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Witcher 3 Interview: “45 Minutes To Traverse the Damn Map….on Horseback!”

How big exactly will the world be? How are you implementing on the “Open World” Concept? And most importantly can you play dice with a king after banging a buxom mage thrice times?. To help decipher between fact and folly Marek Ziemak, Gameplay Producer from CD Projekt RED joined the show to talk all about The Witcher 3. (E3, Next-Gen, PC, PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

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reef1017  +   450d ago
iamnsuperman  +   450d ago | Funny
That means one of two things. Either the world is big or that horse is damn slow.
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PureSophistry  +   450d ago
You sir have won at life- DING!
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   450d ago

The Crew by ubisoft it takes 2 hrs to go from NY to LA im loving next Gen
ginsunuva  +   449d ago
Pfft. I drive from NY to LA in 1:38
MysticStrummer  +   450d ago
It could also mean the dev is exaggerating.

I remember the Dragon's Dogma devs overestimating how long it would take to walk across the world. They were off by quite a bit. Like... a LOT.

I'm not saying these guys are lying, just that it wouldn't shock me too much if they were.
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Mr Tretton  +   450d ago
I'm very skeptical about their claims, but, I very much want to be proven wrong.
Bigpappy  +   450d ago
I like big a** games. But please put lots of gangs and aggressive wild life in that world. I like to keep busy.
levian  +   449d ago
I'm really liking the looks of this game so far!

I tried the second game, but had a really tough time with the combat, and I was pretty darn good at Demon's/Dark Souls. Any tips, or hell, even mods I can use to make it a little more enjoyable? I really want to play the second game before I play the third.
Bigpappy  +   449d ago
Yeah. The combat requires you to be fast. While DS is all timing. So if you will lose if you use either fighting style in opposing games. I used the sword really well and focused on keeping my armor strong. I was also using a controller as I played it on 360. Never played the PC versions.
levian  +   449d ago
I may have to play it on easy, and try out a controller. I don't mind using mouse and keyboard for most things, but this felt like a controller might be a tad easier.
Master-H  +   450d ago
Sweet, Day 0 baby !
clearelite  +   450d ago
Another potentially great game to look forward to.
rlacorne  +   450d ago
Sometimes I feel bad for not having played any of the Witchers games. :/ I heard they were pretty good.

Where can I renew my RPG-gamer card?
Hassassin  +   450d ago
Buy them on GOG. It's never to late to play them ;)
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cemelc  +   450d ago
The first one in my opiion is the better one, the second one is far too linear and combat lost all strategy.

Heres hopping for a return to form.
starchild  +   450d ago
They are two of the best games I have ever played.
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RememberThe357  +   450d ago
Most anticipated. Nothing to me looks as next gen as this game.

I'm all about these new shooters and all but a big ass next gen open world is what I need.
nolifeking  +   450d ago
Yet to play any of the prior games, but I'm genuinely excited about this one. If only I could find part two for the 360.
dcj0524  +   450d ago
Make sure it's packed with stuff to do! I like to explore things ALOT. I know Skyrim and oblivion by heart. I know all the streets in Saints Row2&3. This game will keep me busy for a LONG time. A shame I never played witcher 1 or 2.
PureSophistry  +   450d ago
Click the link you can win a free copy of Witcher 1-2
dcj0524  +   450d ago
Can my really low end ( 256MB card, inter core duo 3.2 GHZ, 4GB of RAM) PC run it?
cemelc  +   450d ago
Not the second one, the first one perhaps on low or medium
blanket14  +   450d ago
when is the release date ? im very pumped to play it never had experience with this series!
ABeastNamedTariq  +   450d ago
It's supposed to release in 2014 (I don't think they haven't specified any further). And you should totally play The Witcher 2! It's freaking great. Story, characters, gameplay, the environments..all great. It's on 360 if you don't have a good PC. The combat takes a little getting used to, but it delivers a good challenge. You can't use potions or anything like that while in combat, so strategizing is key. I'm gonna stop and just say, PLAY THAT GAME!
Tatsuya  +   450d ago
I'm expecting a fall 2014 release. Let them polish it to the max for all supported systems.
ApolloTheBoss  +   450d ago
My most anticipated next-gen game right here.
TrollCraftTales  +   450d ago
Honestly I hadn't played any of the other Witchers.. And I wasn't going to get this one, but after seeing this interview and the trailer for the first time, defiantly a buy for me..
GREW50ME  +   450d ago
Defiantly? Whom are you planning to defy by buying a game?
PureSophistry  +   450d ago
I DID! CD PROJEKT- Give me a job- QUICK!
BABY-JEDI  +   450d ago
Got to feel sorry for the horse!
TENTONGUN  +   449d ago
witcher is a great ip i hope this isnt the last one

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