New GTA V Scans From Famitsu

"The last two issues of Famitsu brought with it a preview of Grand Theft Auto V"

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trywizardo1517d ago

oh gosh i want to see a full demo right noooooooow -_-

Snookies121517d ago

No doubt, it's why I'm pre-ordering. I very rarely pre-order a game unless I am absolutely sure it'll be amazing.

PablitoPaperito1517d ago

Snookie how do you know for sure this will be 100% amazing?

Maybe the game will be but it'll have terrible framerate issues and bugs. And run @ 480p

FlameHawk1517d ago

@Pabilito, because its Rockstar and they are legendary developers and all their games are awesome.

Snookies121517d ago

@PablitoPaperito - Where the heck are you getting 480p from? Games don't run at such a low resolution these days. As for the videos we've seen running on PS3, the framerate seems fine to me.

HammadTheBeast1516d ago


Idk, Last of Us is pretty high up there. Will be a good fight.

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Tornadobounce1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

CbullOUshitGH @PablitoPaperito

JohnCartenper1517d ago

I've said it many times but let me reiterate:

What we've seen so far are all either PC version's gameplay vids or doctored images.


Wenis1517d ago

I wish my opinions could be facts..

JohnCartenper1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

It's not an opinion.

Explain to me how was R* able to make an open world game with dozens of npcs and vehicle on screen at any given time, good textures, NO ALIASING WHATSOEVER, advanced lighting, realistic water and weather effects, [email protected] on 6 year old hardware?

Basically it would be the most advanced technically game in history by a long margin.

OR, they could have used PC footage and doctored up the screenshots, much like... wait for it... UNCHARTED 3's bullshots?

Or Halo 4's? GOW's? etc. etc.

Angrymorgan1517d ago

Isnt the gameplay reveal video taken from the ps3 version?
Pretty sure it was

Spartan2981516d ago


Just GTFO. A autistic 14 year old could tell you that the ONLY game play released at the time of this post was running on PS3. R* already said that the game requires between 8 and 9 Gigs of install to play, thats why it looks so amazing on a 6 year old console. If The Last Of Us could look so amazing with no install at all what do you think this game is going to look like with a 8 gig install, oh wait thats right, they already released a game play trailer. Guess we already know.

JohnCartenper1517d ago


You know this is not an exclusive right?

And as I own all current gaming platforms except the wii U it wouldn't be an issue either?

PablitoPaperito1517d ago

Well it dose look 2 gud 2 be true actually.-..

but lets hope not

TrevorPhillips1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )


Firstly, spell your name properly next time and secondly

Game was running on PS3 -.-


Do your research next time mate

PablitoPaperito - I've read the comments on the Rockstar website and the admin even stated that it was running on PS3 and I trust R*'s word on it and yep lol

PablitoPaperito1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Im not agreeing wiff him but ps3 controls on screen mean nothin as GTA4 shows XBOX and PS3 controls on screen, on PC, if u hook up the controllers....

Plus, "spell your name properly"?
Really mate?

M-M1517d ago


The trailer is uploaded to Playstation's official Youtube channel, they wouldn't have uploaded it if it wasn't running on their own hardware.

Mikeyy1516d ago


R* has already confirmed that the trailer was indeed recorded or PS3.

Troll harder next time. This is weeks ago.

TheModernKamikaze1517d ago

You somehow complimented the power of current gen consoles.

NihonjinChick1517d ago

Rockstar stated it was running on a PS3.

Snookies121517d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

"Explain to me how was R* able to make an open world game with dozens of npcs and vehicle on screen at any given time, good textures, NO ALIASING WHATSOEVER, advanced lighting, realistic water and weather effects, [email protected] on 6 year old hardware?"

Because they're Rockstar...? They're really good at what they do?

Also, where did you hear 720p and 30 FPS? Just curious if you have a source on that. I hadn't heard what resolution/FPS rate they'd have for GTA V yet.

badappe1516d ago

you must not own a PS3 then. current PS3 hardware can only support 720p with a 30 FPS cap.

Snookies121516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

@badappe - I know not many things run native at 1080p on current gen consoles, but I'm only asking where the source is for the fact that GTA V will run at 720p/30 FPS. I'm not saying it's untrue, just asking for clarification as to whether or not the actual developers have confirmed this.

badappe1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )


so you're asking if GTA V can run 1080p on consoles that can only support 720p and have a 30FPS cap? don't use your brain, you'll hurt yourself.

HammadTheBeast1516d ago


Wipeout runs at 1080 p and 60 fps gtfo.

CoD runs at 720p 60 fps.

Please, think about what you write before you call others dumb.

Snookies121516d ago

@badappe - Are you implying I'm ignorant? Despite the fact that you're saying that consoles are capped at 720p and 30 FPS. Hmmm... Okay. Feel free to try and insult me, it's kind of petty honestly. You should however do a little research, because what you've said is entirely untrue. There are in fact some games that run in native 1080p on console. As I said above, there aren't a whole lot of them but they're there. Consoles are not, and never have been capped at 720p or 30 FPS.

badappe1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )


Really? you're going to compare an AAA game like GTA V with those 2 games? do you even know the difference between their engines and how much resources GTA require against COD or Wipeout... wow... really shows how dumb you are with hardwares.


same thing i said to HammadTheBeast.

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trywizardo1516d ago

so all videos and gameplaytrailer that shows PS3 controller buttons are PC and all preorder for X360 and PS3 is a lie and they will give us a PC copy cause there are no consoles version , is that you god damn dumb-ass opinion ??!!

JackBNimble1516d ago

Unless you can provide a source then your so called "FACTS" are nothing more then opinion and speculation.

Maybe you should look up the definition of the word "FACT" because you are using it incorrectly.

DigitalRaptor1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

The gameplay trailer reveal was taken from the PS3 version, and all the demos that the press have seen so far have been running on PS3, and they were left very impressed and have said that it's still a hugely detailed and stunning game.

omi25p1516d ago

All footage has been from the PS3 version of the game.

The game is most likely the most expensive game ever made. FACT

Rockstar games are the best developers in the world.

Your Wrong.

HammadTheBeast1516d ago

Actually I think RE6 with a 600 man dev team was the most expensive.

Audiggity1516d ago

Sorry homeboy, while I do think that some* screenshots that circulated early-on may have been taken from a developmental version of GTA V running on a high end PC... the gameplay video is in fact PS3 footage.

Your usage of the word "FACT." is just plain wrong.

I wish it wasn't. I'd pay twice the price for a PC version of GTA V. It is the only reason why my Xbox 360 is still in my house, collecting dust.


bsquwhere1516d ago

Listen you slug R* already confirmed it was running on PS3, and as far as Uncharted 3 or GOW those are great looking games(so is Halo of course) and that's a fact! You sit there and troll so hard with no proof of anything other than the pure garbage you so blindly regurgitate. Assclown.

1516d ago
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Cam9771517d ago

You'll be mine in just over 1 month.
I promise.

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