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Popular Mascot Super Sonico Will Get Two Games for PS3 and 3DS in 2014

Nitroplus announced today that its massively popular (at least in Japan) mascot character Super Sonico will appear in two games in 2014.

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j-blaze1160d ago

Super Sonico > Hatsune Miku

Jag-T10001160d ago

Yea but, will they make it to America. That's the question.

Abriael1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

We can only hope but my money is on "Not likely".

Anthotis1160d ago

Anime chicks and their perfect, mouth watering boobs <3

CrossingEden1160d ago

Welp, i'm definitely not buying this anytime soon

BlaqMagiq241160d ago

Look at you acting like you care

CrossingEden1160d ago

um, what? I said i'm not picking this generic anime music game up, I don't really care about it -_-

Smashbro291160d ago

Super Sonic is an anime girl?

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