Xbox One: How Microsoft Could Change the Impression of Their New Console

It’s no secret that the Xbox One has suffered one of the worst console openings in video game history, with nearly every aspect of the console from how it looks down to its features, have managed to generate more anger and hatred against them that it was though possible. Can such a problem possibly be overcome? Well that’s what we at hope to find out.

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Chaostar1482d ago

Microsoft lost me as customer completely when they announced their DRM policies back in May but, since the 180, the only thing stopping me from lining up on day 1 is the price.

I don't think it's fair to say "The Xbox One is a poorly planned, overpriced, ugly, and oversized device with inferior software..." since we've not really played any games yet.

NewMonday1482d ago

the price should be $350 for the much weaker XBone hardware

Godmars2901482d ago

Until we see what that hardware can to, compared to the PS4, your statement is just opinion.

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okmrman1482d ago

for a set a people who hate xbox one so much
its surprising how obsessed you are with it

you make ps fans look like little whiney kids

NewMonday1482d ago


debunked FUD, confirmed PS4 games in development use 6G, and more RAM available in the future.

FUD is all the Xbone is doing these days and failing badly at it, just confirms MS are not to be trusted.

why would anyone overpay $500 for a lesser console with few 1st party studios and has #rd party games at lower frame rate, lower resolution and lower textures?

even the touted "multitasking" of the XBone is getting matched by the PS4's own features and superior social interface.

all the XBone has is a shoehorned spycam that people want to avoid because of the MS Prism spying program.

Tctczach1482d ago

Lol. You need to find a new hobby.

Rhinoceros1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Kinect is a 500 dollar piece of tech alone. X1 is probably a 400 dollar piece of tech. It's a value.

MysticStrummer1482d ago

"Lol. You need to find a new hobby"

Translation : I have no valid response, so I'll type "lol" + a dismissive comment and declare it a win.

I guess the Belking Method is gaining popularity.

thetruthx11482d ago

@newmonday you are aware that xbox one has more games confirmed at 1080p 60 fps right?

Forza, Halo 5, Killer Instinct all 60 fps

Driveclub, Killzone 30 fps


n4rc1482d ago


Funny how all the bs you continue to spread in every Xbox thread has been debunked.. Yet you just ignore the facts and keep trolling..

Microsoft has more games at higher frame rates.. So that one is just an out right lie

Superior social interface? Umm... What?

All you cling to are promises from Sony.. But everything Microsoft says is a lie.. You are the definition of hypocrisy

NewMonday1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )


BF4 is 60fps on PS4 so what is your point exactly?

and the Crew is 30fps but nobody complains


give any game low graphics and it will do higher frame rates.
Forza with baked lighting and no weather, an epic fail considering dynamic environments and effects should be a standard next gen.

Killer Instinct looks like a current gen game

and lets look at the XBone exclusives that actully try to look good, like that stuttering 25fps on dead rising 3 and 30fps on the slow motion Ryse.


sorry but even the lame Eurogamer PS4 and XBone comparison showed PS4 doing better frame rates, even with Richard ignoring the other PS4 spec advantages

pyramidshead1482d ago

where is Mr. Belking these days? lol

Electric-flamingo1482d ago

Your comment was so well thought out !!!

trafalger1482d ago

"the price should be $350 for the much weaker XBone hardware"

why when the wii u is the same price? the original kinect was also over $100 and the new one is ten times better. bluray added a lot to the price of the ps3 and so will the new kinect on the xbone. sure not everyone wants kinect but not everyone wanted a bluray movie player either. yes some will argue bluray was needed for some games but they could have gotten around that by having them installed on the hard drive.

if the games that come out are good most people will forget about the early impressions. the price will be there biggest barrier and m$ will have to show why kinect has value just like how sony had to prove bluray had value.

NewMonday1482d ago

$350 after removing Kinect ofcorse


MS doubling down on the FUD is very offensive, just standing up to their campaign.

BattleTorn1482d ago

Newmonday has played on both systems!

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NewMonday1482d ago

everything I say comes from facts or critical arguments, it's not like I go bad mouthing the members here.

if you have a comeback just say it, that's what we all are here for.

MWong1482d ago

@ thecoronor

If you think M$ made these changes because they are making these changes based on the consumers opinion you're kidding yourself. M$ is making changes based on their pre-orders. They are actively making changes to fix their PR.

I will wait to see what M$ does before I get an XBone. I still am a little fearful that they will change their minds and turn their DRM switch back on.

redwin1481d ago

The 360 was way weaker than the ps3 and MS still did very well, in fact MS does so well that SONY ends up abducting many ideas that at first it demonizes. Adam Adkins parents need to hug him more often, that guy has some anger issues. Lol... What an editorial ..

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allformats1482d ago

They lost with with DRM, No Used Games, Mandatory Kinect, Arrogance and, finally they lost me with price.

The thing is $100 more expensive than PS4 and 50 percent weaker than PS4.

Yeah, Microsoft, you lost me.

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MariaHelFutura1482d ago

The Azure cloud.

