Xbox One to offer free 'unlimited hard drive space' via the Cloud

Some more positive news has come out of the first ever PAX Australia this past weekend. During it, some key features have been revealed regarding the Xbox One. Aside from the usual "3X's the computing power" offered by the Cloud service speech, the people at Microsoft have now stated that the cloud essentially gives you an "unlimited sized" hard drive...

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TrevorPhillips1547d ago

That's great news to the people that are getting the Xbox One

Snookies121547d ago

Yeah, I gotta hand it to 'em. That's a wonderful feature. :]

JokesOnYou1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

According to Microsoft's public relation's, the Xbox One will offer this service for all Xbox Live members, negating the necessity of an Xbox Live Gold account to utilize the service as it stands currently:

“Xbox Live offers Xbox One unlimited storage space in the cloud for all Xbox Live members to store numerous types of Xbox Live content, including your profile, games, Achievements and entertainment. This content is stored and saved in the cloud so you can automatically access it anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are."

-Keep it coming micro, keep it coming.

thechosenone1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Yeah really nice... and after being the biggest d**ks ever with all the DRM/24hr check/no used games, unlimited storage is a really, nice, feature...

JackBNimble1547d ago

Ya, you guys better get excited by this because xbots are going to need all the HDD space they can get since they will never be able to up grade their HDD ever.

Dir_en_grey1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

*face palm at people who easily get tricked into MS's simple marketing spin

This is no different then what's available on PS3 and 360 now.
Profile and achievements data are so simply small it will take up barely any storage space; "storing your games so you can download anywhere" is just being able to download from their existing store after a simple purchase history check.

Seriously guys? You are gonna get tricked into thinking some amazing new thing happened just because they used some words like "unlimited" and "cloud" to an existing and very simplistic service that is already standard everywhere???

Stop and THINK FIRST and stop getting tricked by every little marketing scheme already.

Avernus1547d ago

I don't usually comment on fanboy bait articles, but...

@ Dir_en_grey

You do have a point, a very valid one too. People will disagree, but it's true what you say.

Not hating on xbox cuz i'm getting a PS4, but MS is kinda fooling people with this. Anywho, doesn't matter to me personally.

FamilyGuy1547d ago

Lots of (Professor Fransworth voice) "good news!" coming from the X1 camp recently. I just don't get why they wouldn't have mentioned these things sooner like at their one of their 2 recent press conferences.

Still, good news is good news and given that they're saying this now it's pretty obvious that they'll have even better news to announce at GameCon.

Still buying a PS4 but this sort of stuff is how competition improves systems. Sony will try to do something to match or compete with these recent X1 features.

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dedicatedtogamers1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Just to clarify, how is this different than what is currently offered by the 360? Honest question.

After reading the article again, what is different than how things currently are? Your saves, profile, Achievements, and digital media are already "available anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are" because - correct me if I'm wrong - you can simply sign in to any 360 with your profile and start downloading.

Feel free to click "Disagree" all you want but before you start spewing at me, it's a legit question.

awesomeperson1547d ago


I want to know exactly that as well.

The quote is ability to store "your profile, games, Achievements and entertainment".

Profile and achievements is a given - that already happens for all members on whatever system. That info is stored on a server, and always will be.

By games and entertainment, I assume they just mean the licenses to download them? Or the ability to stream movies/music if you buy from a MS related service. Correct me if I'm misunderstanding this.
Once again, that's a given.

I'm assuming this will also include game saves, in which case the unlimited storage would be the only nice part of this announcement.

If MS stated you can actually upload "unlimited" amounts of your own content - this would be something special.

But before that happens, I wouldn't get my hopes up that this is anything more than what would be expected of the system.

nix1547d ago

hope that means you can upload all the movies, music and photos you have on your hard drive, windows phones and pc/tabs etc.

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nukeitall1547d ago

This is actually better than Sony, because on Playstation, you have to be PS+ member to enjoy cloud saves and it is limited to 1GB.

On the Xbox One it is now unlimited for all members, including non-gold XBOX LIVE members!

MS is on a roll with good news this past week.

