[WKG] Preview: Awesome Co-Op Gameplay in Payday 2

Last seen in 2011, Payday looks to make a return in its second installment promising more heists, more weapons and a whole new system to manage all this called Crime Net. Last week Liban Ali from We Know Gamers had the opportunity to spend some time with the upcoming game and engage in what was an epic bank heist with three other players.

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HugoDrax1758d ago

I'm considering picking this up, looks like a combination of Left 4 Dead but pulling off heists. Should make for some good co-op fun.

Fizzgig1758d ago

I'm currently playing Beta and it's really good fun, especially with 3 friends communicating over TeamSpeak.

Dazel1755d ago

This game really deserves more interest, should do better on pc.