‘Super Smash Bros. Wii U’ won’t have a story mode. So what?

Digital Trends: "In the case of Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Nintendo isn’t being its usual risk-averse self. Sakurai’s made a legitimate design decision here, he just expressed it poorly."

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MsMcClever1790d ago

So they don't have cutscenes, so what's the point of a story mode? Why not try actually improve instead of giving up? I liked the story mode AND the cutscenes. Just because some people didn't like it doesn't mean you should just take it out.

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Dj7FairyTail1790d ago

It will have characters specific movies

princejb1341790d ago

In many fighting games story just doesn't make sense. Smash bros is one of those games where story didn't fit

SactoGamer1790d ago

I wouldn't think it would need a story mode.

PopRocks3591790d ago

It means we won't see a repeat of the bland and repetitive Subspace Emissary mode. The only positives of playing that POS was unlocking the roster and seeing the cutscenes. The process of actually playing it is egregious alone and barely tolerable with a friend.

TripC501790d ago

I don't see it as a POS but more as a piece of content. I enjoyed playing through that story mode. What the story mode did was give you a taste of all the characters through a story, to learn moves that way instead of jumping into a multiplayer game or AI training. It's fun for beginners and it introduced new characters in a cool way. And plus, no story mode means no story mode bosses. The loss of content shouldn't be met with thunderous applause.

PopRocks3591790d ago

"The loss of content shouldn't be met with thunderous applause."

It should if it means potential dev time can be put forth to increase the amount of content or perhaps make sure that the online aspects of the game are not broken as hell like the last iteration. Classic mode is just as effective for beginners if not more so than Subspace. At least in Classic I'm not bored after an hour.

TripC501790d ago


Glad you picked that quote from my comment... It's a reference to a quote from a Star Wars movie... Anyway I hope the extra dev time is put toward improving the game in ways you described in your comment. I'm not a hardcore smash bros player. Heck my first smash game I ever played a bunch was Brawl (Im only 22). I liked the Story mode in Brawl immensely. Having a story mode attracts noobs like me to a game they are iffy about. Hardcore gamers like yourself aren't upset about the news but possible buyers may be peeved about the lacking of a story mode. Therefore thunderous applause from some but not all.

_QQ_1790d ago

Smash Bros is so great.

ABeastNamedTariq1790d ago

Exactly. Whenever I get this game (and a Wii U), I just want to give my friends I play with the business and thrash them with my mans Kirby.

Bluepowerzz1790d ago

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooool

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