Wii U's 'Super Smash Bros' Won't Have Story Mode For A Very Odd Reason

Forbes - Though the Super Smash Bros. series has always been about multiplayer mayhem, any good fighting game usually has a solid story mode. It's a single player excursion where players can get used to the characters against AI, and usually will have a story based on the character being played, with cutscenes highlighting particular rivalries with other fighters, team-ups and so on.

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rigbybot1271763d ago

I don't mind, whatsoever. As long as they polish the gameplay, and deliver another stellar multiplayer experience, I could care less about the cutscenes.

PopRocks3591763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

If you want some laughs, go look at the Destructoid post about this. I've never seen more pointless fanboy tears since the Sonic 4 "Green Eyes" fiasco.


It's amazing really. I saw a lot of people using this as a reason to validate calling Sakurai a moron or 'out of touch with modern media' because of his reasoning for removing cutscenes.

For removing CUTSCENES. Animations that have no gameplay whatsoever. It was incredibly pathetic.

rigbybot1271763d ago

Idiots, I tell you. Hilariously pathetic ones.

LOL_WUT1763d ago

Laziness that's all that came to mind ;)

TomShoe1763d ago

Not suprised. The story mode was very disjointed and never added much to the gameplay anyway.

Moerdigan1763d ago

I was actually upset at how much development resources was put into a single player mode in brawl that I didn't even find that fun, and never went back too once I completed it.

NovusTerminus1763d ago

The story mode was a complete waste of dev time. Never bring it back.

Just make the level creator deeper and I will be happy!

levian1763d ago

I enjoyed the story mode in smash 64, the master hand was awesome. I didn't enjoy it as much in the newer games however, so its probably a good thing its going.

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The story is too old to be commented.