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Submitted by Prcko 931d ago | interview

Tetsuya Nomura is ready — at last — for ‘Kingdom Hearts 3′ to progress

It’s been seven-plus years since the last core “Kingdom Hearts” game was released in the U.S. Although there’s been no shortage of spinoffs in the Disney-meets-”Final Fantasy”- role-playing-game series, a 10-year-in-the-making story will finally reach its conclusion in 2014 when Square Enix publishes “Kingdom Hearts 3″ on next-gen consoles. (Kingdom Hearts 3, PS4, Tetsuya Nomura, Xbox One)

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Need4Game  +   931d ago
Article Conclusion,

"Please buy “Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix”, Please. We need the Money to make Kingdom Hearts 3."
SexyGamerDude  +   931d ago
He also was pushing the importance to play 3D.

I also don't think that was the point of the article. He didn't even mention 1.5 that much.
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   931d ago
Yeah but Need4Game has to to comment on Square Enix's finances on any related article. So he's gotta say stuff about the article that isn't actually in there.
M-M  +   931d ago
"Concept art for “Kingdom Hearts 3,” due in 2014 for next-gen consoles. (Square Enix)"

Speechless. I don't have to wait 5 years for Kingdom Hearts 3?!?! =_D.
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Dj7FairyTail  +   931d ago
but you will wait 2 years to play
thebigman  +   931d ago
I wouldn't get your hopes up for 2014, more likely is 2015/2016
Zechs34  +   931d ago
Why does it say " 2014 when Square Enix publishes “Kingdom Hearts 3″ on next-gen consoles."

Did they announce a release date already?!

Dj7FairyTail  +   931d ago
they game hasn't even gone 2% complete yet
showtimefolks  +   931d ago
oh thank you it took you to skip a whole console cycle just to get ready now if we are lucky we may get the game by ps4/xbox360's last year
Flyingdog670  +   931d ago
It better be worth the weight! Oops! Sorry, wrong game. ;)
RememberThe357  +   931d ago
GenericNameHere  +   931d ago
Xbox never had Devil May Cry before. They get DMC4. Xbox never had FF before (except for FFXI) and they get FFXIII. Xbox never had Resident Evil before. They get RE5. Microsoft has NEVER had a Kingdom Hearts game. Playstation got KHI, KHII, Re:CoM, and BBS. Nintendo got CoM, 358/2 Days, and DDD. There are no plans or signs of even the PS3 exclusive KH1.5 HD Remix going to the Xbox 360. So why in the heck does Xbox get a Kingdom Hearts game if they've never gotten a KH game before? Why not release it for the Wii U too?? I'm just mad that the first KH game Xbox gets is a numbered title, while Nintendo fans have been waiting since CoM for a numbered KH game to come on a Nintendo console.

Is the Wii U hardware really so weak that you can't have a release on all three consoles?? :(
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   931d ago
Also metal gear.

wiiu too weak for KH3 maybe
M-M  +   931d ago
Simple, the Wii U doesn't have a big enough audience yet, and the Xbox One and PS4 will sell well enough for them to develop for both platforms. If you read at what you just typed, you'll see that all of the Kingdom Hearts releases were on consoles that were doing extremely well(I'm not too sure about PSP even though I have two =P).
CrossingEden  +   931d ago
the real question is, WHY do you care that someone on a different console gets to play an amazing game too, or do you believe that everyone who bought a ps2 indefinitely bought a ps3 and will be buying a ps4, stop being a fanboy, and the wiiU is probably no where near powerful enough to run KH3
Hicken  +   931d ago
Why do you care what he cares about, since we're on the subject?
TheRealHeisenberg  +   931d ago
@ Hicken

Why do you care why he cares what he cares about?
GenericNameHere  +   931d ago
I care because like I said, Nintendo fans have been waiting for a numbered KH on Nintendo consoles. So far, only Nintendo handhelds have had KH games. There's a part of me that blames Nintendo's R&D for not making the Wii U stronger. And there's a part of me that's angry at Square Enix for releasing KHIII on the Xbox which have had ZERO KH games released on it.

But then again, this is the reason why Square hasn't made a numbered FF games on Nintendo consoles since the SNES days. Nintendo stuck with cartridges, while the Playstation used discs and was stronger than the N64.
Is KH1.5HDR going to be ported to the 360/One someday? Is KH2.5HDR going to be multiplat release, on PS3/4/360/One? Or are Xbox owners just not gonna have any KH games released on their platform, but will have a really indepth journal entry recollecting everything that has happened in past KH games?
RememberThe357  +   931d ago
@Generic: Are you assuming that a PS3 owner wont pick up an Xbone? It's perfectly reasonable to think that an Xbone owner will have owned other consoles outside of the Xbox family and as such will have had to opportunity to play KH.
Nicxel  +   931d ago
LOL @Generic...

I may love the XBOX brand more than the Playstation brand, but don't think I and many others haven't played Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 or even own a Playstation console.

The same goes with Nintendo owners. Don't assume all they have played in the last 10+ years or so have been Nintendo consoles...
Kalebninja  +   927d ago
actually yea it is i thought it was gnna be on wii u until i saw the trailer
M-M  +   931d ago
Also, if you haven't checked out Kingdom Hearts 3D then you should watch the walkthrough on Youtube. You'll definitely need to watch/play it to know what's going on, and it's a really good spin off title with the quality of a number title.
Len  +   931d ago
See you in 2021 Kingdom Hearts 3. xD
AceBlazer13  +   931d ago
Just give me the damn game already square
MuhammadJA  +   931d ago
Since this game is coming to X1, it's only fair to port it to PC as well.
AzureskyZ  +   930d ago
Squreenix Japan is 50/50 with porting to pc's-- but considering that ps4 and xbone is both x86 the possibility is much higher this time around

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