Microsoft can't even power up their console w/o an external powerbrick or controllers w/o a battery pack or AA's, but let me guess.... their gonna power up the Xbox One 3x, 7x, 10x more w/ your internet connection.

Got it.

KUV19771482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Yeah, until not 7 but 300 years from now. Not sooner will a faster GPU show it's advantages on an architecture that is very close in design.

Also: '300k servers' and 'azure cloud' is one argument, not two. Plus SONY has a cloud. I don't think there is as much advantage as you might want. TV is cool for people who really want it. I stopped watching regular TV about 2 years ago, plus it's not gonna work as well in Europe anyway. DevKit is cool I guess, but I will not use the functionality so it is no plus for me as a gamer. It may mean that there are a gazillion terrible games coming out through which you might have to filter for hours until you find a real gem. That leaves Kinect and that too is highly subjective.

More/Better exclusives is a joke, right? If one can have learnt anything from this generation than it is that SONY has vastly more exclusives and better ones too. But again at least quality is subjective. The 'more'-argument is in my book void. Let's wait till after GamesCom and see what will be announced there - from both parties.

Ultimately I think the price is close to irrelevant as is the tech-advantage on SONYs side. If you like Halo and Gears, why would you buy a PlayStation? All that tech and price talk is meaningless. Choose your console based on the games you like and noone will be able to say your decision is wrong but stop trying to convince others that console A is better than console B. That goes for both parties. However if you MUST compare consoles admit where the other fraction has an advantage. So far I(!) only see a small advantage for tech on SONYs side and Kinect and TV integration on XBox side if one likes it. That's about it. The cloud thingy may be nice but we have yet to see REAL features for it.

Rhinoceros1482d ago



That has to be worth a couple hundred gflops of computing power and it's done off box.

Imagine if they could perform 500 gflops or more in the cloud reliably, between ai, non interactive physics, lighting, ect...

That's more than a 360's worth of power. Very impressive.

KUV19771482d ago

Thanx, that's actually really impressive!

MariaHelFutura1482d ago


The problem isn't what they can do server side, it's getting the data to your console w/o lagging.

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slimeybrainboy1482d ago

It is poorly planned, ugly and oversized though.

pete0071482d ago

Just Like hundreds of psfanboys in here

slimeybrainboy1482d ago


Poorly planned - Reversed almost every policy due to backlash from hardcore xbox fans, I think we can consider it poorly planned.

Ugly - It's a ginat rectangular box. Nothing interestinf about it and is regularly compared to a VCR. Ok maybe this is personal opinion, bu you're outvoted.

Oversized - Do I need a measuring tape to prove this one? Even has a power brick doesnt it. It's not even comparable in size to the PS4. More comparable to a gaming PC on it's side.

Also I was nice to leave off the other things that comment 1 had in it's post. These things are the general consensus amongst errbody!

Gildarts1482d ago

Both consoles are ugly but turning of my fanboy mode. I still think the Xbox One looks better then the PS4. It looks more like a modern device. And PS4 looks kinda like a PS2. Props to sony for fitting nextgen hardware into such a tiny box.

It makes my wonder why the Xbox One is so big,AND still have a power brick. It all sounds suspicious to me. Maybe the hardware is upgradeable?

creatchee1482d ago


Poorly planned - screamed incessantly about how much better having 7GB of available RAM was than 5GB of RAM. Then the amount of RAM was no longer important when a rumor put it at 4.5. Then it was important again when another rumor put it at 6.

Ugly - go out of their way to put down the Xbox One and anybody who chooses to buy it. Write off any potential positive difference or innovation on the One as PR talk. Repeatedly celebrate and bring up any bad news, whether fixed or not.

Oversized - I'll make no fat jokes here, but that's probably what pete007 was going for. Could also represent the ego of the lot who think that their hateful opinions will influence anybody other than those who already share them.

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cleft51482d ago

To be fair I think the recent developments are very positive for the Xbox One, but the DRM thing did make me completely go against them as a customer as well. Still I want the system to be nice for those who like it.

adorie1482d ago

[Off topic]
I'm seeing so many new Xbox fans register, many under a month. one I saw was merely a few hours ago.

It's interesting. I wonder if multiple accounts, returning accounts, or could it be people lurking, who just had to register and join in a heated discussion?

I feel a few sound familiar with their writing style, choice of words and handles. :D

Thomper1482d ago

I'm getting both, but was happy with MS announcements from day 1....

Then again, I'm 38 have a good income, don't trade games and like digital downloads...

I can see how it would have pissed some people off though. MS were a little ahead of time in their thinking.

At the end of the day, I would pay £1000 to play KI3 with the Madcatz fight stick....

Other than that, the other games that interest me are:-

- Titanfall
-Anything Halo related
- Destiny
-Infamous, second son
- Witcher 3
- Forza 5
- Deadrising 3
- Battlefield
- Kinect Sports... (Yes, yes I know it's not cool, but after a few sweet sherries with your chums, this and sing star are awesome)
- Crimson Dragon (a big fan of Panzer, so have high hopes this won't be shizzle)
- errr...I'm sure I've missed stuff... Help me out here!