Nintendo Tell Developers How To Develop For Wii U

At the recent Unite Nordic 2013 conference, Nintendo held a panel about developing for Wii U. During the panel, Nintendo discuss the Wii U development environment and more. Watch it below:

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cleft51759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I am 11 minutes into this thing and what I notice is that the presenters are very nervous, which isn't a huge deal but it sends the wrong message. They are in this relatively small room with cheap seating and that is the bigger problem.

Nintendo clearly has money so why isn't this event being held in a large room. With comfortable seating and seasoned presenters. The whole thing just sends the wrong message. You aren't going to get developers or anyone to invest in your system if you don't treat them like big wigs even if they are just small time guys.

Dj7FairyTail1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

it was for unity 3d

ChickeyCantor1759d ago

You never did any of these events did you?

cleft51759d ago

Don't really know what that means, but after watching this whole thing I can see why there are not a great deal of developers on the Nintendo WiiU platform. Watch the last six minutes of the video and tell me that it isn't lackluster and painful to watch this guy struggle to come up with answers to questions.

ChickeyCantor1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

This is a short introduction on what Unity3D developers can expect to work with for Wii U.

Presentations are just that, presentations. They don't need to be fancy. That's why I replied with "you never did any of these events, did you?". Because most presentations are like this. The point is not to spend lots of money, but to give information.
The people sitting their are either there by themselves or sent out by their company, they listen, take notes and ask questions. That's that. No one goes out and report to their boss how crap the chairs were.

The presenter was probably nervous. Sure. As long he got the information across then that's fine ( He is a programmer, trust me, not all of them can do this ). You seem to be under the impression it needs to be E3 big. Everything needs to be "slick". It's for developers by developers. It is not exactly meant for the mainstream media. I really don't think you understand how these presentations work.

cleft51759d ago

I got that point. My point was that if you want to entice developers to make games for you, you have to treat them like kings and be very helpful. Sometimes the best way to save money in the long-term is to spend it in the short-term.

Also, I get that the guy doesn't present for a living and he knows his stuff. My point was that you get folks who do know how to present and talk technical stuff.

If you treat developers like they are second tier developers or just an after thought that is going to resonate with them. It's not that Nintendo did anything wrong here, because they didn't. The problem is that they didn't do anything special. That is a problem when Sony is treating indie developers like kings.

I am not against what you are saying because you are correct. My point is that Nintendo needs more developers and they aren't going to get them by treating these guys like an after thought.

ChickeyCantor1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Indie developers seem to have a very stable and pleasant relationship with Nintendo. They are even giving indie developers free Unity3D licenses. So I'm not sure how you deduced from this presentation that they are crapping on developers. Because they are absolutely not.

The fact they have introduced a web framework alone will ensure developers get onboard. This will allow for rich applications and games written in Javascript + HTML5. One of the standards for web development. Developers can do pretty awesome stuff with it and they don't have to leave their comfort zone of learning different languages.

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awesomeabe19981759d ago

Nintendo should do a commercial of what is the Wii U just like the beginning of the presentation but shorter, and every commercial discusses a certain point. Its kind of like a web series but commercials on TV. This way they can advertise and talk about the Wii U.

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dark-hollow1759d ago

Why is that? Every console manufacture like ms or Sony helps developers learning how to code for their systems either by directly contact or guide books etc.

It's common practice.

MegaLagann1759d ago

Your post? Yeah, it's pretty sad...

Shnazzyone1759d ago

It's more or less a tiny class on basic features at a con for a specific web tool. What did you expect?

Skynetone1759d ago

just checked out the wiiu,

the bad

controller battery runs down even when its turned off
controller ways one metric ton
why am I forced to look at a 2 inch screen when im sitting in front of a 50" tv
there's a total of 5 demos to download
they have ancient nes games for 499 each lol
load times are 3x longer then a ps3

the good

I do like the wiiu intro with all the little characters running around,

AWBrawler1759d ago

battery goes down when powered off on any device, even happened with my PS3 Dualshock.

Controller feels pretty damn light to me

Nobody is forcing you to look at the gamepad screen, and its clearly biggerthan 2 inches. closer to 6.

Nes games are always going on 30 cent sales as is SNES

Load times are not longer than PS3. I'm assuming you are comparing ports, cause doing otherwise is just damn dumb, because one game may have less to load then the other, and ports load the same or faster.

demoes? check again. off the top of my head i can name more than 10.

troll harder next time.

BosSSyndrome1759d ago

The controller weighs exactly 1.1 pounds. You have human hands, right?

Gemmol1759d ago

play nba 2k13 on ps3 and watch the load time,and how the internet play on Wii U and you will see a big difference in load speed and internet mode, I have never lag on my Wii U in nba 2k13....I own both games for both consoles, if you do not believe check my profile on both i'm far from bias, especially when I only had a ps3 last gen

TripC501759d ago

"controller ways one metric ton"

Weak troll

Realplaya1759d ago

All Devices the batteries run down when not on.
Controller is light and ergonomic.
You don't have to look at two screens in fact there is another controller without a screen. Also the screen is 6 inches.
There are more than 5 demos proves you don't have one.
They are old games with new features there not app games.
The loading is actually not that long but maybe 3x shorter.

There not little characters there called mii's

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MadMen1759d ago

The wiiU is dead, and the crowd in that room is sparse

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