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Dynasty Warriors 8 Musou Footage

The long awaited Dynasty Warriors 8 is set to launch throughout Europetimorrow, and today Electronic Theatre brings you a video showcasing some of the best musou attacks featured in the videogame. Coming to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Dynasty Warriors 8 is the latest bloodline release in the hugely popular Dynasty Warriors series. (Dynasty Warriors 8, PS3, Xbox 360)

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ramtah  +   586d ago
i played dynasty warriors 3 on ps2 then i quit i dont know why
supersonicjerry  +   586d ago
i think the last one I played was 4 or 5 and after seeing this I don't know why I quit either. I just hope they make one for next gen.
ramtah  +   586d ago
Yeah hope so
Gamer1982  +   586d ago
Erm "The long awaited Dynasty Warriors 8 is set to launch throughout Europetimorrow" It came out like 2 week ago...
Ares84HU  +   586d ago
Looks like Dynasty Warriors 2 on PS2 just with a bit better graphics. But this game is getting more and more over the top with every new release. I like the concept, fighting in a real time war against a ton of enemies sounds awesome but this fantasy execution just destroys it for me. Wish it was less flashy, more lifelike and brutal and instead of shiny neon lights with every hit, there would be blood. I think Troy was a step in the right direction.
fsfsxii  +   586d ago
How do you think they're able to pull all of your "wet dreams" with current gen tech?? 30+ enemies on screen is really something to brag about, and not so easy to pull off, remember NG2 on the 360, it had tons of enemies on screen and the frame rate was garbage.
With next gen tech they'll be able to pull the things you mentioned.
matgrowcott  +   586d ago
"Looks like Dynasty Warriors 2 on PS2 just with a bit better graphics."

And this is why people make jokes about Dynasty Warriors. Because they just haven't got a clue how much the franchise has evolved.
the_bebop  +   585d ago
been playing it since last Saturday here in Australia.
Master-H  +   585d ago
Awesome mousos . can't wait till i get the game , i'm short on cash right now :'(

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