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How Splinter Cell: Blacklist conquered my inner stealth fanatic | OXM UK

OXM UK: "On one count, I'm ready to call it: this is strongest answer Splinter Cell's ever presented to the problem of how to make stealth work in an action game, or if you prefer, action work in a stealth game. And the happy consequence of this is that an eternal undecided such as myself can rest easy, able to wreak havoc without rousing the contempt of his own brain." (PC, PS3, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Wii U, Xbox 360)

4logpc  +   737d ago
So pumped for this game.
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Bigpappy  +   737d ago
I am tired of hoping for a good SC game. This is one example of a great game that was destroyed by developers listening to whiners and reviewers. If people are buying the game you created, just create more of that and add to it.
Never take away what people bought the game for in favor of some guy on the internets bright idea (Oh SC punishes players too harshly for making and error, it is all trial and error; They need to let you save anywhere, check point are to far apart...). These comments came from reviewers. The whiners were mostly 12 year olds who thought the game was too hard (3 mistakes and you were pull off the mission).
GamingAngelGabriel  +   737d ago
You just explained why COD got old. Sometimes, gamers don't really know what they want. Even I (an enormous fan) didn't expect Conviction but I enjoyed it anyway. Is everything Ubisoft did to change the series good? Of course not, but having 12 more Chaos Theories would have gotten boring.
Bigpappy  +   737d ago
No I am not asking for the series to be the same game with nothing new. I am saying that it should have remain at the original difficulty, and that the genre should not change. SC used to be like Mission impossible, now it is like Rambo. It used to be about stealth and gadgets. Now it is about being a Navy seal storming outpost. If they ran out of ideas, they should just start a new IP. I thought conviction was a good game, it is just not how I want to play SC.
rocky047586  +   737d ago

That's asking for the same difference though. You want every game to feel the exact same in difficulty. How is that any different than saying you literally want the same game over and over again? The difficulty of the games aren't that much easier, you're just older and have been playing this genre for a long time now probably.

The genre has to redefine itself, it cannot stay stagnant the way you want forever. That would be redundant. Can you imagine if EVERY SC game felt and behaved the exact same way difficulty wise? The games are still about stealth and gadgets, it's like you're not even watching the same previews and videos that everyone else is seeing.

You and a select few have this really weird fetish for things to remain constant when the rest of the world would like to move on to bigger and better things. Like the other poster said, no Ubi didn't get everything 100% right when they made Conviction, and they won't get things 100% right when they release this game. But it's an effort to give players something new to look forward to instead of being stagnant and not bringing the series any true innovations at all.

You largely had a choice in how to play Conviction, you did NOT have to be Rambo, there were only a few story plot points where you had to do guns blazing, other than those few moments you could stealth your way through entire levels if you're really good at sticking to the shadows.

If anything, you saying that you felt like Rambo shows me that you don't have the patience to adapt to a more aggressive stealth approach at all and you'd rather a slow paced stealth game. If you want that you're going to get it in this game along with other options as well. Why limit yourself to ONE option when you have three in this game?

Classic stealth as you like it, aggressive stealth where it can turn into guns blazing at a drop of a dime, and a combination of the two. Either way, more choices for the player is NEVER a bad thing and I don't see how you can think of it as such.
FarCryLover182  +   737d ago
It's funny. I was 9 when Splinter Cell 1 released in 2002 and I thought it was hard. But I got used to it after an hour or so and loved it. It's funny that as I aged that Splinter Cell got easier and more simplified. It's like the game is now made for 9 year olds.
Bigpappy  +   737d ago
That always happens when you have already play through the game. If seems more simple when you go back to it. This is why most gamers trade in or give away completed games.
FarCryLover182  +   737d ago
That is true, but I meant ever since Double Agent, they've made the game series more "casual" and simple.
rocky047586  +   737d ago
When you're creating games you never want to alienate your fans and make games too difficult just because you think a select few are going to enjoy that type of experience. You want your games to be accessible to any and everyone to be able to enjoy. Even the creators of Ninja Gaiden and Dark Souls understand this and have some level of difficulty where their notoriously difficult games aren't that difficult.

Sometimes you have to streamline controls to make things work easier for the player, you don't want to have to press 30 buttons to make a character do something on screen do you? At least I wouldn't want to. Games no longer HAVE to be a chore to play like 25 years ago with Nintendo games. You say "casual" as if those people don't buy games like you do?

They want to sit back and enjoy the same games that a "hardcore" person would enjoy, so why should a developer alienate that customer over you as if you're spending more money on their games than that person is? That's one complaint I never really understood.

I get that you don't want the game to be TOO easy, but Conviction was not "a walk in the park" type of game at all. It had it's difficult moments when you're on Veteran and just because you're super good at the game doesn't mean that it wasn't really hard and frustrating for other players.
starchild  +   737d ago
Long time Splinter Cell fan going back to the first game and I can't wait for Black List. It looks really great. The PC version has a lot of extra graphical features such as tessellation, HBAO, parallax occlusion mapping, TXAA anti-aliasing, etc. It's going to look and run great on my PC.
rocky047586  +   737d ago
Totally agree with you man! I've loved SC games since Chaos Theory. I didn't really enjoy the first two but that one was the one that made me love the series in general. I will probably purchase the first three games and play through them again before this one comes out and play Conviction and Double Agent as well. I never finished DA and 1 and 2 so it'd be cool to have them all in my collection along with Blacklist.
RustedMan  +   737d ago
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorow and Chaos Theory remain the most fun I've had with a multiplayer game. What an absolutely perfect introduction to Xbox Live, then I get Halo 2 and couldn't have been a happier gamer.

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