Battlefield 4 Commander screen on PC vs tablet

The difference between the Battlefield 4 commander screen on the PC vs on tablets.

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AFCCannonieri1728d ago

there isnt really that much difference it all looks the same is just that on the pc version you can see more of the map, thats all really otherwise they are pretty much the same, but i think that it would be more user freindly on a tablet because its more accessible for people.

1728d ago
n4rc1728d ago

So happy this is back.. Single handedly my most awaited game of next gen.

MWong1728d ago

Hmmm, I still wonder how they will integrate Commander Mode with the consoles. The PC version also has the mini-spectator mode screen also. I guess overall they both look the same, but I would prefer the PC version since it looks more spread out.

leogets1728d ago

both sik. nothing game changing here between the 2. that's the main thing.