Murad1547d ago

Totally agree with you. Even though I'm not buying anything Microsoft related I do find that Microsoft actually spending cash on their fans to be shockingly pleasant. However, I personally cannot see what I would do with all this space.

gaffyh1547d ago

Free cloud saves is the only thing new here, but that is a good feature. PS should have this feature, but it needs to be instant, like on iOS devices, where you can continue a game on a different device by logging in. PS+ save uploads are a bit annoying at the moment, although as the PS4 has a low power chip, this auto-upload might work better than on PS3.

CerebralAssassin1547d ago

@Dir above me

Who's getting tricked with their wording? This isnt anything new but it is just being confirmed it will be there for xbone. It was limited one the 360 and you need pn+ to have it on ps3. Which it still had a limit. How about you stop being that guy on the street corner on a soap box preaching how we need to atone for our sins and let it be.

n4rc1547d ago

It isnt a big deal.. They didn't hold some press conference to announce it, it was mentioned to a reporter at an event..

It is the same as currently.. Only now without the 512mb cap..

Its not huge news.. But how the Sony faithful try to spin it as bad news is utterly pathetic.

andrewsqual1547d ago

@Dir_en_grey Lol that is exactly what I was thinking. I mean there is no limit on my Download list on my PS3 so technically it is all there on the Cloud. On 360 you can't freely copy over mp3 or video files to the console so it more than likely won't store any of that stuff.
@JokesOnYou Saved games is the only thing that they should have mentioned that makes any sense.

hazardman1547d ago

@Der en grey and Avernus

Well seeing as you only get 512mb cloud space on xbox 360 id say unlimited space on xbox one cloud is a big deal.

YNWA961547d ago Show
ChiaPet1547d ago


I think you are the one who needs to think first. If you actually read the quote on the link to the article the rep says that "games" can be saved on the cloud not just "game data". Also the current storage cap for xbox 360 is 512mb which is no where near enough to save a game. If you disagree you disagree with the facts.

AngryTypingGuy1547d ago

I'm still getting PS4 first, but XB1 is looking better and better! Isn't competition great?! Both systems are going to kick ass!

TheHybrid1547d ago

@JackBNimble, MS has already confirmed that you can use and PC external HD for all of the same purposes as the included HD. This is a win for consumers since PC hard drives are WAY Cheaper and way bigger than console hard drives

levian1547d ago

Wow, this is an amazing feature, good on them for coming up with a good use for it!

Although, I have my reservations about how well it will work. If you have an entire game installed to your HDD it runs faster than off the disk. But if your game is installed to your "cloud HDD", it will depend on your bandwidth.

Can the fastest internet service match the speeds of an actual HDD, or even a bluray drive?

xxLuckyStrike1547d ago

Uhh huh Right..Sony fanboys dont care an yet they "continue" 24hr Xbox troll_watch with eyes of fire

fr0sty1547d ago

So... we already had cloud game saves. Now we can store our games online. Aren't they already stored online? What's the difference from uploading your game "to the cloud" vs. just re-downloading it from the store? If you've already bought the game, it should work the same either way. I know PSN has a download list you can look at to see everything you've ever downloaded from the store, so I'm not seeing the advantage of using cloud storage for game storage at this point.

If it lets you just upload any file you want, that's cool.

1547d ago
chuckyj11547d ago


are you dumb or just retarded? Can't upgrade the HDD? All you have to do is connect ANY 3.0 USB external HDD up and your done. No size limit restrictions. All I have to do is buy a WD mypassport 2TB HDD and 2.5TB will be all I need.

abzdine1547d ago

another way to lure and bring in all the sheep they can :)
PS4 is still and will always be the way to go for gamers.

trouble_bubble1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Comparing current PS3 cloud storage to future XOne cloud storage?? Nice spin attempt. Why not compare -current- PS3 to -current- 360? Proclaiming 'betters' when since Sony hasn't even announced their PS4 cloud storage parameters yet seems disingenuous.

