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How to download Plants vs Zombies 2 NOW

Plants vs Zombies 2 is currently only available via the app store for your iPad if youre in Australia or New Zealand, if you cant wait here is how to get it NOW. Follow these instructions (iPad, Plants Vs Zombies 2)

Godlovesgamers  +   452d ago
Yeah, I think I can wait until it's released in my territory instead of making a new itunes account.
Dancinsolo  +   451d ago
It takes one minute tops, but yeah that might be too much work for most.
GentlemenRUs  +   451d ago
No love for android?
kB0  +   451d ago
Phonies need games first!
Veni Vidi Vici  +   451d ago
Isn't working for me. When I click the "None" for payment method, it still wants me to fill out the fields. It won't let me proceed until I do.

Update: Meh, I just made up a name and found some Australian companies address and put it in there. It works.
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azshorty2003  +   451d ago
Step 1: Open up iTunes...

No thank you. I don't want the game that bad.
kB0  +   451d ago
LOL A+:)

I think step one is avoid electrocuting yourself by plugging in your iphone!
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Slysi  +   451d ago
Ill wait thx

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