Sex and video games: Virtual reality erotica may be the Holy Grail

Yannick LeJacq: "Video games stand apart from the rest of modern technology because of the medium's immunity to pornography. Perhaps it's because gamers — historically male teenagers and twentysomethings — just aren't into porn, right?"

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Dunpeal1764d ago

not a bad article, although it doesn't say anything we don't already know. when the tech catches up to a point where you can actually "interact" within games on a sensory receptor level, then I think you will see the market open up for pornographic games. as it stands video games can't really add much more than what a standard blu-ray has to offer

shivvy241763d ago

Ill just go play with my girl instead !

dcj05241763d ago

You need to add a s to girl. Lol

shivvy241763d ago

haha yea but i shouldnt :D

Godlovesgamers1764d ago

Yeah why not? Let's just let every form of entertainment be defiled by pornography. /s

Godlovesgamers1763d ago

More likely that you checked recent comments from public profile.

_QQ_1763d ago

I don't think tractor racing has been touched by porn yet!

iceman061763d ago

But, I'd bet money that there's some lonely dude in the middle of 'Merica whishing that a porn ABOUT tractor racing was invented. (please let this only be a wish!!! LOL)

metaltales491763d ago

you would be surprise there are a lot of people in the world and with the internet there is porn for just about everything how you think furry came about LOL

elhebbo161763d ago

I read your username, than it made sense.

zerocrossing1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Porn has been in games for years now, and seeing as how widespread gaming is these days it's only a natural development that these kinds of games will come about one eventually, no matter how much you, I or anyone else might dislike that it won't change a thing.

The only thing you really need care about is that you're still going to able to play games and enjoy them, because those "pleasure games" aren't going to somehow effect all of gaming.

Hicken1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

No, not really. I saw the title, remembered your ridiculous comments in regards to Bioshock, and figured you'd say something similar to what you ended up posting.

Originally, I was gonna comment on the whole "holy grail" aspect, as it tends to refer to an unobtainable, even mythical content; I was gonna ask whether they thought virtual reality erotica was something that would never be done, or whether they meant it was something that was exceedingly difficult to do well.

But first, I decided to look through the comments, and lo and behold: here you are with another silly comment.

Edit: Why, if it's something you have no interest in, would you even feel the need to comment? You told me- based on some misconception I can't be bothered to correct because it's how you've CHOSEN to understand, rather than something unclear- that you live your life by God's standards or some such, and that no man could tell you how to live your life... or something like that.

Yet here you are, telling others- indirectly, at least- that something they may enjoy is defiling something, based on your own beliefs.

And what's your reasoning behind that? Porn poisons the mind or something? I can see you believing that.

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Deadpool6161763d ago

Once people start connecting electrical devices to their junk, just to feel in these games, you can count me out. I don't want any RROD or YLOD anywhere near my dangly parts.

iceman061763d ago

Not to mention having to go to an IT specialist just to treat an STD!?!? LOL

Bartemaus4151763d ago

haha definatly not but itd make the move on ps3 a bit more interesting i suppose haha

TheOneEyedHound1763d ago

You could get sex by playing video games.

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