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Video Game Releases for the Week of 12/29/2014

6m ago - Gamer Headlines writes: "You would think that the week following Christmas would be filled with v... | Xbox One

Far Cry 4 Review - Zengarage

7m ago - Snow, underwater, day, night, acid trips; it’s a really pretty and diverse world. | PC

12 Days of VR Gaming – Day 8: QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube

8m ago - One of the very few finished products available with official native support of the Oculus Rift h... | PC

PS4 Attitude Writer's GOTY | Destiny

11m ago - PS4 Attitude writes, "I do not play MMOs. I do not care all that much about multiplayer. I don’t... | Xbox 360

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Most Underrated Game of 2014

16m ago - Not every game gets the attention it deserves. | PC