Grand Theft Auto 5 World Map Scale Compared to Grand Theft Auto 4

Some time ago, a user on Reddit showcased some blueprints for how Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 would look. Needless to say, the world was huge, but how did it compare to the scale of Grand Theft Auto 4′s map?

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Cam9771458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

This would fit Rockstar's sizing predictions of the map so I'd say it's fairly accurate. But when I look at it again I think I'm wrong. I don't see the San Andreas map and RDR map fitting in there too, there MUST be more if this is accurate. Perhaps a spin on Catalina Island?

omi25p1458d ago

Well they are also counting the underwater world. So you could sit the maps on top of each other aswell.

Its not just overall land mass its the maximum hight to the bottom of the sea.

AiirJordann231458d ago

Looks accurate, but gta4 map is scaled bigger. Hopefully the gta5 map is bigger.

asiatico1458d ago

Gta5 looks like its going to be humongous and diverse, awesome

WeAreLegion1458d ago

"GTA V will be shipping on two discs..."

I can't imagine it will for the PS3 version. Is it?

dcj05241458d ago

Of course no. Games isnt over 50GB

Psychotica1457d ago

I wonder how it compares in size to the map from Just Cause 2