What's Happening to Beyond: Two Souls?

Hardcore Gamer: We got our hands on Beyond: Two Souls for the second time and it's hard to say we're excited about it. The textures were very low and there seemed to be a lot of jagged edges on most of the models. There's also a weird gameplay disconnect considering the amount of action in parts of the game.

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Craigatorian1757d ago

I just keep getting more worried about this game

FlameHawk1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

This is such a bad article, he obviously didn't like Heavy Rain, Heavy Rain is not a game for everyone but for me it is one of the best games I have played. So if he doesn't like Heavy Rain, he sure as hell isn't going to like Beyond: Two Souls since he said with his own words that the games are very similar. I am very much looking forward too Beyond: Two Souls.

Don't get someone who hates fighting games to review a fighting game. (Not saying Heavy Rain is a fighting game)

gaffyh1757d ago

I remember a guy at work (did not have a PS3) saying to me that Heavy Rain had a bad story, any way I mentioned this to one of the Xbox fanboys at work (who had a PS3, but wanted to get rid of it, but it YLODed when he was wiping his HDD LOL), and he was really shocked and said that the story was amazing. And that it was the best game he had played on his PS3.

Point is, some people will like this game, and some will hate it, but I've enjoyed every game of Quantic Dream's I've played, so I'm looking forward to it. The story is the best aspect, and it is a more of a cinematic experience that you rarely get in games.

kreate1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

'The textures were very low and there seemed to be a lot of jagged edges on most of the models'

Bootleg version?
Cuz I didn't see any of those on those gameplay trailers.

Heavy rain came out fine.

badboy7761757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Every gamer that I spoke to who attend Comic-Con 2013 said they loved Beyond Two Souls!!!! Here's a video of one gamer's opinion who played the game at comic-con. Fast Forward to 2:50.

fardan851757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

If you're into Heavy Rain kind of game then you will probably enjoy B:2S.

It seems like the author isn't a fan of this genre.
The author should know by now know about QD games, they are mysterious, thrilling, dramatic, story driven.
He should at least expected that the demo will not feature a big portion of the story or a twist. Really, who would show a key point in a demo?
Why people complains about the controls? do we have a mind fatigue that prevents us from learning how to control a character + a soul? if you aim at enemy and you shoot alley because of stupid programing code then yes we have an issue with the control, if you can't adopt a new button system then don't cry about it, go to your comfort games where L1 is zoom & R1 shoots just like 99% of the games.

ifritAlkhemyst1757d ago

It is a Quantic Dream game. They suffer from 2 faults.

1. A terrible lead writer.
2. Ambition they lack the talent to match.

It doesn't surprise me one bit if the game is undergoing some troubles.

OrangePowerz1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Well personal opinion. I enjoyed Heavy Rain (I know there are plot holes) as well as Fahrenheit. The later game I enjoyed until it wen`t all Matrix.

ifritAlkhemyst1757d ago

I only enjoyed Omikron and mildly enjoyed the first half of Fahrenheit.

OrangePowerz1757d ago

That`s your persona taste and preference that`s fine :)

Some people like the games they make some don`t. There is still much we don`t know about the game yet and none of us have played it and I still look forward to it and hold my judgement until it is out.

kratos_TheGoat1757d ago

will beyond 2 soul game of the year yea why not!

sincitysir11757d ago

icarus flew too close to the sun. as different as these guys are trying to be i think theyve got the lady gaga bug. where they made their differences their best attribute without realizing theyre just going a little nuts with the different. hopefully this is a good game tho.

Williamson1757d ago

A lot of gaming sites seem to be noticing these same issues with the game so far. Controlling the ghostly companion should be done through the analog sticks imo not with L2&R2, hopefully the final game will be better.

zebramocha1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Here is the trailer for the gameplay.I think it has a different way of playing.

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