Sony Santa Monica: Crash and Spyro in All-Stars is “100% Not Possible”

On Twitter yesterday, Sony Santa Monica have confirmed that Crash and Spyro’s appearances in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is “100% not possible.”

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RmanX10001697d ago

This was technically already confirmed but thanks for reassurance that no more work on the title, other than online support, will occur.

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Root1697d ago

Not really...Omar teased Crash a ton before the game came out

If they knew this then why tease us....morons

jukins1697d ago

maybe at the time they were trying? Im sure all the characters people were asking for they tried to get I mean why wouldnt they? But business is business and im sure it was gonna cost too much for certain characters or the owners of whatever ip wanted too much control.

Its not easy for someone to give up control of an ip especially in a fighting game, and even though I am still enjoying all stars its easy to tell the budget it had was not big at all.

pr0t0typeknuckles1697d ago

@jukins even if they were tryig to get crash and spyro they shouldnt have teased anything if they knew it wasnt 100% possible,they should have said no comment if asked,but they led everyone on and at the last minute decided to say oh they arent in the game,its just annoying.

kupomogli1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

After the poor development of Playstation All Stars, Sony and SuperBot mutually separated.

Instead of the constant baiting of the fanbase, Omar and the rest of the SuperBot team should have been working on fixing all the bugs in Playstation All Stars, but instead we got an incomplete product with more bugs and glitches than the average Bethesda game.

After playing the beta I praised the game, but after putting in well over 100 hours of the final release, I eventually got tired of it because the poor netcode, bugs, freezing, and every patch making the game worse. I think it was three months before they finally got the belt system patched properly, this is after the patch that they didn't fix for over a month that kicked you off a 2v2 team every single time you played a match forcing you to reinvite your ally. That's not even the half of it.

When the earlier patches are 10000 times more stable than the later released patches, there's something wrong. 17 things shouldn't break each time you fix one.

I hope that SuperBot doesn't work on any other franchise that I have an interest in because they're a garbage developer.

showtimefolks1697d ago

it was already well know, i guess activision wanted a lot of money

ZodTheRipper1697d ago

Greedy bastards. Spyro and Crash are for Sony what Mario and Yoshi are for Nintendo, this is ridiculous from Activision.

CapsuleMonkey1697d ago

I said this last week and got disagrees out of this planet. I said getting crash and spyro cannot happen.

ZodTheRipper1697d ago

It can, it's just a matter of $$$. For a sequel, this practically has to happen.

admiralvic1696d ago

Welcome to N4G!

Pretty much if you say something that goes against what people want, then they will just click disagree. Like how I said Naughty Dog could have resolved the sex phone number thing if they simply called the numbers. Nothing to disagree with, since that is factually true. That is, unless they wanted to put in sex line phone numbers, but they would NEVER admit to that.

Anyway, perhaps you should have said why? I think Spyro wouldn't have been enjoying, since he is a little awkward when compared to everyone else in the game. Crash probably could have worked, but again we still don't know WHY it's impossible. Too much money? License holder said no? They wanted something that Sony didn't want to do? etc.

Christopher1697d ago

Has nothing to do with support. Has to do with who owns the rights to the IPs.

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Smoovekid1697d ago

And there goes my dreams... thanks.

dark-hollow1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I get that spyro is still used in skylanders (damn they made him very hideous) and still pretty relevant to Activision, but crash is not used at all recently!

They obviously don't care about it.
Come one, activision!! Just let them have crash already (or just sell the IP to Sony. I want my naughty dog crash goddammit!)

GenericNameHere1697d ago

Why do people keep wanting Naughty Dog to make Crash or Jak games?? I get that these games might have been one of the first games these gamers played, and yeah these games are great, but shouldn't you want the developer to move on? I'd like a Jak 4, and Naughty Dog was actually working on it too. However, it was so far off from Jak, that they decided to turn it into a new IP instead, and out came The Last of Us. Don't whine that ND wants to make a new IP. Be happy that they are excellent developers who have a great track record, and that they are learning from their mistakes and fixing these mistakes and improving on parts from previous games. Who knows, maybe they'll make a new platformer someday, and you'll even like it better than both Crash and Jak combined.

princejb1341697d ago

I agree. Crash was good for its time but is time to retire him. I would be slightly interested in jam 4 however I would rather ND move on to new ips

coolasj1697d ago

Articles that are just Twitter screen caps are starting to get annoying. Phil Fish was probably onto something.

Game4life1697d ago

fish wasn't as arrogent as people made him out to be. There is alot of stupidity in the industry. Believe it

Halochampian1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

There is a lot of stupidity in the industry and he is right up there with it.

As much as I loved Fez, he was someone that talked a lot of trash but couldn't take any criticism. He bashed PC gaming and the gamers. He was hard to watch in Indie Movie. And when asked by a Japanese man what he thought of Modern Japanese games, he replies with, "They just suck."

I understand the internet is not a nice place but the man needs to hold his emotions in check or get off twitter.

Edit: Had a dyslexia moment

Game4life1696d ago

true we is a bit harsh though. reading some of what hes said makes me think he needs to shut up buti suppose im just contradicting myself

chrispseuphoria1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Twitter is a credible source of news as the message has officially come from the developer itself. Plus, it isn't a screen cap, it's an embedded version of the tweet.

Need I remind you that Phil Fish blurted out during a panel that modern Japanese games suck without any elaboration until Jonathan Blow stepped in? Whether he's right or wrong, it's childish/arrogant to say they suck like that.

coolasj1697d ago

PM me for more discussion if you'd like. But, there's a lot of Phil Fish having the right idea but doing it the wrong way.

Outside_ofthe_Box1697d ago

That sucks big time. Confirms that greedy Activision is to blame.