855d ago
Well said.

I don't mind "fighting" for equal rights, but for goodness sakes the politically correct stiff-necks seem like unhappy people who want to spread their unhappiness to others.

There are also some fairly obvious biologically differences between men and women that make it where they'll never be fully equal in all aspects of life (dudes can't give birth to kids).

But the white knights of political correctness must wage their war, for they are keen on making the world as unhappy as they are.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   855d ago
as long as the game is awesome i dont care.
Aleithian  +   855d ago
Here's what's wrong: nothing.
BuffMordecai  +   855d ago
Bitch please.
dark-kyon  +   855d ago
please not feed these sites what writes these types of articles.hate these westerns guys trying force his close view of the life to the other people.
JohnCartenper  +   855d ago
If anything, she's not sexually objectified nearly enough.

Summons75  +   855d ago
It's been a year and someone just noticed the small unimportant change an guess what when fans are playing them game they will be engrossed in the gameplay and story. Only the raging haters who won't even play it will bitch...sad truths.
XishikiX  +   855d ago
Well the best JRPG this gen imo (Xenoblade) had boob physics, Squares joining the club.

I'm not gonna lie, I get amused dressing characters all funky (scantily clad or just bizzare) in dragon age, skyrim, dark souls, and xenoblade that often have costumes that lack armor in proper places.
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SlavisH2  +   855d ago
This is a mans world baby :P
Inception  +   855d ago
Well, if SE decided to remake FF VII, i want them to make Tifa (big) boobs jiggle too. Just look at Tifa FF VII artwork and tell me those boobs can't jiggle XD

Anyway, i hate this kind of article. Video games already had boobs jiggle way before this. Just look at Blaze Fielding in Streets of Rage 2 or Mai Shiranui in Fatal Fury 2. And the classic Duke Nukem also got boobs jiggle when you visit strip club. But people back there not complaining about this. So why started now?
wishingW3L  +   855d ago
the point is not even the fact that boobs jiggle but that Lightning didn't even have boobs to jiggle!

Lightning is so out of character in this game and the thing is that Toriyama did the same thing to Yuna in FFX-2. The guy's just a mediocre game director and writer. Period.

Misaka_x_Touma  +   855d ago
oh so because boobs are being shown and exposed that mean it getting sexual. WUT?!

Do people just want to hate japanese games. We all know the FFXIII need to end.

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