TechRadar: PS4 vs Xbox One: which is better?

TechRadar writes: The launches of Xbox One and PS4 are a few short months away, as both consoles are about to go toe-to-toe this holiday season.

Gamers are putting their pre-order money down as if it's an expensive bet on which video game system will deliver the best performance over the next decade.

Both systems are evenly matched in many respects and should be able to usher in the next generation of gaming that the Wii U hasn't been able to deliver.

With E3 2013 in the books, we can finally get a better perspective as in a PS4 vs Xbox One comparison about their finer differences.

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georgeenoob1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Xbox wins hands down. It has more exclusives, better exclusives, every Xbox is a dev kit, 300k servers, the azure cloud, a ton more features, and kinect.

Meanwhile, PS4 has zero main advantages over X1, only a SLIGHT advantage in specs that will probably show a subtle difference 6 years from now on a first party title if you're lucky.

To each his own, but every time I see a post or an article saying they choose PS4 it's always the same "well last gen Sony had more exclusives so this gen they will too". News flash: MS has 1 billion invested in exclusives and more games in development than ever before.


Show me a source that says GDDR5 ram is twice as powerful as DDR3 ram, not bandwidth of CPU. Faster ram =/= twice as powerful. Remember when PS4 was thought to have 7gb of ram for gaming vs x1's 5, and all the ps4 fans were claiming PS4 had a 50% advantage? With your theory, the PS4 used to have the equivalent of 14gb of DDR3 ram, which is not the 50% you fanboys were bragging about, if you know math then that's almost 300% more powerful! Yet fanboys were bragging about only 50%? Go figure.

EasilyTheBest1483d ago

There is definitely a few things that the X1 can do that the PS4 cant. That's why I want one.
The PS4 just seems to be a better graphically PS3, is there anything else I am missing.
On this site graphics are all that matters. Kinect is stoned to death on this site, I fail to see how someone cant have a great time on Kinect Sports 1 & 2 and Child of Eden on 360s Kinect among others.
Perhaps its just me getting older but I want new experiences.

Ksar1483d ago

One thing is sure : Xbox One has a better line-up.

4Sh0w1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Oh no, not another one of these articles, I feel sorry for people who need to be told which is better.

tokugawa1483d ago

which one is best thread number 398751

n4g really needed another one of these

golding891483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

They stuck a new graphics card & RAM in the PS3 and called it the PS4... Congrats...

They rebuilt the Xbox, rebuilt the OS, rebuilt IE, put in hypervisor so they can run together, built a cloud system on a level that no one has ever tried before, redid Kinect from ground up (has no Prime Sense tech in it whatsoever), and decided to throw Xbox Live on the cloud as well) and gave everything dedicated resources as well... And then threw $1billion for new game development....

xbox one won this one..

CapsuleMonkey1483d ago

The next generation is pretty much going to be decided by who has the better gaming service. So far we know what xbox has to offer....if Sony is only bringing in a party chat to the battle it's not going to be so even, knowing we have to pay for both.

trafalger1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

PS4 - better specs on paper
PS4 - more internal studios with a proven track record
Xbone - better launch line-up
Xbone - likely to have better online services and multiplayer experience.
PS4 - cheaper

my prediction, short term xbone, long term ps4. both will be good products though and i dont know why we have to have one winner. we should look forward to these products, not whine and bash them every day.

GameNameFame1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Are these same account?

Let me surmise the facts.

PS4- Cheaper, better spec, better PSN plus games and etc.

X1 had alot of cgi trailer shown. Actual launch line up is very weak.... ofc you have to add timed exclusive and games on PC as exclusive to make X1 line up half decent.

Caffo011482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

the first time xbone fanboys can say it has more and better exclusives: 3 months before launch...tell me that 1 year in the consoles life lol

Sony is known for releasing much more and better exclusives, you are kidding yourselves.

the generation has already benn decided, PS4 won already.

PS4FEVER1482d ago

You can have just as fun with the new eye toy and its games as kinect 2. The point it they are not on the level as AAA TITLES, and will never be seen as a must have for when engaged in online or single player games. You don't buy a console for these devices, you buy the console that will offer the best exclusives. And the ps4 has changed more dramatically than xbox one over xbox 360. from x chat, to the user interface, operating system changes, cloud new controller and system features like recording gameplay etc. It's even got a separate chip in the background. Ps3 had a inferior graphic chip to xbox 360, yet still managed to have greater visuals than on xbox 360 with exclusives. This time the ps4 has a better graphics card, now imagine how much greater graphics can look when developers like naughty dog tap into it. Ps4 clearly will win again.

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MariaHelFutura1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )



ROPS: 32
Gpixels/s: 25.6
Shaders: 1152
Clock: 800MHz
Performance: 1.84TFLOPS

Xbox One GPU specs

ROPs: 16
Gpixels/s: 12.8
Shaders: 768
clock: 800MHz
Performance: 1.230TFLOPS

PS4 Memory specs

Amount: 8GB
Type: GDDR5
Amount allocated for games: 4.5GB
Speed: 176GB/s

Amount: 8GB
Type: DDR3
Amount allocated for games: 5GB
Speed: 68GB/s


Sony has more talented AAA developers and more games currently in development. The PS3 had more GOTY's and a more diverse line up.

Killzone Shadowfall direct feed screens

Titanfall direct feed screens

Facts are facts, opinions are opinions.

sobotz1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

If you really care that much about power/tech, then build a PC. Consoles are here for ease of use and functionality, they never have the best tech.

EasilyTheBest1483d ago

OMG Maria, go away...
Your clueless

xReDeMpTiOnx1483d ago

Man people really do hate, whether they want to believe it or not facts are facts.