As of today, 360 cloud storage is 512MB, requires XBL Gold, and many saves remain blocked by DRM and cannot be copied regardless. Try copying your Forza Horizon main save. You can't. PS Plus on the other hand offers more space --1GB-- and circumvents ALL DRM. Every save can be copied.

More appropriate woulda been to say XOne cloud storage > X360 cloud storage and leave the PS3 out of it.

Kryptix1547d ago

This feature can only work out if you can stream the content you own from your cloud. Otherwise it's kinda useless since saves only take some megabytes of space and gamer profiles are easily downloaded with one sign in. But you know what's funny, if you can stream games from your cloud and people utilize that, doesn't that go back to an always-online console? The option is there, you don't need to use it but Microsoft's answer to limiting the Xbox One's HDD making it unremovable is to go online and use the cloud. That's cool, but on the PS4 you can add any size of storage and you don't need to be online to access it. This news is great for people that have a reliable internet connection but people without it or don't have a good connection are still left out with limited space.

1547d ago
georgeenoob1546d ago

Wow you guys are ignorant. Re-read the title of this article, does Xbox 360's cloud storage offer unlimited hard drive space? No. That's what's different. In fact, it can only use 512MB max. Huge improvement.

The_Con-Sept1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Yay another non gaming related feature. It's a storage device that works with Microsoft content!

Edit: on PS3 currently we are able to export game data, game cores, game saves, game related media, and even profile data on any available external medium such as hard drives, soft drives(clouds), solid state drives, and flash drives.

Instead Microsoft ties in your account to a single cloud. Why is it bad to have information stored on just one device?

What happened when the WTC building 1 and 2 were hit? Millions of people suddenly had lost wages. No pay checks for almost 3 months. That was an extreme case and I hate to bring it up but seriously..... Think about it for a second. If you had millions of any 1 item would you keep them all in one place or several?

I choose to keep my treasures in several places. If one gets hit then I have the rest to keep.

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dedicatedtogamers1547d ago

"Free", not "free with Xbox Live Gold"

It's good that Microsoft clarified this.

AngelicIceDiamond1547d ago

Yeah its under the gold of subscription of course.

This is crazy good news.

JokesOnYou1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

AngelicIceDiamond, nah unless I missed something its free to ALL xbox live members, that's pretty sweet news for X1 owners. 500GB is a lot most will never fill but for any of the hardcore out there that have a lot of content its pretty awesome to know you never need to pay for getting another HDD. My question is why don't they save good news like this for Gamescon?...or do they have something even better up their sleeves?

JackBNimble1547d ago

I hope 500gb is enough for you , because you have no options to up grade.
just saying,

It ain't enough for me this gen I can tell you that.

creatchee1547d ago


External hard drives are supported and they don't have to be proprietary or anything.

We've been over this before.

forcefullpower1547d ago

Actually The external drive can only be used for your own content not content downloaded from live or other Microsoft services. Get your facts right first before you say anything.

Heartnet1547d ago

@forceful power

if its anything like Usb sticks and 360 / ps3 u have an option to make it into a usb stick just for 360 stuff ergo increasing the size of ur harddrrive.. i assume this is also works with external usb harddrives

n4rc1547d ago

And actually.. You can save whatever data you want on a external HDD..

All my borderlands 2 data is on a flash drive.. I must be a witch to have made that happen.. Lol

Its cute when Sony fans try to pretend they know Xbox policies

Kryptix1547d ago

It is true, you can use USB drives to save data on it but you all fail to realize is that USB drives are way more expensive than hard drives. A 512 gig USB drive will run you $1,750 (check the link) but a 1 TB hard drive can run you less than $200. And if you disagree then you're clearly in denial because I just linked proof that not being able to switch out the HDD is a problem unless you're rich. But I rather buy a high end PC built for gaming with that money. ;)

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Cuzzo631547d ago

Looks like the change in leadership was good after all. Now see how competition changes the situation. Just think if Sony was not in the picture. Wouldnt wanna see that scenario. Good shit for Micro and the Xbox fans. Good times ahead for both sides. Now it looks like to have both is the best outcome.

torchic1547d ago

the effects of JLG on Xbox One will not be felt until maybe a year into her tenure.

this is still the work of Mattrick, Mehdi and all other people of the original team. it was obviously part of the plan from the beginning, since Xbox One is "supercharged" by the cloud.

deanobi1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

SONY FANBOYS ARE MAD, Stick to your new Xbox 360 aka the PS4 XD

Stick to your Sony Pauperstation 4

Cuzzo631547d ago

Sony fan, not fanboy.... Mad? Why would I be?

