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Xbox One Has The Damage Already Been Done Past The Point of No Return?

The Xbox One has not had the best of showings ever since it was revealed. Microsoft has slowly started to change the consoles perception lastly by allowing developers to self publish, but is it too little too late? (Xbox One)

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dedicatedtogamers  +   510d ago
Has the damage been done? Yes. Denying it would be silly and fruitless. Is it past the point of no return? I'm not sure there ever really is a point of no return. Microsoft has plenty of work to do (let's not pretend that everything is flowers and kittens just because they swapped a few policies) but on the other hand it's not like they CAN'T put in that effort. They just have to, you know, put in the effort.

But it's not out yet, so we'll see. It boils down to a change in attitude. Microsoft needs to prove they're devoted to being a better game company beyond just offering some timed-exclusive CoD DLC. Getting rid of Mattrick was the first step. Adjusting their policy towards self-publishing is another step, but it doesn't mean every single person who got mad at Microsoft for the XBox One (or for other reasons) is going to welcome Microsoft back into their lives with open arms.

And let's be realistic: PS3 suffered greatly for it's higher price point and Sony's arrogant attitude. I can't understand why Xbox One magically won't suffer when it has the exact same issues. But on the same note, Sony was able to turn the PS3 around. It took years, yes, and the die-hard fans suffered during that time, yes, but a turnaround did indeed happen. Microsoft can do it, but I do not expect them to do it overnight.
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Godmars290  +   510d ago
Thing is release day and even the first few months don't really matter to the long term. If that weren't true the bad lasers in early PS2s and the RRoD would would have killed those systems. What matters is a year after.
EverydayGuy  +   510d ago
Fix the PS2 laser by opening up the PS2 and adjusting the laser.
no_more_heroes  +   510d ago
I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I agree with you.

This has always been my stance. I guess I just express it differently that the few (so few I can count on one hand) people on this site.

I've never been a huge fan of Microsoft. I don't hate them, but I wouldn't say that I like them. I'm indifferent. Just as I am toward any big corporation. Check my posts and you'll always see me make the distinction that I like some of the products that these corporations make (playstation and xbox) but not particularly the corporations themselves.

I treat all companies with the same indifference. They wanna impose certain policies? Good for them. Go nuts. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Problem solved, road to high blood pressure and grey hairs is a longer journey. No need to go endlessly on about it like a spoiled brat.

Act all nice as if they care about me as a consumer? Go right ahead. It will last as long as it makes them money and/or allows them to get one over on their competitors. I'd be more inclined to believe such things were genuine if there wasn't such fierce competition.

Let me be absolutely clear: I want Microsoft to be punished for their mistakes. It means they're gonna work even harder to put things right this coming gen. That means more and better games for everyone.

Reward what good these companies do to the same extent you punish them for their mistakes. Make it clear what works and what doesn't. Balance it out; don't focus so much on positives while ignoring the negatives and don't focus so much on the negatives without giving credit for the positives.
corvusmd  +   510d ago
Nope. It would be ignorant for anyone to even try to argue at this point that MS can't rebound from it's rocky start. Not only does it's rocky start get WAY over-exaggerated but ignoring that it's already an amazing console shows that "you" aren't paying attention at all. It seems that the only people saying that XB1 is dead are die hard PS Fanboys that wouldn't swap sides even if owning an XB1 granted world peace....this is ironic considering the stomping PS3 took in the beginning of last gen only to pull close at the end and even take over worldwide sales lead for a couple months (360 just recently took it back over)
corvusmd  +   510d ago
I think no one is confused enough to think that XB1 will take the lead straight out of the gate...there are still enough people out there that don't know everything and some that ever still think that XB1 has a DRM/No Used Games Policy (not to mention that most people never fully understood this to begin with...and still don't). PS4 will take a lead, perhaps a very considerable one for the first holiday season, but by at least the next Christmas season, things will even out like they always do....that and people that have friends with XB1 will see that it's a really awesome system and not the devil incarnate like some people want you to believe...the bottom line is it's going to be a GREAT generation for gamers no matter what you choose.
RyuCloudStrife  +   510d ago
I want to smoke what you are smoking, you are replying to your own comments padding yourself on the back.

You cannot deny the Xbox One has taken a huge hit because of MS attitude from the start.
Hicken  +   510d ago
Can't say I've seen anyone- other than straight-up trolls saying the XB1 was DOA.

360 hasn't taken any lead back, considering it's still being outsold worldwide. Even VGChartz has the PS3 in the lead by over a million, so...

People didn't fully understand because Microsoft wasn't very clear... and it's highly possible that even they didn't fully understand, hence all the contradicting and vague statements.

Things won't even out during the holidays "like they always do," because they don't always do anything.

I don't think other companies would have attempted what MS did, disregarding their fans until it was going to cause them rather significant monetary loss.

People didn't say the same things about the PS3 that they're saying about the XB1.

Sony NEVER had the same policies about DRM as Microsoft did. One more lie you're trying to tell to make yourself feel better, I guess.

You talk about people not understanding things fully, and yet your comments clearly show how little you actually understand of the policies and circumstances of both companies.
Cam977  +   510d ago
I've been put off buying one completely after Microsoft's handling of it.
corvusmd  +   510d ago
Very well, you don't have to get one, and I don't think it's worth while to try and force someone who doesn't want one to get one. However, I fail to see anything that MS has done that no other company would do/has done...everything MS did, Sony has done as well to a similar degree. You may never get one, and that is your right, but I think time heals all wounds, and people will realize that with all this excitement leading to getting consoles...we were really whining about nothing (or something we knew little to nothing about). Last gen people said the same exact things about PS3...it was too expensive, PS is too arrogant, yet time healed that...This gen it's that MS is too arrogant to push DRM policies ("Push" is a strong word being that it took very little to reverse them...considering they were already selling out without reversing)...and forgetting that just a month before, PS4 had nearly the EXACT SAME policies...and still do on their Vita/Sony Tv. It just shows me that when people are complaining about this..it's typically not because it's a real issue, but because they don't fully understand all the facts....time will fix that, some people just need more time, and to see it play out in real time instead of just speculation
Cam977  +   510d ago
"and forgetting that just a month before, PS4 had nearly the EXACT SAME policies."

