Pokemon X/Y screenshots

Take a look at some screenshots from Pokemon X/Y.

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Len1766d ago

Basically GOTY 2013!! No dumbass FPSes or mushroom head zombie crap is better than this! x3

GenericNameHere1766d ago

Look, I love Pokémon, and still play it today. I know you must love the Pokémon games, but please refrain from being a stupid fanboy troll. You think Pokémon is GOTY, other people think TLOU is GOTY, and others think other games will get GOTY. Different opinions, but also perfectly acceptable to have opinions. There is no need to make fun of other games.

Len1766d ago

TLOU? I was talking about Mario. xD

elhebbo161765d ago

@Len since when does Mario have zombies?

Dj7FairyTail1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

look who being a troll and fanboy nominating a game that characterize as a interactive movie game not a game. Pokemon X and Y will outsell it in 2 days. Pokemon has x90 more depth in gameplay and longer. It is worth $40.
Always comes completed and give free DLC Pokemon through mystery gift. Has Competitve Online, Customization, Perfect Replay value.

But nominate what you want. Spike TV gonna select an indie game again

jakmckratos1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Dude..I love pokemon but do not insult Last of Us...they've written such a compelling story ...Game Freak could never touch that...and that's fine..the story is not whats important in's making your ultimate team of little Japanese monsters

RTheRebel1765d ago

He's talking about Mario Sony Drone, my god I'm beginning to think this whole website if full of PYRO's. lol

Stallion1765d ago

People disagree with this?
This man speaks the truth.

1765d ago
GenericNameHere1765d ago

I doubt you meant Mario. So what is this dumbass FPSes you talking about? Metroid Prime? I know you're trolling, and it seems RTheRebel has fallen for it, and believes you actually meant Mario.
Like elhebbo16 said, when did the Toads become zombies/infected?! That right there was enough to prove you actually meant TLOU, and are trying to downplay the success of other successful games this year.

Len1765d ago

People on this site are a bunch of basement dwelling stiffs. I was joking you morons. >.>

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ABeastNamedTariq1766d ago

I would buy a 3DS just for this game. 0_0 Okay not just for this, but it would be my first purchase.

tulholdren1765d ago

Can't wait to play this..RPG goodness

LoneWolf0191765d ago

Pokemon GOTY fo sho!!!! ;3 I will most def log pump hours and hours into this beast!
Bioshock is still my pick for GOTY though.

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