Confessions of an Internet Addict "like crack cocaine; living in filth"

Isaac Vaisberg hadn't left his flat for five weeks, had not showered and had piled on almost three stone by living on takeaways

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bicfitness1970d ago

"I panicked, given the state I was in, as well as my apartment, but I still couldn't put down the controller."

Now I'm not a fan of World of Warcraft (the "addiction" in this article), but playing WoW with a controller - even with Pinacle software or Joy2key - leads me to believe that either the reporter or the subject are rather clueless. A lot of modern MMORPGs play well with a controller, WoW is certainly not one of those.

Godlovesgamers1969d ago

I think pedantic analyzation of this article is causing you to miss the point.

bicfitness1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

"... your pedantic analysis." Sounds better, don't you agree? If you want me to be pedantic, I certainly can be. You seem to have missed the point that people don't play WoW with controllers; its perhaps the least friendly game for doing so. The rest of the article reads like a typical "videogames are bad" piece. I'm simply calling into question the tone and flaws in the narrative that is being presented. That's not to say that videogame addiction isn't a valid sickness, I just don't like how its being presented - factual inaccuracies and all.

Edit: The point was to BE pedantic, which I wasn't in my first post despite your assertion to the contrary. If you want to actually contest something that I said, feel free. I know its much easier to do fly-by - unwitty - one liners on the internet though, so carry on as you see fit. Thanks, once again, for contributing nothing to the discussion of this issue.

Godlovesgamers1969d ago

"... your pedantic analysis." Sounds better, don't you agree?"

Thanks for proving my point once again.

Linsolv1969d ago

If a dubious line of argument is being reinforced by an anecdote, then calling into question the validity or truth of that anecdote isn't pedantic, it's a basic arguing tactic.

Majin-vegeta1969d ago ShowReplies(3)
Theo11301969d ago

As a person who's overdosed a couple of time(not on videogames), this is dumb. I know addiction is a problem, and you can be addicted to anything but c'mon. You just need more things out side of video games that make you happy if you're addicted to video games.

Megaton1969d ago

Yeah. I look at my past drug habits, and I don't understand how a person could have the same intense feelings towards the internet. I use my PC a lot, but if something's going on outside, I'm gonna go be a part of it. I certainly can't go more than a day without showering.

dmeador1969d ago

Isn't that the idea though? If you are addicted to something of course the simple solution is to do something else, but if you could simply walk away and replace it at any time...then you wouldn't be addicted.

ThisIsSolidSnake1969d ago

He would make a terrible lawyer.

Shadow Man1969d ago

Welcome to NHK


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