MMO-Play: First look at Wildstar

The MMO world has been buzzing about the new MMO by Carbine Studio, Wildstar. What exactly is Wildstar? It’s a sci-fi MMORPG set on the legendary lost planet Nexus with a unique take on player housing, combat, and character customization.

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teezy1699d ago

This game looks great.
I stopped playing WoW many years ago and I am glad for it since it became something else. Wildstar looks like it has taken what made vanilla WoW great and twisted it into a new beast.

thezeldadoth1699d ago

i hope they put a lot of polish into this game before release and stick to their vision, not listen to complaining people in the beta forums.

Ilwrath1699d ago

The beta product is not nearly as good as the videos make it seem.