Hello Home 1.00

Well, another week, another Home story. Except this one's quite interesting: according to this guy (warning: site is advert/banner hell and kills Firefox) enterprising folk have managed to use the [email protected] exploit to grab v1.00 of Home. Naturally, the whole would explode if people could actually play it, but despite a 200MB download the thing is still locked just now. Waiting for Sony to flick the switch? Looks like it. If they get this thing ready for April 15th, we're in for one hell of a treat next week...

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Omegasyde3631d ago

Home isn't coming next week. Be happy with the new Warhawk add on and Cod4 maps. :) + Gt5 Prolouge + Pixel Junk Monster Add-on + uninteresting blu-ray movie trailers.

AlterEgo3631d ago

Don't forget about the Resistance 2 trailer!

OJ_juice3630d ago

Whens the resistance 2 trailer coming out?

Mikelarry3630d ago

gotta love the unintresting blu ray trailers aint they a treat

Genesis53630d ago

We still have the new Playstation store to look forward to. They said the middle of April and thats next week.

monks3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

i thought updates where off until after the new store on the 14th

edit: okay thanks was just checking

Fishy Fingers3630d ago

They are. This is what they are referring to.

DemiseofPandas3630d ago

Don't forget the Metal Gear Online beta.^^

Thoas3630d ago

Thats what i'm looking forward too the most this month is MGS4 online beta, forget everything else this month.

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subzero93631d ago

THATS SWEET! but we cane hope for home to come out!

chaosatom3333630d ago

sony does something to hit us with a surprise or something.

Skerj3630d ago

Hahaha breaking and entering into Home.

SeanScythe3630d ago

Home needs a good security system. I can see the commercials now, after it comes out now for only $9.99 a month protect your Home and family with "Safe Home" the best in home protection.

eagle213630d ago

I was about to read Home and Home & Design magazine on my mom's desk :)

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43630d ago

I started to watch 'HOME and Away'!!! ;-D
(Australian Soap)
+'HOME Alone' 1,2,3... ;-D

Mikelarry3630d ago

this is old.well old to ppl on the psu forums. but yeah you can download it but you cant use it, you only get the icon on your xmb menu. so ppl getting it i ask whats the point of just having the icon only and risk getting banned by sony