How Tencent is slowly transforming into one of gaming’s biggest investors

VB - Yesterday, Chinese Internet and investment-holding company Tencent purchased a minority stake in Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard. Tencent is a small part of an $8.17 billion deal that freed Activision Blizzard from majority shareholder Vivendi.

Tencent partnered with Activision chief executive Bobby Kotick, co-chairman Brian Kelly, and others to purchase $2.34 billion in Activision stock from Vivendi. That investor group now owns almost 25 percent of Activision.

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Godlovesgamers1695d ago

More like "How China is slowly transforming into one Americas biggest borrowers", because at this point America owes them embarrassing amounts of money.

Tencent is just a symptom of a bigger issue. Expect to see more Chinese companies investing in and buying out American companies, especially as the value of our dollar (now at .40C per dollar)inevitably falls further.

deadfrag1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

They already have a share of Capcom;Monster Hunter online is been made by Tencent i also read somewhere that they have a new KUF online in development;not the Kingdom under fire thats been made for the PS3,and PC but a new MMO thats still early in development.Now they are picking western share at Activision,THAT ACTUALLY GOOD.