Devil Survivor 2 Needs 1,800 Pre-Orders To Be Released In Europe

Devil Survivor 2 will be released in Europe if publisher Ghostlight see enough pre-orders for the game. Pre-orders were supposed to go live this week, but didn’t due to a pending final approval of the package that Ghostlight hope to release.

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Baka-akaB1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

F**** you . If those games were released in a proper timetable , then i'd support you . But you release ultra late versions that are even sometimes very buggy (unlike the original or us versions) and wanna hold it hostage ? Go to Hell already .

Baka-akaB1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Not really actually . Just tired of those bozos (along with Zen united) and their lame excuses . i already import us by default when it comes to Atlus stuff

Len1033d ago

Atlus games mostly suck anyway. xD

Inception1033d ago

I've seen a lot of this comment from noobs. They blamed the game but not themself who sucks at gaming xD

Len1033d ago ImmatureShow
fsfsxii1033d ago

Go back to your generic AAA game.

Len1033d ago InappropriateShow
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STK0261033d ago

Quite a bit late, but a great game nonetheless. 1 800 across Europe seems like an easy goal considering the NDS and the 3DS have a sizable install base. Of course, people will only pre-order it if they actually know the game is set to be released in their region; hopefully the fans and the publisher will be able to have as many people as possible know about this.

jc485731033d ago

whatever happen to the 3DS version?

CaptainYesterday1033d ago

Devil Survivor 2: Break Record? That's coming out in the fall in Japan, it's an enhanced port of the game with new characters and story elements.