Check Out Final Fantasy XIV’s Models Square Enix Doesn’t Want You to See Just Yet

A golden rule in MMORPGs is that if your file structure is simple enough and you leave something that isn’t implemented in your game in those files, someone will data mine it and show it to the world, no question asked.

That seems to happen often with Square Enix’s MMOs. It happened with Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, and now it’s happening with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s Beta.

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Snookies121457d ago

Lol at the Ultima Weapon standing in town... That can't be safe...

NioRide1457d ago

I'm actually not going to look through the rest of those.

I'd like to enjoy a bit of surprise when I see stuff.

Drabent1457d ago

Got phase 4 email today^^.....sending ps3 code soon woot!

Pain1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Oh sweet! Me Wanty!!!! i love dat miners lol!

o o
o O

Abriael1457d ago

Lol yeah. SE doesn't seem to mind since they always use exactly the same file structure.

Pain1457d ago

True but bonus for us we get to see the goodies lol

belac091457d ago

i finally got an e mail for the final phase, i never even got into the first 3 phases, im sooo effin happy!!

Darkfist1457d ago

do i need to get an email to play phase4? i have an account that i used for phase3.

belac091455d ago

i think if you were in the phase 3 beta you can use the same account.

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