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Video Game Review: The Last of Us | El Dorado Times

El Dorado Times: "Sometimes a game comes along and takes my feelings about it on a rollercoaster ride. The Last of Us did that so much, that I very nearly stopped playing altogether a few times. I didn’t understand the hype and adoration it was getting. I really felt like I was missing something, but I dug in my heels and kept at it. And boy, am I glad I did." (PS3, The Last Of Us) 8/10

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iBlackyi  +   391d ago
Only 8/10?! BURN HIM!!!!
cunnilumpkin  +   391d ago

the sony zealots will be out with pitchforks in no time

I liked the game enough, but the jaggies, the sloppy aiming and the sluggish movements make it a 8/10 for me too

great story, kool and well realized world

but the feel wasn't all there for me, I think uncharted 2 is a better game in every possible way

graphics, control, story, pacing

all better in uc2, I hope ND is able to capture the magic of uncharted 2 again next gen
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dboyc310  +   391d ago
The aiming wasn't meant to be precise. It's a learning curve that adds more tension to the gameplay. But your in the minority and I guess everyone has their own opinion. Amazing game from start to finish and I truly hope naughty dog takes it to the next level on the next installment.
Lovable  +   391d ago
I disagree completely. :)
MidnytRain  +   390d ago
Really? Those jaggies were everywhere. The only visual fault with the game, really.
Lovable  +   390d ago
Yeah I noticed the jaggies. Even an untranined eyes can noticed those. Doesn't affect the experience of the game though. Graphically, its still amazing.
MidnytRain  +   390d ago
I'm thinking I should have played on a 720 TV, I guess. At 1080p it was really blurry/too crispy-looking many times.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   391d ago
lmao XD you noob!!! XD the "sloppy aiming" is you sucking!!! lolz upgrade it all the way and there is absolutely ZERO idol sway. don't assign faults just 'cause you didn't take the time to upgrade and/or you just plain suck x]

and yeah, i'm suuuuuure the jaggies were such an issue. unplayable!!! D: unacceptaburu!!! D: 0/10!!! D:

try harder next time o3o
ifritAlkhemyst  +   391d ago
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ZBlacktt  +   390d ago
This reply is one dumb kid. Just log off and go away.
adorie  +   391d ago
Not necessary.
Riderz1337  +   391d ago
You can improve the aiming by upgrading it using the Pills you collect throughout the game. I guess you missed that feature of the game.
adorie  +   391d ago
or didn't play it. I didn't even upgrade sway fully till I go into survivor+. patience and critical thinking make good shots. a balance of being quick is also a factor in not wasting ammo and taking down targets during encounters where multiple infected come at you.
prodg52  +   391d ago
It's funny how all these late reviews are giving lower scores. It's as if they're intentionally trying to bring the game down. Just got the game yesterday and I'm having a blast.
_QQ_  +   391d ago
Or that is how they truly feel about the game and now that more sites are giving tlou 8s they aren't afraid of the Sony zealots and their pitchforks. Plus an 8 is a good score. I have a blast with plenty of games but that doesn't make them 10s.
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j-blaze  +   391d ago
an 8 for this game is very good, i personally give it 7.5...good game, has nothing special about it except for the ending
ZBlacktt  +   390d ago
Not at all. More like not following the bandwagon of bs review scores. Now that the hype train has slowed down, people can just really play the game. I started it tonight and I'm not seeing it either. To each his own but this is SO not a 10 game at all. No hate on the game either, but prefect? No way...
cunnilumpkin  +   391d ago
totally agreed, had fun playing it, it just wasn't a masterpiece

I've played COUNTLESS better games

tomb raider reboot was better in every imaginable way, same with far cry 3, bioshock infinite, dishonored

all FAR better than the last of us, and yes they are not exactly the same genre but they are certainly way better games
ifritAlkhemyst  +   391d ago
Tomb Raider was quite amazing. I feel bad because even on this site I publicly hated it initially. I quit after the first 30 minutes, because there was soooooo maannnnyyy QTE's and I freaking hate those things. Then I came back to it half a year later and wow, after that introductory stuff is over and the QTE's are banished to hell the game really blossoms into something amazing.
fsfsxii  +   391d ago
Quit trolling lol
CrossingEden  +   391d ago
having an honest opinion isn't trolling
iBlackyi  +   391d ago
Complete disagree.

All those games you mentioned are no way as good as TLOU. Bioshock Infinite was close. All the other games failed in many/some aspects.
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j-blaze  +   391d ago
@ cunnilumpkin

same here bro! i too played much better games than TLoU...always makes me laugh when someone give this game a perfect score, it's like this is their first game ever lol
iBlackyi  +   391d ago
i like it how there are like 3-4 TLOU haters on whole n4g. accept that this game is a masterpiece to almost everyone, except guys like you. You know what? I dont really like God of war, Portal, Metal Gear Solid, Halo. But i dont hate them and act like a retard "hahaha this game suckzzz, everytime this games gets a perfect score i have to laugh, hahahaha.". I notice that these games are just not my thing. And thats it. But if you want to act like a retard, yeah carry on.
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Hicken  +   391d ago
No, you haven't played "countless" games that were better. And none of the games on your list should be there.

Not that any of them are bad, but none of them are AS GOOD.
Brucis  +   391d ago
I don't get why everyone's complaining about an 8. Just because some sites like to give out 7's and 8's like candy doesn't mean that an 8 is bad or mediocre. 8 usually means 'great with a few flaws'. 9 is 'amazing with almost no flaws or flaws that hardly detract from the experience' and 10 being either 'perfect' or 'amazing with any flaws being superfluous or almost non-existant'.
babis1974  +   391d ago
after 1 month 8??? something is wrong
ZBlacktt  +   390d ago
I've been playing this all night and I'm not seeing it either... a 10? It's very slow paced at the start. It's like the game play is slow and the story is so fast. One minute your chillen in the house, next a big boom outside, next you daughter.... well no spoiler but what the hell..... Now, it's back to slow walking, sneaking. A 10? People should not be afraid to say how they really feel. Stop with the fake ratings. This is not on the same level of action and fun of Uncharted. No way...

That and 19 game trophies, 4 online trophies and the game trophies most ALL are at the end of the game.... strong what the hell fail.

So a 8 just might be a legit fair rating.
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