The Return of the Rising Sun

IGN: "Japanese game development has stumbled mightily. Yet, after years of being trounced by the west, it appears things are finally looking up."

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Snookies121603d ago

There's a lot to look forward to from Japanese developers in the next year or so... There's no doubt there. I'm really excited about Xillia in particular since it's really close to coming out here. That'll quell my RPG needs for a good while I'm sure.

cleft51603d ago

Yeah I am definitely looking forward to more jrpgs and Japanese produced games in general. I think the ps4 is going to be a great place to for Japanese developers to release their games on.

NovusTerminus1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Proprietary engines and the illogical desire to westernize destroyed them for a while, and did almost cause a collapse. But I knew it wouldn't, they would recover and now with them finally building their own engines and pulling internal again with their development.

Glad to see them on the recovery now, as someone who prefers Japanese games by far, this has been a slightly depressing console gen, but there was enough to be really good.

jeremyj29131603d ago

Completely agree with you. Even though I've loved the games that my western brethren have created this gen, it felt really empty without all the great Japanese made games that I loved from the PS2 era. Even more painful was watching my once favorite video game company period destroy it self one franchise at time.(Capcom)

Melankolis1603d ago

True, although i've built love towards western games this gen, i still feel emptiness without high quality Japanese games.

Themba761603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

yea im tired of every time i turn on my game console im looking down the sights of a gun i miss these types of games it's bad enough i missed ni no kuni this is why im getting a ps4.

dcj05241603d ago

You missed ni no kuni? Man you are missing out! Haven't played a JRPG that good in years.

Kevlar0091603d ago

Nintendo and Sony consoles have been very kind to Japanese RPG developers. Atlus, Intelligent Games, and Monolith Soft have released stellar, solid selling titles for their respective systems.

fsfsxii1603d ago

I think the japanese developers finally got their grips with the PS3's hardware, and now we're getting great JRPGs, except they don't get localized -_-

tarbis1603d ago

Indeed. That's the only sad part. >_<

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