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Devil Survivor 2 Needs 1,800 Pre-Orders To Be Released In Europe

Devil Survivor 2 will be released in Europe if publisher Ghostlight see enough pre-orders for the game. Pre-orders were supposed to go live this week, but didn’t due to a pending final approval of the package that Ghostlight hope to release. (Devil Survivor 2, Nintendo DS)

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Baka-akaB  +   646d ago
F**** you . If those games were released in a proper timetable , then i'd support you . But you release ultra late versions that are even sometimes very buggy (unlike the original or us versions) and wanna hold it hostage ? Go to Hell already .
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solideagle  +   646d ago
hahahaha you are really angry lol
PurpHerbison  +   646d ago
Baka-akaB  +   646d ago
Not really actually . Just tired of those bozos (along with Zen united) and their lame excuses . i already import us by default when it comes to Atlus stuff
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Len  +   646d ago
Atlus games mostly suck anyway. xD
dcj0524  +   646d ago
Agree to disagree.
Inception  +   646d ago
I've seen a lot of this comment from noobs. They blamed the game but not themself who sucks at gaming xD
Len   646d ago | Immature | show
rextraordinaire  +   646d ago

Wait what?
fsfsxii  +   646d ago
Go back to your generic AAA game.
Len   646d ago | Offensive
STK026  +   646d ago
Quite a bit late, but a great game nonetheless. 1 800 across Europe seems like an easy goal considering the NDS and the 3DS have a sizable install base. Of course, people will only pre-order it if they actually know the game is set to be released in their region; hopefully the fans and the publisher will be able to have as many people as possible know about this.
jc48573  +   646d ago
whatever happen to the 3DS version?
CaptainYesterday  +   646d ago
Devil Survivor 2: Break Record? That's coming out in the fall in Japan, it's an enhanced port of the game with new characters and story elements.

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