Anyway. 2 mannequins in a department store are arguing with each other.( Weird huh.) Well the crazy thing about that is not that they are talking dummies, but both are calling each other dummies. Go figure?

MariaHelFutura1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

That's a cool feature, definitely something the 'cloud' can realistically pull off and keeps people from having to buy overpriced HDD's.

kennyg37391547d ago

Thats two days in a roll you said something positive about the Xbox I knew you had it in you.

btw, I'm kidding

DragonKnight1547d ago

Always remember the quotations people. Whenever dealing with Microsoft, free becomes...

You just know there will be a catch somewhere.

PimpDaddy1547d ago

Give it a rest already. You're better than that...

ALLWRONG1547d ago

Been too much good news for MS lately. Sony guys and even admins in massive damage control mode.

DragonKnight1547d ago

@PimpDaddy: I'm just saying, when's the last time there WASN'T a catch? Come on, think about it for a second now. Unlimited Free Space. Unlimited. You're telling me there isn't a huge alarm going off in the back of your mind somewhere saying "Ok, what's going on here... this sounds good but I'm not that naive?"

@ALLWRONG: If you think that flip flopping is good news, all the power to you, but everything Microsoft has said recently should have been their stance from the beginning. And that's especially true if you believe that Sony has followed the 360's launch business model.

Reverent1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I understand why one should be weary of Microsoft's actions, but ever since they removed DRM, they've been being nothing but positive with their decisions. Can't we just accept that Microsoft may just be turning a new leaf?

And this is coming from someone who by far prefers Sony.

DragonKnight1547d ago

@Reverent: Sure, it'd be the reasonable thing to do to believe that MS is turning over a new leaf. I mean lately they've FINALLY decided to listen to what everyone was yelling at them (minus the mandatory Kinect of course) about so good on them and on those who were waiting for that.

But we've seen that MS will flip flop on anything now, so unconditional optimism carries with it the great risk of incredible disappointment. That's all I'm saying.

creatchee1547d ago


"I understand why one should be weary of Microsoft's actions, but ever since they removed DRM, they've been being nothing but positive with their decisions. Can't we just accept that Microsoft may just be turning a new leaf?"

Most people can. Hardcore Sony fanboys can't. It goes against their nature.

pompombrum1547d ago

Lol 28 disagrees.. it's amazing how fast the agree/disagree machines come out to play on positive Microsoft articles.

DragonKnight is right though.. whenever any company throws around words like "free unlimited" people should be skeptical as there is usually a catch.

CrossingEden1547d ago

"Microsoft has said recently should have been their stance from the beginning"
going by your logic every gamer ever should cancel their pre-order for every console because Sony does not have a perfect track record in the slightest

DragonKnight1547d ago

@CrossingEden: Your comment literally made absolutely no sense. And I mean at all. People across all spectrums will look at your comment and be eternally perplexed at how you could so thoroughly and completely miss the point.

This isn't about which company has a "perfect track record." This is about common sense. There is a legitimate case to be made that Sony has taken what they feel worked for the 360 at its launch, and applied it to the PS4 with their own style. Given that Microsoft got the 360 launch right (we can argue about later years some other time) for the most part, it should stand to reason that Microsoft shouldn't have put themselves in the position they are in right now of having to reverse virtually every single policy they've come up with with the Xbox One and be seen in such a terrible PR light.

The same could have been said about Sony with the PS2 vs. the PS3 except Sony didn't try to take user rights away, or force a hardware feature that would have bricked the console, etc..

None of the Big 3 have a perfect track record, for the record.

