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Submitted by pixlbit 855d ago | opinion piece

DayZ and the Future of Virtual Realism

PixlBit | "Sometimes I want to play games where I can summon Ifrit and fight enemies on the sides of buildings. Other times I want to leap across moving platforms, flatten enemies with my butt, and collect shiny stuff. But then there’re times when I want to play a game where I get dysentery and have to crawl through the woods inch by inch following the sound of buzzing flies to a dead body so I can loot it for supplies." (DayZ, PC)

dcj0524  +   854d ago
Oculus Rift+DAY Z= Best thing since sliced bread.
rayna11dame   854d ago | Spam
ramtah  +   854d ago
Icant wait for the standalone im still playing the MOD

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