Activision Blizzard stock soars 15%, Zynga’s falls 14% — what does it mean for games?

VB - Investors piled out of Zynga and seemingly right into Activision Blizzard.

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GentlemenRUs1881d ago

Zynga's dieing that's why.

And Activision milk the customer... That's why Investors love them so much!

OrangePowerz1880d ago

At least activision never did online passes or stuff like that, they still milk customers less than EA.

rextraordinaire1881d ago

Doesn't mean much for games as a whole, really.

Zynga and Blizzard are far from being the "be all end all" of videogames.

Also, I believe there might be a point in a casual gamer's life when he/she really did all there was to do in farmville...

Software_Lover1881d ago

And next week the stocks will change. Are we gonna get an article on that also?

dark-hollow1881d ago

Mobile gaming, while no doubt it's a healthy industry with many developers profiting and making millions from it, it still can be very risky sometimes.

It is VERY saturated with everyone and their grandma can publish a game very easily in the appstore/Google play. It is not the magical solution for gaming companies to abandon consoles/PC for it.

nolifeking1881d ago

Not much in my opinion. I could see this being a thing if they ran the entirety of the gaming economy, but these companies are no goldman-sacs.

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