Friday Night Rant: Get This Stuff Out Of My Games

New console generations open up new ways of thinking about gaming, or least they should. Not everything changes as much as we would like it to sometimes.

The current generation gave us a pretty solid graphical leap, not instantly but over time. Artificial intelligence advanced as well, so much so that developers got a little bit out of control with their addition of AI partners in my opinion. Still though, you can’t dismiss how much trickier some of the enemies have gotten. You can add physics and storytelling to that list as well. A few stubborn issues are still hanging around bothering me though. Here are a few of the things that need to go away, be re-imagined, or significantly updated.

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Godlovesgamers1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I completely disagree with this article as a whole and want to say firstly, that if you're going to complain about something, at least put in the time to come up some sort of thoughtful solution, otherwise you're just a whiner.

Boss fights: You couldn't be more wrong here. There are some games and game genres that need them and some others where they don't fit or are less suited. To say "get rid of all of them" is just ignorant.

QTEs/Button Prompts: Again, when they fit well within the context of the game and work well, then let them be, where they don't, lose them.

In a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland…: And yet again, if the setting offers something new from the other Post apocalyptic settings and it supports the story and game well then how is it a bad thing?

I don't the think problem is with boss fights, qte's or game settings, it's with you. Maybe take a break from video games or play different genres where these things that bother you don't exist. Think up some good solutions for these things that bother you instead of depending on "some smart people somewhere" and quit the whining.

PockyKing1763d ago

The article isn't really trying to complain about anything. It's just throwing points out there. We'll be sure to put a disclaimer in the next one that it's not actually a "rant". It's just a series of articles, don't be too sensitive about it and don't attack the author for having an opinion.

Godlovesgamers1763d ago

"Friday Night Rant: Get This Stuff Out Of My Games"

We'll be sure to put a disclaimer in the next one that it's not actually a "rant".


ifritAlkhemyst1763d ago

I only agree with your dislike of QTE prompts. I'm strongly of the opinion that if you have a QTE in your game, anywhere, hire someone to turn that little sequence into actual gameplay.

Godlovesgamers1763d ago

QTE's work perfectly in the context of the GoW games.

ifritAlkhemyst1763d ago

They may work, but they could just as easily be replaced with actual gameplay, or at least something more than just tapping a button.

The only game with a QTE system I ever liked was Infamous. It was a QTE, but you also had to interact with it more than just tapping triangle over and over again.

Godlovesgamers1763d ago

"They may work, but they could just as easily be replaced with actual gameplay, or at least something more than just tapping a button."

With that said, it's pretty obvious that you've never really played a GoW game, which in turn makes any point you have against QTE's completely weightless.

ifritAlkhemyst1763d ago

Wow, awfully full of yourself. I played GoW 1-3 and my criticism still stands.

I'm sorry that your head is so far up your own ass that you can try to tell someone they're wrong because something they said means to you that they never played a game. Brilliant logic there, moron.

pivotplease1763d ago

I would have to say that QTE's are often annoying filler but where specific actions are concerned that aren't in the game's regular control repertoire, they can be handy. I think GoW is one of the few franchises that does QTE's justice. Otherwise, unexpected and random actions such as gouging out eyes and ripping off limbs wouldn't work as well.

What are you supposed to do? Make the cutscene gameplay and then not inform the player which buttons to press even though the controls would obviously have different effects? I don't think the QTE prompts in infamous were anything special. I would sooner talk up the QTE's in Dark Cloud. As for poor use of QTE's, look no further than RE5.

But overall, QTE's will and should never be obsolete as they do serve their purpose and are a specific style of gameplay all their own (akin to rhythm games like Rock Band, Parappa, and DDR).

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Godlovesgamers1763d ago


No, I'm not full of myself, quite the opposite really.

But don't sit there and downplay how good the QTE's work in the GoW series (especially GoW 3) with your "they may work" comment, just because said series popularized it and so many other games over used it.

And I call into question you ever playing the GoW games because they integrate the QTE's so seamlessly that it would be nearly impossible to gripe about it the way you are.

Give credit where credit is due, QTE's are a fun part of the GoW series and work extremely well in the context of it's gameplay, and there is no reason they need to leave gaming forever, end of story.

Tontus1762d ago

That's nonsense in the case of a game like God of War. How can you turn ripping a finger nail off a titan, gouging the eyes out of Poseidon, ripping the legs off Hermes, pulling Helios' head off etc, into gameplay? It's impossible.

The God of War games (especially GoW3) handle QTEs perfectly, they only make up a tiny % of gameplay and they are so well executed and that you look forward to finishing a fight to see the brutal, epic, cinematic, over the top kill sequence.

It's not God of War's fault that other game developers can't integrate them as naturally and make them cool experiences that are elegantly designed (having the button prompts on screen match the location on the controller) with just the right amount of time to respond. I love the QTEs in GoW and would be upset to see them removed.

PockyKing1762d ago

As much hate as Ryse has received, I actually like my hack and slash games having QTE's like that. For me, it just makes it more enjoyable to play and watch and varies the gameplay. God of War does good QTE's no doubt, but only for the bosses. The mini bosses like Minotaurs etc, it was the same execution over and over and it gets old quick. Still fun, but can get a little stale.

jambola1763d ago

They are not your games. They belong to everybody.