'Never stop playing' is the goal for Final Fantasy 15 director

Series director Tetsuya Nomura wants to make Final Fantasy 15 more dynamic. That includes an increased focus on quick action, and an attempt to keep the player in control at all times--even during the cutscenes.

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wishingW3L1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

please be good!

j-blaze1760d ago

Tetsuya Nomura is directing it, no doubt this game is going to be a masterpiece!

RememberThe3571759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Blatantly presumptive yet perfectly sensible.

EDIT: Yeah. presumptuous. Thats what I said.

AsimLeonheart1759d ago

I really hope he does not means an endless stream of petty DLCs to keep us paying and playing. It should better mean a huge world map to explore, deep gameplay, a unique experience and lots of secrets and sidequests like FFs of old!

dedicatedtogamers1759d ago

Seeing how it's an action title and is also open-world (or at least contains very, very large free-roam areas) all they have to do is nail the combat, give us a very high level cap, and allow for some randomly generated enemies.

FlameHawk1759d ago

I don't remember them saying it was a open world but I hope it is.

dedicatedtogamers1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

@ Flamehawk

They haven't explicitly said it is, but go re-watch the E3 trailer from a few months ago. There are open areas, wall-scaling, teleporting across huge distances on the map, and even a minimap visible in several clips (why would there be a minimap if the level was linear?)

There will probably be certain linear sections but so far it appears that the game is going to be open world or at least will have very large open-ended maps.

Just my impression based on what I saw. I could be mistaken.

DigitalRaptor1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I think you pretty much got it dedicated,

Seamless open-world exploration with minor loading sections:

Think airship style size and that's what we're talking. Noctis and his boys also have a car that they can use to travel across long distances, that really goes to paint how large this game really is.

These videos might give you an idea of the open areas that will be numerous and varied.
check out 4:45 on this video

Shadowsteal1759d ago

He means never start playing. Sigh*

DragonKnight1759d ago

All they need to do is keep Toriyama far away from it and it will be good.

As a matter of fact, keep Toriyama away from FF period, and people will keep playing. Tell him to work on some new IP or whatever.

adorie1759d ago

Despite the disagrees, I agree, DragonKnight.

Far as I know, Nomura has been around since FFV. So I think he knows the series philosophy quite well.

1759d ago
SegaSaturn6691759d ago

Strange, I could have sworn his goal was to "sell out."

levian1759d ago

"Never stop playing"? Done. I planned on it anyways. Now just give me the game!

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Godmars2901760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I want to believe Nomura decent enough job to at least remove the taste of FFXIII, but the thing is that he's responsible for Kingdom Hearts. Something which has an overly convoluted storyline which is over a decade old.

I want an at least mildly interesting story which tales itself in one game. Not one whose story gets weakly linked to several, becoming less intelligible, its world less valuable, with each new entry.

Sure as hell don't to see that story spread "exclusively" over several platforms!

NewMonday1760d ago

hopefully the games is standalone or has the story arcs planned out for the future.

Snookies121760d ago

It has already been stated that XV would come to a climax and finish its story at the end of the game. However, he did say there would be an opening for something further to be told in a possible sequel. If it's an amazing game, I'm cool with having a sequel.

Irishguy951759d ago

I believe this story will focus on the war of the 4 kingdoms and sequels may delve more into the lcie falcie stuff

Ashunderfire861760d ago

It's the Final Fantasy I always wanted to play, with CGI like graphics and gameplay with action and no turn based. I been asking for this since I was a kid. I remember seeing commercials to Final Fantasy 7 and etc, showing stuff all CGI. I use to think that was all gameplay, but my brother kept on telling me no it was not. Then he show me pictures of actual gameplay from Final Fantasy in Gamepro Magazine, and I was disappointed, but I learn to like the game when I actually gave it a try.

dcj05241759d ago

Same. The CGI is now playable. About time!

elhebbo161759d ago

So you didn't play it because of the graphics? :/

Ashunderfire861759d ago

# elhebbo16

Dude do you know how to read?

"Then he show me pictures of actual gameplay from Final Fantasy in Gamepro Magazine, and I was disappointed, but I learn to like the game when I actually gave it a try."

I did play it.

kalkano1760d ago

"Of course, we are going to put many FF elements into it, because otherwise there is no point calling Final Fantasy XV. Naturally, we still think we should have some old school FF feeling to the game."

There IS no point in calling it Final Fantasy, since it's an action-RPG. I can call my dog a cat as much as I want. It's still a dog.

EdoubleD1759d ago

Please, shut up. I literally had enough of reading all you pretentious douche-bags on what a FF should be.

You see a battle system that's different to the classics and 'holy shit!' it's not FF anymore.

Just stop.

Irishguy951759d ago

This game seems to be everyyhing great square**** has done game. Bit im gonna ignore how good it looks and bitch about its name.

Chard1759d ago

Agreed, the reason I love old Final Fantasy games has nothing to do with their battle systems.

SegaSaturn6691759d ago

To be fair, the trailer they showed at e3 DID look a lot like devil may cry!

PSN_ZeroOnyx1759d ago

Agreed, Final Fantasy has always been different games from one another. Different worlds, characters, stories, combat systems, level up systems, with only a handful of things tying them to the f franchise.

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Salooh1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Why don't you try this new way then judge it . Final fantasy right now is lame like hell , I would never go and buy one , but this , the first time i saw it the day one thought came without even thinking of the bad games released . It's obvious that it will be a masterpiece . I even feel it will be at least in the level of the last of us awesomeness if not better.

fsfsxii1759d ago

Final Fantasy reached what it is now for being what it is.
Changing the way it used to play is either gonna break the series or change it forever

Salooh1759d ago

This game have been planned for more then 6 years , it's not like they suddenly changed their minds and want to try something. The success of this game will determine the fait of FF . It's not about the gameplay , it's about what people choose , stupid games like FF14 or a serious game like FF15 . You can demand that gameplay for other sequels , but enjoy this game for what it's trying to do. This is not a situation like resident evil , this is more like a prequel that's why it was called versus but people demanded to be called 15 and to release it on both consoles.

This game still gonna have some old school features .

trenso11759d ago

Just be quiet Final Fantasy Type-0 is an amazing final fantasy game which im on my 3rd play through and that is an action rpg title. It is also open with things i haven't even seen yet. Just because its an action rpg doesn't make it any less of a final fantasy get off your high horse.

first1NFANTRY1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I will if it turns out anything like FF13. bring the goods this time or no money for you kapish?

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