Weirdness: These FuturLab-Inspired Painted Nails Are Too Cool

Push Square: "Want to know an oddly specific secret? This author hates painted nails. There’s something creepy about the act of colouring your fingers different hues – and don’t even mention toe nails. Still, for this particular story, we’re making an exception, because this is just too cool to ignore. In order to celebrate the releases of Velocity: Ultra and Coconut Dodge: Revitalised in North America, PlayStation product marketer Sharon K donned these awesome FuturLab-themed digit drawings."

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Godlovesgamers1095d ago

"Want to know an oddly specific secret?"


jcnba281095d ago

How is this gaming news exactly?

fattyuk1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

It's not under the news section it's under the media>images section of this website.

Does everyone understand the concept of diffrent sections on this site?

Prime_281095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Doesn't matter if it's game related or not, if it's not news it shouldn't have been approved.

elhebbo161095d ago

@Prime basically what you are saying is that we should have news of all types, I quote "Doesn't matter if it's game related or not", and if its not news or if its something like an opinion piece (which N4G has TONS of, not to mention troll bait articles) or some type of gaming artwork then it should not be approved... do you know how you sound right now.

get2sammyb1095d ago

I just thought it was a fun little snippet for Sunday. Sorry you didn't like it. :(

sarshelyam1094d ago

I liked it...began reading this before I realized it was Sharon, then upon discover promptly tweeted her. Though, she probably knew that already.

fattyuk1095d ago

Different I guess.

Must have alot of time on their hands ;0)

Linwelin1095d ago

i see what you did there, well played sir.

Axecution1095d ago

that pun made me a little bit mad

kB01095d ago

If those turn out to be a dude's hands.......