Is It Wise to Pre-order an Xbox One or a PS4 Console?

The Xbox One and PS4 have been available for pre-order for a while now and it is getting harder and harder to place an order because most if not all reservations have been taken. Fans of both consoles run to stores like GameStop once they hear their favorite upcoming console is up for pre-order, they want to be the first to get their hands on the hot new gaming entertainment system, and not miss a beat of what each console has to offer right from the start. But here it lies, the defective ones that most inevitably are present in any first batch of any electronic equipment.

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PopRocks3591698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

If there's a bunch of games for them that you want to play, then heck yeah. Defective units (if any) should be covered by a warranty.

sobotz1698d ago

No. you should pre-order it

golding891698d ago

lol come on.. this again?

NegativeCreepWA1698d ago

Yes, you're guaranteed one at launch. You can always cancel if you change your mind. Also buy a warranty with them regardless, faulty consoles have been pretty normal for a few generations now.

Evil_Ryu1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

i disagree you should never buy warranty ...i use to work for best buy to many loop holes

cellur1111697d ago

You do know you can buy warranties at other places? Not just best buy..

shibster881698d ago

Thats why im waiting a month just incase there is any issues I wont get caught up in it, hopefully there will be nothing but with 360 and the rings of dead etc, would rather hold out another month and play bf4 on old gen for alittle longer, but thats my view and won5 be everyone's view.

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The story is too old to be commented.