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Candle Coming to Wii U Regardless of Stretch Goal Success

Who fancies a dynamic graphic-adventure/platformer hybrid on their Wii U? Well that’s the plan of first-time developers, Teku Studios.

They’re just over a week into a month long crowd-funding campaign to create their first game, called Candle, with a funding goal of $40,000. The tentative stretch-goal for the Wii U version is set at $85,000, but co-founder and lead programmer Miguel Vallés confirmed to Nintendo Enthusiast that the game will eventually see Wii U release should it not reach its goal. (Candle, Nintendo, Wii U)

sknygy  +   350d ago
Awesome, I've already made my pledge... just in case! :D
thomasmiller  +   350d ago
nintendo treats indie developers the best, cannot wait for this title.. don't believe me? listen to the indie developers themselves!! http://www.nintendolife.com...
AbortMission  +   350d ago
What the hell is it with you always trying to downplay PS and Xbox? Are you seriously this butthurt?

The article didn't even state Nintendo treated indies better, it just put them on par with Sony's treatment of indies, which is bigger than Nintendo's current support. Stop trying to weasel in your pathetic fanboy agenda.
thomasmiller  +   350d ago
WWWWaaahh is the troll mad because the indie developers give nintnendo the better quality of indie games... GROW UP AND GET OVER IT SPARKY!!! ACT YOUR AGE!!
sknygy  +   350d ago
I was really surprised to see that positive Nintendo news coming out of EDGE! http://www.edge-online.com/...

I prefer Nintendo's approach of doing the right thing, but not making a big song and dance about it, with the amount of games coming its not like they need to
Yep  +   350d ago
MegaLagann  +   350d ago
Looks good. While my dream for Wii U was to be the ultimate system with first and third party games, if the Wii U can become my Nintendo + Indie machine along with a few exclusives here and there (like Sonic & Bayonetta) i'll be content.
sknygy  +   350d ago
That's what I'm currently thinking too!

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