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Popular Mascot Super Sonico Will Get Two Games for PS3 and 3DS in 2014

Nitroplus announced today that its massively popular (at least in Japan) mascot character Super Sonico will appear in two games in 2014. (3DS, Motto! Sonicomi, PS3, Sonipro)

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j-blaze  +   637d ago
Super Sonico > Hatsune Miku
Abriael  +   637d ago
F > A? :P
Cloudberry  +   637d ago
Flat is fine too for me.

Jag-T1000  +   637d ago
Yea but, will they make it to America. That's the question.
Abriael  +   637d ago
We can only hope but my money is on "Not likely".
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   637d ago
it wont
Anthotis  +   637d ago
Anime chicks and their perfect, mouth watering boobs <3
CrossingEden  +   637d ago
Welp, i'm definitely not buying this anytime soon
BlaqMagiq24  +   637d ago
Look at you acting like you care
CrossingEden  +   637d ago
um, what? I said i'm not picking this generic anime music game up, I don't really care about it -_-
Smashbro29  +   637d ago
Super Sonic is an anime girl?
nick309  +   637d ago
I smell name trademark theft.
Abriael  +   637d ago
Doubt it, Super Sonico has been around a LONG while.
nick309  +   637d ago
Never heard of her until now
FlyingFoxy  +   637d ago
Heh i almost got a hentai figure of her before, but got a dark elf girl instead.

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