Kingdom Hearts 3 marks the end of a 'trilogy,' but not the series

Kingdom Hearts 3 represents the end of a trilogy. Well, it's technically not a trilogy because as series creator Testuya Nomura admits, "there have been so many spinoffs."

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Root1765d ago

I hate how though to understand this trilogy you need to buy the other hand-held games. I mean I know the song at the beginging on the games usualy goes with a re capping of the story but after how much has went on between KH2 and KH3....we are in for a long intro.

FlameHawk1765d ago

Well if you have a PS3 you can buy Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix, it comes with the games that go over what happened between KH2 and KH3.

Name Last Name1765d ago

1.5 Remix covers in between KH1 and KH2

crxss1765d ago

KH 2.5 remix should cover what happens between KH2 and KH3 with BBS and probably cutscenes from DDD.

Unlimax1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Speaking of the song .. what is the next opening song on KH3 ?

Can't wait for the next Utada song ~

( Who knows it might be an improved version of Simple & Clean )

Root1765d ago

Well after how long we've waited and it's the last one in the trilogy she better do it with a new song.

It's like tradition now

Sevir1765d ago

Well Right, "Simple and Clean" covered KH1, "Sanctuary" covered KH2, she should Do a New Single for KH3 it only makes more sense and as Root said, its tradition. Can't wait for it. 2015 can't come soon enough. There's no way this game is coming before FF15.

Tres211765d ago

i agree with Root & Sevir but Simple & Clean is my song

1765d ago
Rockefellow1765d ago

Of course not! Why end the series when you can release dozens of games varying in quality between main incarnations? They're taking a page from their other main property, Final Fantasy.

...for better or worse.

Len1765d ago

Trilogy? It has like 35753 games....

gamer421765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

2 main games, 1 prequel, 4 fillers.
(not including final mixes, or KH1.5)

That still seems like alot

Len1765d ago

It's still 5 games too many though. xD

Sevir1765d ago

Well to be Honest, the Final Mix versions flesh the story out more than the originals... So you kinda have to count the final mix editions.. Still KH is one hugely convoluted franchise. I'm ready to get to the end of the Sora/Xehanort Saga.

Summons751765d ago

There maybe a lot but only birth by sleep and dream drop distance are actually important to the story. Which I don't particularly agree that they should have been important to the main console games because I'm guessing a lot of people will be confused when 3 starts are the entire lore they knew is basically rewritten. Still can't wait for 3 though, I remember talking all about it with friends in the beginning of high school. Now I'm nearly done with my master's :/

Sevir1765d ago

Chain of Memories, 365/2, Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance are all very important to the franchise.. Its that coded that really was unnecessary

rextraordinaire1765d ago

How nice it would be that studios knew when to quit.

josephayal1765d ago

I've waited 7+ years for KH3, TBH I don't care about Kingdom Hearts

M-M1765d ago

Then why were you waiting for KH3 if you don't care about Kingdom Hearts in general? Oh josephayal.

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