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Wii U's 'Super Smash Bros' Won't Have Story Mode For A Very Odd Reason

Forbes - Though the Super Smash Bros. series has always been about multiplayer mayhem, any good fighting game usually has a solid story mode. It's a single player excursion where players can get used to the characters against AI, and usually will have a story based on the character being played, with cutscenes highlighting particular rivalries with other fighters, team-ups and so on. (Super Smash Bros., Wii U)

rigbybot127  +   761d ago
I don't mind, whatsoever. As long as they polish the gameplay, and deliver another stellar multiplayer experience, I could care less about the cutscenes.
PopRocks359  +   761d ago
If you want some laughs, go look at the Destructoid post about this. I've never seen more pointless fanboy tears since the Sonic 4 "Green Eyes" fiasco.


It's amazing really. I saw a lot of people using this as a reason to validate calling Sakurai a moron or 'out of touch with modern media' because of his reasoning for removing cutscenes.

For removing CUTSCENES. Animations that have no gameplay whatsoever. It was incredibly pathetic.
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rigbybot127  +   761d ago
Idiots, I tell you. Hilariously pathetic ones.
LOL_WUT  +   761d ago
Laziness that's all that came to mind ;)
TomShoe  +   761d ago
Not suprised. The story mode was very disjointed and never added much to the gameplay anyway.
Moerdigan  +   761d ago
I was actually upset at how much development resources was put into a single player mode in brawl that I didn't even find that fun, and never went back too once I completed it.
LordMe  +   761d ago
The story mode was a complete waste of dev time. Never bring it back.

Just make the level creator deeper and I will be happy!
levian  +   761d ago
I enjoyed the story mode in smash 64, the master hand was awesome. I didn't enjoy it as much in the newer games however, so its probably a good thing its going.
GraveLord  +   761d ago
Better no story mode than a half-assed one like in PS All Stars.
PopRocks359  +   761d ago
As someone who loves Smash Bros. and doesn't care much for PS All-Stars, at least the latter had voice work and some form of a narrative.

Don't get me wrong, I think they were both crap. But Smash Bros.' attempt was nonsensical and poorly designed in a game where the standards should have been much higher. PS All-Stars also had the excuse of being the first game of the series (even if it did nothing but take elements from Brawl and MvC).


Not entirely true. The Nintendo titles with a sense of narrative are often quite good in that respect. Mario RPGs, Legend of Zelda and even the likes of Xenoblade Chronicles and the other Nintendo RPGs. Ever play Kid Icarus: Uprising? A narrative driven game by Sakurai should have been a lot better than what was churned out for Smash Bros.
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GraveLord  +   761d ago
It's not like story is Nintendo's strong point though....why should the standards be higher?
yugovega  +   761d ago
wow i love how alot of gaming sites are trying to make this into big news. i honestly don't think anyone cares as long as they can fight their friends. i'd like to see more then 4 fight at a time. perhaps 5 this time?
millzy102  +   761d ago
This is old news, the writer has it wrong there is a single player but not one with cut scenes this was mentioned months ago.'
Thirty3Three  +   761d ago
byeGollum  +   761d ago
Lets be honest. . The game is multiplayer oriented. . Why are we makin' a big deal out of nothin'
I couldn't care less for the story mode of Smash. Unlocking Brawl's character's in story mode felt like a chore to me. I've never finished the story mode of Brawl, it felt pretty boring after a while. I unlocked all the characters the hardcore way, by playing multiplayer.
thezeldadoth  +   761d ago
don't buy smash bros. for story. i'm glad they're putting 100% into the aspect everyone cares about, should be awesome.
_QQ_  +   761d ago
The biggest Issue is the online, Smash4 better have Amazing online modes,some kind of stat tracking, some sort of profile that shows things like your most played stage,most played character,and make sure you can create games and invite friends to games. It would be cool if they even had leagues placement like in SC2.They can do whatever they want withthe game but if they don't make good online,i won't consider it much of an improvement.
Gr81  +   761d ago
I'm Curious
As to why not having a story mode is a bad thing? SSE was easily the weakest part of Brawl, and had to have contributed to the elongated development time.

More important to the game is the content and the online stability and online modes.

I don't play a game to watch cut scenes and cinema scenes, this is why I hate cinema gaming, its a bunch of fluff. Keep it simple.
Darkfist  +   761d ago
and what if they removed online and said that playing local is the best experience for the game.
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jakmckratos  +   761d ago
Im not ery upset about this but i wish they would just call it what it was..what portion of the 8 million+ SSBB players really watched the cutscenes beforehand and were like "OH MY GOD IM NOT BLOWN AWAY CUZ THIS IS THE SECOND TIME IVE SEEN THIS"...not alot..but that's prob more than the people who really enjoyed subspace emissary.

If I recall correctly the official site dojo was putting videos up every so often..those were the only videos I watched..

I just remember weird, nonsensical scenes, a lack of ANY voice acting even by those who talk, and a really steep difficulty level being turn-offs concerning the single player mode.

I really really do hope that they have at least something that we can enjoy without a full multiplayer experience..
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