Do you have any evidence to support this? I think it was always their intention not to implement such anti-consumeristic measures. Until you enforce this with evidence I'll take it as a molecule of salt.

"and still do on their Vita/Sony Tv"

That isn't the case. Neither of those are not dependent on an internet-connection except the TV which is obvious for an internet-based TV service.

"Last gen people said the same exact things about PS3.."

You're making yourself sound as if you're irritated about the state of the Xbox One. Firstly, last gen Sony had the advantage in terms of power and hardware because their system was more powerful and had a Blu-Ray drive - something that would've appealed to non-gamers; however, they had a 1-year delay and the price was higher than the competition. In addition, Sony delivered a constant stream of exclusives (disagree if you will but this can be supported with evidence) throughout the whole generation (and still do), whereas on Microsoft's boat they relied on timed-dlc, Kinect titles after 2009 and even used the PSN hack to their advantage by cutting XBLG prices in half in various retailers.

This generation is similar. Sony not only have the upper-hand in specs, but they also have the upper-hand in price, they're launching at the same time as their competitor and have the Media on their side. Although Microsoft came extremely close to overthrowing Sony last generation, they can't do it again, no way. Maybe next gen, but this gen the tables are too in support of Sony's system for Microsoft to dominate the PS4.

I really believe that the PS4 will "win" (as some say) this generation as Sony have the upperhand from the beginning unlike last generation (in which they still shipped more hardware units than the competition).

That's my one dollar and twenty five cents.
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Rockstar  +   509d ago
@ Cam977

Very well said. I agree with every point.
I think Sony will be far, far ahead this gen sales wise worldwide. XBone will do fine but will remain behind the entire gen by a significant margin with the exception of North America.

That's my guess anyway.
Can't wait to see how it plays out.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   510d ago
MS has gotten past thair e3 debacle and are really showing off the systems potential and value.
deadie  +   510d ago
Not really dude.
ginsunuva  +   509d ago
I swear MS employees are still upvoting n4g comments around here.

Ridiculous pro-MS comments are getting more likes than dislikes now. That never happened in the past 6 years here.
Megaton  +   510d ago
No way. Consumers are nothing if not ignorant and fickle. Microsoft will berate them with ads until they forget everything they thought they knew about the XB1. They might not do better than Sony, but they're not gonna join Nintendo at the bottom of the ocean. They'll do fine.
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Cam977  +   510d ago
"No way. Consumers are nothing if not ignorant and fickle."

That's too true for the average Joe who doesn't research things before they buy. On a lighter note, I've noticed Wii U and Playstation TV ads recently, hopefully they'll help the struggling systems.
WeAreLegion  +   510d ago
Every Xbox 360 in the world could kill its owner right now and most consumers would still pick up an Xbox One this holiday season.


Microsoft throws hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ads at the ignorant public.
n4rc  +   510d ago
So the fact that they have sold out with virtually zero advertisement is lost on you?
asiatico  +   510d ago
I find it hard to like the xbox one. Everything microsoft has done so makes anyone not want to trust the product.. And they are trying to make it seem like it will have many great exclusives.. But it'll likely end up like the 360 with only a few exclusives games coming out.
ginsunuva  +   509d ago
Where are these magical disagrees coming from?

N4G was never has sympathy for MS.

MS employees...
Exiled_Samurai   510d ago | Spam
n4rc  +   510d ago
The damage is only in the eyes of PlayStation fans..

They have sold their stock.. People are happy.. Those that actually want one anyways..
DonFreezer  +   510d ago
Can someone please explain to me why an article likes this gets approved in seconds but the article about Sony lying about the 7 GB of ram for games got disapproved.
n4rc  +   510d ago
more then one got removed.. yet the xbox hate articles continue to flow freely..

but i dont think were supposed to notice that.. so shhhh ;)
Supermax  +   510d ago
Lol damage.keep dreaming.
urwifeminder  +   510d ago
The average consumer will not know a thing about the whole DRM thing and will buy it regardless not everyone get tech news they just see a game they like and buy it, personally I had a pre order before it was removed.
kingdip90  +   509d ago
That's what worries me about the average consumer, Anyone who hears the xbox one doesn't require internet to work and who doesn't have the internet may go out and buy one on day one expecting it to work right off then get blocked by a manditory update.... boom needs internet to work after all. It might just be a one off but its still true.

Will these people get a refund? Sure they may be able to update somewhere other than home but jeez I know the lack of consideration would put me off the console and anger me.

Then I get to go to my friends house and see the games I have look better over there thanks to the clouds added processing abilities (assuming they work that way) and I get to see how much more value for money my freind gets because miscrosoft didn't make their console friendly to the internetless....

Yes in my mind and in the minds of others without high speed internet the damage is done, And yes if your only rebuttal to this is that having no internet means you shouldn't have an xbox one since you have "bigger problems" is moot since that's not always an economic situation
Supermax  +   509d ago
These articles if you can call them that got boreing and irrelevant to the gameing community months ago to the point that there is absolutely no news to them anymore n4g is nothing but a rumor mill of hate and deceit.this is my last day on this site.

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