Nine things I hate about current generation consoles

Console gaming has never been better, says Globe & Mail games reporter Chad Sapieha, before listing three of his pet peeves for each of the major consoles. Among them: That the Wii is still considered cheap, despite all of the extra hardware many users buy (remotes, nunchuks, memory cards); the PlayStation 3's annoying system updates, which are hands-on and lengthy; and the cost of Micorosoft's Xbox Live service, which he thinks should be dialed down now that MS has such a large subscriber base.

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Silellak3905d ago

"Console gaming has never been better, says Globe & Mail"

Apparently they missed the SNES and Genesis generation.

Not saying this generation isn't awesome - it is - but I still think the SNES/Gensis generation was the best. Tons of innovation, lots of new ideas floating around, and a newfound interest in gaming in our society - all of which combined to create amazing games.

socomnick3905d ago

Dont forget licensed games like aladin , lion king etc rocked.

boodybandit3905d ago

is being nickel and dime to death.

ThatArtGuy3905d ago

I agree. I most cases DLC is bad. It's similar to rushing a game out the door to fix all the problems with a patch later.

The Closing3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

DLC is great if they aren't just holding back on the original release. I usually just save my money for official release titles anyhow, in fact I've only bought 1 map pack my entire life as I've only really gotten into one online game, but it was well worth it as it really added to the replay value, which saved me money in the end. It often lets the developers do things on their current game that you used to have to wait for the next release, which pushes them even harder to one up the last with every release.

meepmoopmeep3905d ago

i agree about the DLC. it makes me feel like you only paid for like 70% of a game and need to buy the rest which should have come with the game in the first place.

that's my only gripe about this gen.

DRUDOG3904d ago

Getting nickled and dimed sucks. That's why I won't buy those silly items like a car or weapons (looking squarely at you EA), but map packs or stuff that actually adds some decent new gameplay is cool. The only DLC I've ever bought was for Motorstorm and it was worth it. I liked that they at least threw us a bone and gave some vehicles for free. UT3 did it right as well when they dropped those maps for free a couple weeks ago.

The Lazy One3904d ago

It's the stuff the guy in the article said too. HAving to buy addons on any platform that are rediculously overpriced can make it a very misleading pricepoint.

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Hagaf223905d ago

i think the biggest thing i hate is how bad "fanboyism" has gotten, this is the worst generation ever for it, its seriously gotten to where people are over analyzing games looking for the smallest difference just to call a version better, just enjoy the games, thats their purpose in life.

mr_potato3905d ago

U won't make anyone in this site hear reason, i can assure you that.

calis3904d ago

That is only because of the Internet. Everyone hides behind a computer screen and acts like an expert.

Would have been the same in the Genesis/SNES days if there was the internet.

Solid_Snake6663905d ago

well if u want better gaming u have to update my friend .....why do u wine so much if u want a perfect gaming system make it urself

Asurastrike3905d ago

Helpful tip. You are supposed to edit out "I" and "we" from the title and summary.

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