Also I believe it was said by Sony that it is around 5-5.5gb allocated for games

Fireseed1483d ago

Well this is really great to anyone who wants to turn the settings on their PS4 games all the way up... Oh wait, that's right devs are the only ones who should be concerned with specs.

CapsuleMonkey1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Honestly, let's stop with specs. At the end of the day it's how the devs program for the selected console. PS3 specs where basically superior to the 360 besides a couple of things, but 360 Multi-plat games still looked better majority of the time, even after devs got used to the ps3. Even if PS4 does have better specs, I'm almost positive the difference won't be so surprising.

Right now Sony fans should be worried about the package you're all going to have to pay for called PSN. Sony delivers on the gaming experience, but MS proved that games aren't the only important piece to the future of gaming.

MysticStrummer1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

lol They can't take the truth, so

"go away...
Your clueless"

Shouldn't that be "Your cluelessness"?

AngelicIceDiamond1483d ago

@Maria If you'd watched the Titanfall Diary shortly after E3 (I know you didn't) they said there goal was to make it as fun as possible. They're easily tackling gameplay over graphics and presentation.

The rest of of what yo said is true. But everything on paper, which means is yet to be seen how games will differ between X1 and PS4.

So people can stop posting the PS4 specs until we see physical evidence. Those specs are great but its not doing anything for me. Not like it matters my goal is to to get both anyway.

Imo I think we're gonna see Identical games third party wise between the two.

But that's why I said we'll see soon enough.

thetruthx11483d ago

These specs aren't facts Microsoft never said the full specs of the One

thetruthx11482d ago

How can the number of exclusives last have predetermined next gen?? That is ludicrous. Microsoft will have more exclusives this time around as they have bought 5 new studios just to make exclusive games not Kinect avatar stuff like Rare did

We've already seen some of these exclusives while Sony has shown very few and how many of the unannounced ones will be Knacks and Octodads we don't know.

So far, X1 has a welcoming bunch: Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, D4, Forza, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Crimson Dragon, Project Spark, Gears of War 4 and the Black Tusk game we saw a preview of at E3

I personally think xbox one will have better games than the ps4 next gen

ovnipc1482d ago

Wrong!!!! No one knows X1 latest specs, it may be 12Gb instead of 8Gb of ram. and its going to be 1.58 tf no 1.28. Or maybe more. Xbox its upgrading the consumer version. PS4 already has its cards on the table xbox not yet. M$ they are not stupid they do things for a reason. X1 all the way. And 300k Servers its nothing compare to the servers they have on reserve. Compare 9Billion $ servers to 384M servers of sony.

Kingdom Come1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Did you really just compare a Single-Player Killzone Screenshot to a completely Online Competetive Shooter title? That's fair...

Also, where are these "more titles"? Because they sure weren't at E3...

strifeblade1482d ago

yet for some reason titanfall took home all the e3 awards... i don't know about you but games are about the GAMEPLAY and it seems titanfall hit home

noctis_lumia1482d ago

lol titanfall looks like a 360 game compared to killzone in these pics hahahaha didnt expect less from a first party studio of sony

now naughty dog
santa monica
quantic dreams
media molicule
sony worlwide studios....u guyz are up

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pedrof931483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Maria is right in one thing.

Titanfall dosen't look as good as Killzone.

It dosen't has more exclusives. Xbox as 15 while Ps4 as 20 in the first year.

And in terms of "better exclusives" that's debatable.

But you are right in the other stuff, but please "MS has 1 billion invested in exclusives and more games in development than ever before". Don't fall to PR crap.

Anyway Xbox live will be way better. I'm sure the online experience will be better than in a computer itself. Let's hope it manages to be as generous like Sony.

Kanzes1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Titanfall only runs on modified version of Source Engine, what do you expect? Source Engine is an old engine that constantly updated since 2004. Do you expect it will be on par with Killzone?

trafalger1483d ago

guerilla games is a 1st party studio and killzone shadow falls budget is likely much higher with more people working on it than the amount of people and resources for titanfall. titanfall is also running at twice the frame rate. even comparing forza 5 to driveclub isn't the same thing either. needless to say both systems are next gen consoles.

better is often defined by experiences, not specs.

MariaHelFutura1482d ago

So lets get this straight?

Ryse- was a 360 game
DR3- was a 360 game
Project Spark- was a 360 game
Killer Instinct- was most likely a 360 game and looks like a 360 game .
Titanfall- run on an engine from 2004
Forza 5- is being released unfinished
The Controller- needs battery packs and AA's
The Console- is the size of VCR and requires a power brick


Got it. The Xbox One is cutting edge technology....

garos821482d ago

I agree fully with that,I have a feeling ms will offer a better online service than psn, but hopefully Sony will improve that aspect of PlayStation especially down the line due to the acquisition of gaikai.
Who knows it will be interesting to see how both consoles fare 3 years down the line after there release

Kingdom Come1482d ago

"Titanfall" is a completely online competetive shooter being developed for two platforms, the "Killzone: Shadowfall" screenshot he utilised within his comment was taken from the single-player component of an exclusive title.

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Nekroo911483d ago

when you said more and better exclusives you cracked me up. ps4 as twice as much exclusives in development and they are made by the best devs in the world.
and yes 1G ddr3= 512mb of gddr5 and the gpu is 50% more powerfull unless MS hads the esram but still ps4 gpu is better. sony also as cloud and features for example the share botton and records 15 minutos unlike 5 minutes on the xbox...and kinect sucks ass if you want to play a real game use a controller. ah and ps4 can use mouse and keybord