My Bitter Divorce With Microsoft

PixlBit | "Let’s face it, the Xbox One Reveal and all of the events that followed it have been disastrous. Not only has it enraged many gamers and the online community, but it has also caused many of the Microsoft fans to jump aboard the Sony Train.

While making the transition myself, I found myself making startling revelations not only about myself, but about the current generation of consoles as well. Everything you will be reading in the following entries are slightly based on true events, I’m simply choosing the light in which you’ll be viewing them."

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iamnsuperman1697d ago

I would approve this if it wasn't twelve small pages. Couldn't this be condensed to just two

Cam9771697d ago

Regardless, I personally agree with him. I only read 5 of their reasons as I grew tired of the format in which it has been set.

dedicatedtogamers1697d ago

My bitter divorce with Microsoft began in the 90s when Microsoft began killing off competitors to DirectX and ended when my 360 went up in smoke in 2008, after a long and health marriage since the days of MS-DOS.

Though I do see my ex from time to time on my gaming PC. *boots up Age of Empires II*

1697d ago
adorie1697d ago

Who's retaining custody of the children?
Are you getting the house?
How is the wealth going to be divided?


Yo Mama1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

It's not our jobs as contributors to judge whether or not news, opinion pieces, etc should or shouldn't be posted here based on the size of the article in question.

I approved.

iamnsuperman1697d ago

It isn't the size it is the format that annoys me. I hate websites that put little information per page so you end up reloading different pages (in this case 12). As a community we should only approve well formatted opinion pieces.

IcicleTrepan1697d ago

It's blatantly designed that way to increase traffic numbers.

admiralvic1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

"It's not our jobs as contributors to judge whether or not news, opinion pieces, etc should or shouldn't be posted here based on the size of the article in question. "

But... that's exactly what your job is as a contributor.

"Posting Opinion Pieces

Articles that are of a more speculative nature or where the author shares his or her opinion should be filed as an Opinion Piece when selecting story type. The opinion piece should be well written and be of interest to the community. Personal blogs do not qualify as a legit source for opinion pieces unless the author is an industry professional. "

Like it or not, formatting is conceptually part of "well written" and in turn is something to judge for or against. Most people are not going to finish this piece, since reading 12 pages of content makes it sound extremely tedious and ultimately I don't want to give them that many page views just to read someones fairly simply opinion that is probably something like DRM or back peddling or something.

Xof1697d ago

More hitbaiting drivel.

I'd suggest rating the site down, but I haven't seen that downvoting has any effect.

showtimefolks1697d ago

for me personally i bought a xbox360 20GB pro model at launch and was very excited, i wasn't happy that i had to buy a wireless adapter for $99 i think because i didn't have option to get wired connection back than

my system didn't RROD

the system was quite loud, anyone who bought earlier model xbox360 knows what i am talking about

till 2010 i was very happy with my system, i didn't like the fact that MS had been using the same Ip's over and over but i had a lot of fun with Fable and i thought why hasn't MS given crackdown IP to a great develop because it has the potential to me MS's infamous. Alan wake was also a good game

than wii slowed down in 2010 and MS came out with kinect and sony with move, from that day everything changed for me and for many gamers. They were more focused on casuals and some of their E3's were tough to watch because after the Initial 15-20 of minutes of gaming news everything else was about entertainment stuff

out of 15-20 gaming friends 4 of us have ps3 and rest xbox360 because of xblive, now all of us are buying ps4 at launch that should tell you something. MS went from their message we care about core gamers to better with kinect

many xbox fanboys tell me that well core market had been maxed out if that's true than how come ps3 kept using games to sell itself and pass xbox360?

i am not buying a xbox one not because i hate MS but because i don't have as much time for gaming as i use to have, and also because none of MS's exclusives really interest me. I like Verity something MS knows nothing about

also i full believe 110% that MS will go back on their word again, maximum 3-5 years and they will go back to chasing th casuals, right now they need us the core gamers so they are saying all the right things

even Phil Spencer said they will look at implementing some of the announced features down the road into xbox one

i could careless about my ps4/xbox one being able to do other things, i want them to be able to do one thing and that's deliver awesome games and some kickass exclusives

so my divorce with MS happened back in 2010, i wasn't as bitter as i felt betrayed that a company that use to say we care about core gamers to totally give up on us. just watch MS's E3 from 2005-2009 and even 2010 and listen to their message to 2011-2012. heir tone changed, their message changed and they lost about 15 loyal consumers

many of my friends i had to sell on ps3 but most of them pre ordered a ps4 before me so no need for any convincing

corvusmd1697d ago

Uh, this could have been a "hey guys I'm getting a PS4 not an XB1 cause I prefer it" in the comment section of an article asking which console you prefer. But no, this fanboy needed his 15 minutes of fame and writing this was cheaper than counseling...apparently he is upset he is NOT the center of the gaming universe and not everything caters to him. Poor guy, must have been spoiled growing up, it's gonna be a rough life for him when he sees what's coming in the real world.

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BallsEye1697d ago

How about every person on the planet write a 12 page article about why he doesn't like this or that. I'm sure every each will get approved on N4G as long as it is negative towards MS or XO.
What a waste of time and internet space.

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Software_Lover1697d ago

Good for you. I just don't understand why we need submissions on why a certain person doesn't want a certain console. We get those in the User Blogs everyday.

fsfsxii1697d ago

New 4 people who don't like a certain console and feel the need to express them selves

corvusmd1697d ago

It does get annoying, but I notice that they are typically one way...and one direction is usually negative and the others are positive.

BallsEye1697d ago

Fanboys go and approve it. It makes them feel somehow important.

BlackOni1697d ago

Wow, you guys seem really upset by the format of this article. I thought it was intended to be presented as a personal journal, or a diary if you will. I enjoyed the read. It was both entertaining and interesting hearing that kind of perspective.

Hicken1697d ago

It's because far too many sites rely on just this sort of format to increase the hits generated off one article.

Personal journal or not, there are far better methods for formatting articles on the internet. Hell, even livejournal doesn't default to one entry per page, and it's... a personal journal, or a diary, if you will.

Supermax1697d ago

Instead of writing a article about it why not dont buy the console and keep your opinion to yourself.

AO1JMM1697d ago

Because hits, the website needs the hits man.


for the same reason people feel the need to tell us why they are buying so and so console, instead of just buying it and keeping their opinion to themselves..

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