Watch the Fingers of a Korean Starcraft II Champion Literally Fly on Keyboard and Mouse

Want to see what you need to accomplish to become a world-level pro Starcraft II player? You just have to be able to play Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor on your keyboard like it was an organ. Actually, you need to be faster than that.

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Abriael1794d ago

That was my reaction exactly. It's so hard to follow that it almost seems he's going at random.

Hell, I wouldn't be able to be that fast if I was going completely random.

thekhurg1794d ago

He was boosting his APM score. Many of the actual best players in the world do not play that ignorantly.

Occasionally you'll running across one of these players when looking at the best replays but it's not often.

They'll all twitch around a bit in the beginning to get their fingers moving for late game multitasking. But not that badly...

clouds51794d ago

Nothing random about it :) this speed is actually required to play at this level. Innovation is one the best if not the best player atm.
At the beginning of the game they tend to spam keys to "warm up" because in the later stages of the game when you are attacking and controlling your base at the same time shit goes wild.

SatanSki1794d ago

You dont have to do it like this to play, he was just boosting his "actions per minute". Prolly kid didnt take his ADD meds hehe

elmaton981794d ago

I thought for I second that his fingers were actually flying of his hands when I read the title lol.

badz1491794d ago

against a player like this, it's highly possible for me to lose in a minute! where's fun in that? for me of course.

kreate1794d ago

Those koreans play like that on sc1 as well where there's no need to 'boost' apm.

Their fingers never rest cuz in sc, war starts when game starts.

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_QQ_1794d ago

Think of it as stretching, and boosting apm score...

JsonHenry1794d ago

Lol, boosting his APM much? Playing single player at that?! lol!!!!

PurpHerbison1794d ago

I still to this day think that, competitively, Starcraft has the HIGHEST learning curve.

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megaworm251794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

so does this guy ever play just for fun

Abriael1794d ago

Not sure about that, But even if it was just a job, I'd be pretty much ok with a job like this.

ChickeyCantor1794d ago

At some point your reflections will go down hard. Then what?

Kevlar0091794d ago

There are probably times when he doesn't play for competition wise. He probably switches between pure practice/scrims then plays the ladder for "fun"

At the end of the day players like him are playing because they enjoy the game, you can't excel in something you don't like

knifefight1794d ago

Sure you wanna use the word "literally" there?

If his fingers were LITERALLY flying, they wouldn't be able to type at all, unless he had a levitating keyboard. It appears he does not.

In other news, it looks like I don't have a shot in the world at becoming a Starcraft champion. Holy crap, haha.

Abriael1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Yes I'm sure. "literally" can (and is) easily be used as a figure of speech in journalism and has been for decades, whatever the folks at gamerevolution think they know, but they don't.


"4: in effect; in substance; very nearly; virtually."

Basically, the people that criticize the use of "literally" in journalism, and even more so in enthusiast jorunalismn (which is informal by definition), have the sole intent of trying very hard to appear smarter than everyone else, while they really are just posers.

That's a very bad habit to have, and writing an entire article on what's basically "hey! Look how much smarter I think I am than everyone else!" is pretty pathetic.

knifefight1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

You're adorable.
However, you won't find actual smart people making your same blunder.

Shine on and carry forth the good image of games journalism. The best way to be taken seriously is to talk like people who can't be taken seriously at all.

Edit: Also, wait a minute, you said:
"whatever the folks at gamerevolution think they know, but they don't."

Um, the website of this story (Dualshockers) has the Game Revolution logo right at the bottom of every page. Every page of has the image and link of I think I might even be able to say "literally" here. It would appear they are part of the same entity.
So... maybe we should now talk about the definitions of irony? ;)

cyclindk1794d ago

I believe he was using the word "literally" in a figurative sense in order to emphasize the almost unbelievable nature of what it was he was referring to.

knifefight1794d ago

This is what I believe as well.

riseabove2471794d ago

And then he keels over from cardiac arrest and malnutrition

clouds51794d ago

They have trainers and stuff to keep them healthy, they also have fitness trainers. These pro gaming "nerds" are probably fitter than you ;)
You play better when you are fit.

NioRide1794d ago

These guys tend to be well paid, very fit, very well feed nutrition wise.

They aren't your "average" gamer, or even "elite" gamer, they are pretty much breed to be the best.

_QQ_1794d ago

Pro SC2 players are probably more fit than you lol.

BlaqMagiq241794d ago

But he makes more money than you.

_QQ_1794d ago

Probably gets more girls too,in korea its like being a star athlete.

TheOneEyedHound1794d ago

I really don't care, I am fine.

BlaqMagiq241794d ago

But you do care. That's why you commented in the first place.

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