1547d ago
vega2751547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

@ dragonknight

What your saying makes no sense and also makes you a hypocrite. If your saying sony took what MS did last gen with the 360's launch and applied it to the launch of the ps4. The ps3 had a rought start as the X1 is now. So you trust everything sony tells you because they changed their ways after their arrogant attitutes and mistakes with the ps3. Yet you want to us to never forgive MS for trying something that didnt go well with gamers and fixed it based on negative feedback. Yeah ok

I for one have no problem with a company trying to repair the damage it did to itself and I'm not going to hate one company and give the other a free pass as you and many sonyfans have. Like you said its not about a perfect track record. But what a company has learned and will change to please their fans.

Your ptoblem is no matter what MS does you hate and thinks something is behind it yet sony does something and it was sent from god. Sony has done a lot to change their image and MS is doing the same and I for one like what they have been doing as of late. Which has insured my decision on getting the X1.

trafalger1547d ago

"That's all I'm saying."

all your really saying is you dont like m$ and love sony and anything positive about the xbone you want to squash it right away. i bet you have no interest in the system and just want to make it look as bad as possible because you want the ps4 to kill it.

way way way too much stealth trolling on n4g

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sonarus1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

is this free hdd space or free save file space because saved files are usually in the kb's range and if thats the case i am not impressed. It only makes mention of it being used as a file saving system. However if they are talking about being able to save actual games on this cloud then thats actually pretty great news as the 500GB hdd space doesnt seem like a lot

1547d ago
GamerzElite1547d ago

Nothing for XBox360 owners?

1547d ago Replies(1)
Bruce_Wayne1547d ago

I'm all for crapping on Microsoft due to their mistakes, but it seems that they've been doing *some* things right lately. They've increased my chances of buying an Xbone from 0% to 15%, but I'm still rooting for PS4 (I have my reasons.) Things are getting serious now. Can't wait to see how Sony counter-attacks and how Microsoft responds to Sony's counter-attack. Let the games begin!

1547d ago
Kayant1547d ago

Like Dir_en_grey and awesomepeople have pointed out that's how it's going to work. The have not said they will allow you to upload stuff to the cloud. That would be insane and stupid because of piracy and the fact they already have a cloud storage service (Skydrive) that charges for storage it could cannibalize some of the sales from that. But still this is a nice feature that is not behind a paywall like usual.

Gamer19821547d ago

Its great but its only confirmed its "unlimited" for save games so far. I mean looking at my PS3 save and how much I amassed over the 8 years of playing I hit about 200mb.. So unlimited doesn't really stand out that much.. Doesn't say unlimited storage for video uploading etc as they don't host them themselves.

SaturdayNightBeaver1547d ago

Haha well said, and what exactly they gonna put into those drives? What games? Im really curious. :)

kewlkat0071547d ago

The benefits..of the Xbox One are becoming realized...

Not just the Xbox One but the whole XBL Infrastructure....which was already good.

Microsoft has invested heavily in technologies and other services which they are blending in the XboxOne console's future/infrastructure.

Just proves the Xbox One console will be be around for a while...

Well you can probably say anyone can come up with a cloud architecture of their own at some point but will it be as good, efficient, and cheap? There is a huge cost associated with server infrastructures and data warehousing. If MS is footing the bill, then I'm down with that.

GraveLord1547d ago

This doesn't make any sense. For a game to be played, it needs to be on your hard drive. So no, you don't have "unlimited hard drive space via the cloud". LMFAO!

stiggs1547d ago


"This doesn't make any sense. For a game to be played, it needs to be on your hard drive. So no, you don't have "unlimited hard drive space via the cloud".

THAT made you LMFAO? You're laughing at your own...I cant' even call it...joke? It's time to get back on your meds, pal.

Ashunderfire861547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

# SoldtoChrist


greenlantern28141547d ago

Wonder how ms is going to handle the backlash from all the companies they currently charge to use their cloud, for storage.
Seriously go to Microsoft's web site and search the topic companies pay them now they are giving gamers unlimited space, which is cool for gamers but that's potentially a lot of space if Xbox1 sells well and people choose to use the feature it could amount to a very large amount of data storage given to the xbl community that ms is trying to sell to other corporations.